Who Is Your Favorite College Football Team?

It’s time to take a break from the more somber topics to one of my favorite pastimes: college football. Many of you know that I’m a big Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I work with several Tennessee fans on my hallway. But we also have a Clemson fan, a Nebraska fan, and an LSU fan. The LSU dude is convinced that the Tigers will beat the Tide and, ultimately, win the national championship.

Here’s the deal. Tell me your favorite college football team and why you like that team. I will look at your comments and judge the best one by 10:00 PM CDT tonight. The winning entry will get any book of your choosing (up to $50) mailed to you.

I promise that I will not give preferential treatment to Bama entries. I will let you know which entry I chose and why.

Feel free to give trash talk (within reason) to others.

You can comment more than once.

Time is short, so sound off with your favorite team now.


  1. Mark Gerone says

    My favorite team is the Auburn Tigers because they won the 2010 national championship (Bama didn’t), because they beat Bama last year 28-27 (Bama lost), and because they are the chosen football team (Bama’s not).

  2. Jordan Cobb says

    Alabama! I grew up in Tuscaloosa when my dad pastored in Newport. I can still remember watching in ’92 when they beat the hurricanes. Dad said, “Man these Miami players are dirty.”
    Then I remember being ranked #3 heading into 2000 and getting trashed by UCLA first game. But we’re back on top now! I love following your countdowns to game time.
    And to the LSU fan there: We’re going to overcome death by beating you in death valley!

  3. Chuck Jonas says

    I grew up in Louisiana so I grew up an LSU Tiger fan. Have been my whole life. There is a shelf in my office with nothing but Tiger stuff on it. I live in South Georgia so you know who most of church members are pulling for. Things are ok unless the Tigers are playing the Georgia Bulldogs. There is usually a lot of praying when they play each other. Its all in good fun.
    Love Purple, Live Gold!
    Geaux Tigers!

  4. Ryan Black says

    Reasons? Do I need to explain?
    1. Tajh Boyd. Breakout player of the year.
    2. Dabo Sweeney. With a name like Dabo, its got to be good.
    3. Heisman once coached at Clemson, making us historically fantastic.
    And the reason I should win? I have so much faith in Clemson I bought my 9 month old son a Clemson jersey to wear around. Why is that important?
    I live in Texas, where if you’re not a Longhorn fan, you might as well be dead.
    (If anyone plans to argue on here for UT, don’t waste your time.)

  5. James Stophel says

    I was born in Virginia nearly 45 years ago…..but evidently according to my Va. Tech friends I must have been dropped on my head. I have told them that the best football is in the SEC…not the ACC. I also tell them that the Jaundice I was born with was actually the UT blood in my viens turning my skin orange not yellow. UT through and through. The Bible says God know the desires of our hearts so He moved me to Tennessee! :)
    Now, as far as your LSU friend….tell him that the game will be like Daniel in the Lions Den….The Lions bowed down in observance of a greater power……and the Tigers will do the same! :)
    So since this is not a UT vs. Bama game……I guess I have to say….ROLL TIDE!

  6. Dan Brubacher says

    I am a HUGE FAN of the Michigan Wolverines. Why? (1) I live close to Michigan (just over the border in Canada) so they were always close and on TV. (2) My dad was (and still is) a fan, and I grew up watching games with him. (3) Michigan is the winningest program in college football–TOP THAT! (4) Michigan has the biggest stadium in college football–TOP THAT! (5) Michigan has some of the coolest looking uniforms in college football with the maize and blue and the winged helmets. (6) “Hail to the Victors” pretty much says it all as a fight song.

  7. says

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    Why? Well, I grew up a couple hours from South Bend. Enough said? Oh, and they are one of the most storied programs in the history of college football. Does anyone else cheer for a team that has the college football hall of fame on their campus? Just asking.
    disclaimer: I love their football team, not their theology. They are just as pagan as Nebraska, Ohio State, or even Alabama… :)

  8. Jacob Milstead says

    You said you would not give preferential treatment to Bama entries, but that does not mean you won’t do the opposite for Auburn entries. All the same, here’s my story.
    I’ve been an Auburn fan since youth, but here’s what I think is cool about how it came about. I grew up in Argentina and really thought football was something you did with 22 guys, two goals, and a round ball. Even though my parents (both AU fans) indoctrinated me as a Tiger, I did not understand American football or care for it very much until one fateful stateside assignment. While watching one of my first Auburn games on TV during the Terry Bowden era, my cousin Jena (a girl and only 12 days my senior) started spouting off jargon, names, and statistics that I had no idea about. So began a process by which my cousin taught me the rules of football and opened my eyes to the beauty of Auburn football, specifically. Auburn football finally became something I could share with my family in the US when we went back to Argentina. The 14-0 season when we were denied a shot at BCS championship and finally winning the title last year have served as benchmarks of further endearment (not to mention the six consecutive Iron Bowl victories from 2002-07!!!).

  9. Terry Felton says

    The Tennessee Volunteers are my favorite team. I grew up in Tennessee before there were any professional teams in the state. Around the age of 9 I had a decision as to whether or not I would become a Vanderbilt or Tennessee fan. I finalized that decision during the 1990 Cotton Bowl as I watched Tennessee beat Arkansas in a classic game. (Since I’ve been watching Tennessee games, they’ve only lost to Vanderbilt once). For my 16th birthday a man from my church was kind enough to take me to Neyland Stadium to watch Tennessee play Alabama. The Vols’ had a quarterback named Manning and they overcame a 13-0 deficit to beat Alabama 20-13. Now that I have not lived in Tennessee for more than 10 years I can still say that there is nothing like college football in the south and even though my Vols aren’t experiencing the same type of success they did in the 1990’s I am more loyal to them now than I was when I lived in Tennessee.

  10. Eric D says

    I’m sitting here in a Dallas church office, surrounded by fans of A&M, UT, Texas Tech, and some fair-weather TCU fans. I’m married to a Mississippi State Alum who will loudly cheer for any SEC team in any game. But I’m from Indiana. I love the Hoosiers at all times, for better or for worse (which, I’ve never actually seen the “better” side of that, so I’m just guessing I’d love them).
    Sure, there were opportunities to jump ship to Notre Dame growing up and no one would have blamed me. I could have chosen a Texas team when I moved here, but I didn’t (partly because it’s so much fun to talk trash about all TX schools). And I could “wrap it up in maroon and white” and root for Mississippi State, but I’m already committed to one perennial loser.
    So here I am, a fan of the TRUE crimson, the Indiana Hoosiers. So when does basketball season start?

  11. Ryan Black says

    Clemson did beat Auburn, 38-24 not too long ago. So much for chosen team?
    Michigan? I had a good friend play for the Wolverines…and I called him when they lost to App State, which they still haven’t lived down.
    And I’ll assume that the Notre Dame comment was a joke.

  12. Thom Rainer says

    Jacob –
    I’ll have an unbiased judge look at my final choice to be sure I don’t demonstrate my obvious prejudice against Auburn.

  13. Jacob Milstead says

    Mark, there was little chance he would have picked one of us Auburn fans before your comment, but now there is likely 0% chance. Thanks for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Renee Teate says

    I’m entering even though I know, due to my allegiances, I am the least likely to be chosen.
    I am all in Auburn University! Grew up about 40 miles from the Plains and my Momma taught me to pull for the underdog – back when Bear still walked on water.
    I now live in West Tennessee and there must be every shade of SEC football fan around here that exists.
    And to top all that off – I am married to a 1979 alumni of University of Alabama. We are a mixed marriage. His entire family are HUGE Bama fans. This dynamic always makes for interesting Thanksgiving dinner.
    Some years have been tough – last year was glorious and well worth the wait.
    WAR EAGLE!!!

  15. Ryan Black says

    I keep submitting comments and then remembering I have more to say.
    Another reason Clemson should be picked?
    Dabo Swinney, our head coach, is an Alabama alumnus who was a walk-on wide receiver on the 1992 National Championship Team.
    Thom, you’re welcome for that NC. I’ll graciously take my prize now.

  16. Jacob Milstead says

    Dr. Rainer,
    Mighty kind of you. Just as long as it’s not the LSU fan. There is nothing unbiased about them.

  17. Don Simpson says

    TCU Horned Frogs! I don’t really even like football but my stepdaughter and son inlaw are such rabid – I mean diehard Tennesse Vol fans I needed something to counter with. They won the Rose Bowl this year so I couldn’t be prouder – even if I have no idea what a safety is…

  18. Jerry Vines says

    I think all those who follow teams other than Bama are saved. But I’m positive they aren’t Spirit-filled.

  19. Frank Nichols says

    My favorite college team is Texas Tech. They’re my favorite because being a Tech fan has helped prepare for working with the people in my congregation.
    You are constantly hoping for the best, even expecting the best, and never giving up the optimistic spirit, but you always prepare yourself to stay with them even if they let you down.
    Wreck’em Tech!

  20. says

    My roots are in this great state where loving the Sooners has always been a family tradition. Besides, about what other team did Rodgers and Hammerstein write a Broadway hit?
    National Championship and Heisman Trophies clutter the trophy cases. Not bad for a small population state.

  21. Cory Hammett says

    University of Tennessee Volunteers
    Here’s why, I grew up in Knoxville in the shadows of Neyland Stadium. I have seen them loose close games, win big games and even the 1998 National Championship. We have produced some great players who have gone on to make huge impacts in the NFL. The VOLS have provided great excitement for UT fans for years. Now, here’s why I should win: two words LANE KIFFIN! If you have kept up with UT at all you know the turmoil our program has been through the past 3 years. So, give this UT fan a little glimmer of hope that everything will eventually work out. GO BIG ORANGE!

  22. Gary HInkle says

    My favorite team is as you can see by my email, OK State Cowboys. The main reason for this is that I come from three generations of OSU Alumni. Also, growing up in the state helps. My pride comes from these reasons.

  23. Noah says

    The Arkansas Razorbacks. Here’s why
    1) Arkansas is one of the few states that has only one major sports team. Other places are divided between two or more universities and/or professional teams. In Arkansas, it’s just the Razorbacks which means the entire state is pulling for the Hogs. No matter where you go in the state, you will always find Hog fans. The Razorbacks build a kind of state unity and pride I’ve never seen anywhere else.
    2) Arkansas is almost always competitive. There are some down years and tough years, but for the most part, the Hogs play pretty good football. They may not be the best, but on any given Saturday, they can beat you.
    3) When I think of college football, I immediately think of “Calling the Hogs.” Woo Pig Sooie may drive everyone else in the nation nuts, but it is music to my ears. Hands down, “Woo Pig Sooie” is the best single cheer for any sports team.
    4) I love the atmosphere at Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville. Beautiful atmosphere, that feels like home. And when they go to Little Rock to play at War Memorial Stadium, it is amazing. War Memorial may be one of the smaller SEC venues, but it is an incredible place to watch a football game.
    5) My first football game I can ever remember attending was not the local high school or even Pee-Wee football. It was at Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, a mere 45 minute drive from my home in Oklahoma. When my cousins, brother, and I played football, I didn’t imagine myself as a Dallas Cowboy, Pittsburgh Steeler, or Chicago Bear. I always imagined I was wearing a cardinal red helmet with a white Razorback logo. The Razorbacks were and still are THE team for me.
    Woo Pig Sooie! Go Hogs Go!

  24. Robert Ivey says

    North Carolina State University,
    Yes, there I said it and I stand behind it. Why because I have been one my whole life since the days of Jimmy V. and Dick Sheraton. No I did not attend, but I grew up in Southeastern NC and you were either red or blue (tar heel or blue devils). At 42 years of age I am to old to turn my back on them now, and yes I hold out open ever year in both football and basketball that this will be the year we turn it around. Knowing in my heart that my the chances of them turning it around or about as good as me winning this contest with Dr. Rainer.

  25. says

    My Alma Matter, West Virginia University. Here is why:
    As a kid growing up in the shadow of New York City, college sports was an afterthought in the landscape of New York’s professional sports.
    I went away for college not fully understanding the pageantry of Saturday afternoons. From that first game in 1989 (A tie against our rival Pitt where we led going into the fourth quarter) I was hooked!
    WVU means so much to the residents of West Virginia. So much of the state’s identity is tied up in success of the football team. For me, watching WVU compete reminds me of the great times I had in Morgantown and of the beautiful people in the State of West Virginia that I have come to know (including my wonderful wife).
    Let’s GOOOOOOOOOO…. Mountaineers!!!
    Thanks Thom!

  26. Les Stevens says

    I have been a Missouri Tigers fan for as long as I can remember. I was raised in NW Missouri, so didn’t get to see many games in Columbia. In fact, I have seen more games at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln (3) than I have in Columbia (1)! I felt a teeny bit conspicuous wearing black & gold into that sea of red! The only game I watched in Columbia was Alabama, which Missouri lost after leading early. That was a looong time ago! Mizzou is the team for me! And, they are by far the best Tigers in the nation!

  27. Ryan Black says

    “Arkansas is almost always competitive.” I literally laughed when I read that. Does that mean you would like to take yourself/team out of the running?
    I have nothing directly against Arkansas, but a pig as a mascot? That’s just silly.

  28. Matthew McKay says

    THE Ohio State University –
    Reason – I now live in Ohio, which makes it beneficial, but my fandom goes back much longer. I grew up in Louisville, which as everyone knows is a basketball town, so finding a college team to root for was a decision one actually had to make. My dad and I began watching games on TV and I always enjoyed watching OSU and seeing how their helmets would fill up as the year went on. The main reason I continue as a fan to this day is that it connects my father and I. He, as many fathers, was always extremely busy with work, but the fall of my senior year in high school he was able to get tickets to the OSU v Michigan game. We went up the night before, went to tailgates, saw the crazies, woke up early in the morning, saw more tailgating, faught over free t-shirts (I was 17 and some 40 year old dude was literally trying to kill me over an OSU tshirt), stood for the entire game, and to this day have a memory together that I will always hold onto. I could move south, east, west, whatever, but I will stay an OSU fan, because that one weekend holds me not just to the team, but to my father as well.

  29. Chuck Bryce says

    If God didn’t love the Texas Longhorns He wouldn’t have made the sunsets orange! Go UT! I also like whoever is playing Notre Dame.

  30. Joel Gordon says

    My favorite team is the Penn State Nittany Lions. We humbly rolled over for the Crimson Tide on September 10th, but demonstrated to all Alabama fans that we are great hosts by providing them with a spectacular tailgate experience, in response to the fine manner in which they hosted us last year. The friendliness of the Penn State/Alabama rivalry should serve as an example to other colleges.
    In addition, Penn State has one of the greatest football traditions in the country lead by the impeccable Joe Paterno. His commitment to football and acadmeics called the “grand experiment” is a model of what college football should truly represent.
    I am proud to be a fan of this fine institution and all that it stands for in the world of college athletics.

  31. James Stophel says

    WOW….Bro. Jerry.
    I cannot believe you went there! I mean a man who spent most of his life in florida…defected to Georgia and is now talking about BAMA. Well, you have hit every state near us…so how about considering a new move to the Beauty that God made in the Smokies…..most importantly the orange checkerboard in the fall! :)

  32. Travis Bounds says

    You want to know why Southern Miss is my favorite team?
    Is there a college football team on this planet that has done so much with so little? Southern Miss is the team with an athletic budget that is a fraction of what the big boys get. Absolutely no welfare check for my Golden Eagles. I look at our fellow in-state schools, Mississippi State and Ole Miss, both of whom have SEC-supplied budgets that are probably double what ours is and yet, we usually put out the best team in our state.
    Is there a more consistent team out there? Despite the disadvantages of playing in a non-aq conference and having a minimal budget, Southern Miss has put out 17 straight winning seasons. Not only that, but the last time the Golden Eagles had back-to-back losing seasons was 1933/34. Seriously… think about that… the last time Southern Miss had back-to-back losing seasons you could buy a gallon of milk for 10 cents and the average annual income was $1368.
    How can you not pull for a team that isn’t afraid to play anybody? Southern Miss has long lived by the statement, “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”. They go on the road… play the big boys… and often find success. I can still remember back in 1990 when the Eagles traveled “to Bama” & “to Auburn” and managed to come back as the Alabama State Champs that year. Clean sweep. Despite not having a lot of success against Alabama, I do remember my Golden Eagles making “Bear” Bryant’s final home game at Alabama a nightmare as we ended Bama’s 57 game winning streak in Tuscaloosa.
    We’re in little old Hattiesburg, MS. Our fanbase isn’t big. And we have very little money. Makes no difference to us… we just want our boys to go out and play the best they can! SMTTT!!!

  33. Robert Baxter says

    Go Irish!
    Although I grew up in CA and enjoyed playing sports, I didn’t care about college football until I moved to my wife’s hometown of Mishawaka, IN. It sits in the shadow of the Golden Dome. What a great place to learn about being a faithful fan and to enjoy Saturday football! I love the team’s collection of high achievements (11 titles, 7 Heismans) and iconic figures (Rockne, Rudy, Holtz). I also enjoy the campus and stadium, they are great environments!
    About 10 years ago God moved us into Wolverine country (Flint, MI) and I’ve remained loyal to Notre Dame. Every Sunday during the season, win or lose, I wear a Notre Dame tie to my Protestant church.
    Besides, who else has Touchdown Jesus!?! Go Irish!

  34. says

    My favorite team has become a national contender from being a very weak program. No small feat then the best new players want to go to successful programs. The game plans are innovative. They are a lot of fun to watch. And last but also least, the have the best and most varied wardrobe in college football. Go Ducks!

  35. says

    I grew up in Arkansas and that means Razorbacks. My brother had moved to Auburn and we’d visit and go to games. Life eventually put us outside Auburn as residents and as a Pastor. We were around both Bama and Auburn fans. My kids went with Auburn. Until one day when my oldest became good friends with a Bama fan kid. He decided he would also be one for the sake of his friend. Call me cruel, but we took a trip to Auburn and I offered to buy, from the abundandt stores there, college fan paraphernalia for the boys. The younger got pencils, stickers, etc. The oldest wanted a Bama sticker. I permitted this, with his own money (of which he had none of course). My Beautiful wife was very unhappy with me over this treatment :-), but I hated to see him go back on his earlier commitment. That night I showed him the scrapbooks of the years he’d been for Auburn, many he was too young to have remembered. Then I cut a deal (you might say with the devil Dr. Rainer) that I would displace my and my wife’s home state Razorbacks as my team and pull for Auburn and we would be all together as Auburn fans. After a day of thinking on this, he agreed and we’ve been pretty big winners ever since. Truth is, I’d rather see a house full of Bama fans than a house divided. Family togetherness; that’s how we roll (Toomer’s Corner pun intended). War Eagle!

  36. says

    Although not a Supralapsarian Calvinist, it’s hard to doubt unconditional election when you keep buying University of Tennessee football tickets these days. Go Vols!

  37. John Sheeley says

    I am a Nebraska Husker fan. I must admit that I’ve never actually been a full time resident of the state but my family emigrated there over approximately 130 years ago when they left the old Czech Republic and Germany and they’ve been there ever since. One of the things that makes me a Husker fan through and through is that they epitomize the people of the state by showing how hard work and determination can bring great achievements in life. The state’s population is a small fraction of most states who’ve had successful D1 football programs but they’ve implemented an impressive walk on program that almost all young men in the state of Nebraska aspire to participate in. While they’ve made good use of recruiting from other more populated states, their decision to use so many of the state’s own sons is impressive. My devotion to the team also comes from the love of the game and that Husker fans seem to appreciate the sport itself over bragging and ego. We are more than willing to cheer on the other team, even if they are victorious in our house (see Ricky Williams from Texas as an example) because we appreciate good football no matter what helmet they wear.

  38. says

    Growing up in Houston, my Dad and I always routed for the Texas A&M Aggies because of the big three Texas Universities (University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech), A&M was the closest. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Longhorns and the Red Raiders, but the Aggies will always be my Texas College football team.

  39. Todd Benkert says

    My friends at SBTS used to ask me why I was such a fan of the Fighting Irish and I always gave them three reasons:
    1. Because I grew up in Michiana and you always root for the home team.
    2. Because there are more Baptists at Notre Dame than any other University in Indiana.
    3. Because Boyce College doesn’t have a football team. :)

  40. Noah says

    Just keeping it real.
    Arkansas plays in a real football conference. So, yeah, some years it can be a little lean. If we played in, oh, I don’t know, the Powder Puff league, Canadian football leauge, or ACC, it would be a totally different story.

  41. Joshua Krebs says

    I am a Mississippi State fan. I could tell you about all the reasons Mississippi State is great, but really I am a Mississippi States fan because that is where my parents met. That is where my Dad came to Christ through the ministry of the BSU. That is the team that, in winning seasons and losing seasons my family gathered around the TV to watch the Saturday after Thanksgiving as they played the Egg Bowl. That is the team my Dad used as an illustration of how you play until the game is over, even if you are losing, because it is what men do. I enjoy football, I love SEC football, but I love watching Mississippi State play football because it is tied to the best things and the best memories I have.

  42. David Hanchett says

    BOOMER SOONER! I am a die hard University of Oklahoma fan! I grew up in Norman, Oklahoma about a mile from the stadium. I used to sit outside on Saturdays and listen to the games from my back yard.

  43. Kameron Pugh says

    You can say Alabama football is in my blood. I grew up as the son of a former Alabama football player, Keith Pugh. He was the leading receiver on Coach Bryant’s last two national championship teams (’78&’79).
    As a child I always heard of Bama’s glory days, but I have never gotten a real taste of what it is like for them to be dominant until the past few years. I doubt any team will ever dominate the college football landscape the way Alabama did in the late 70’s, but it has been fun to see the Tide back in the national title hunt the last three years.
    I am now in Auburn going through a pastoral/seminary internship through Lakeview Baptist Church. Ironically, my Dad and one of my professors from Boyce College, Brian Payne, another former Alabama football player, are the two men that directed me to Auburn for more training… We do love the church and living here, but my heart is still in Tuscaloosa on gamedays.

  44. Joe McCarty says

    ULM Warhawks. They are my local team and Alma Mater. They beat Alabama in Saban’s first year (2007?). We should have stayed Div II though, we won a few national championships in Div II, but the big paydays lured us into Div I.
    Why does Alabama have an elephant for a mascot anyway?

  45. Michael Hogeland says

    My favorite team is Alabama. My father raised me up to be a Alabama fan, but this is not the main reason I am a Alabama fan. When I started liking football and watching Alabama was under the not so good days of the late 90’s and early 2000. It was hard to root for a team that didn’t win as much, especially losing to Auburn for so many in a row. I kept going for Alabama because of their tradition and to see one day come back to it’s glory days. Now to see Alabama back on top as a national powerhouse, I am glad to be from Alabama and cheer for the Crimson Tide. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  46. Pam says

    I too love college football! When I was 4 years old, my dad was called to pastor a church in Arkansas. Growing up with him and 2 brothers, I had no option but to watch sports! While living in our tiny Arkansas town for 7 1/2 years, I came to love football, and if you live in Arkansas…you love the Razorbacks! I have been a loyal fan ever since. I now am a mom of 2 and married to the biggest Gator fan ever, living in the middle of Gator country and I have stayed true to the HOGS! I’ve even been known to call the Hogs at a Gator game upon seeing a score of our game! Yep, I get strange looks but….Wooooo Pig Sooooiiieeeeee!!!

  47. Justin Owens says

    Tennessee Volunteers. My dad liked them, they’re good at more than just football (basketball, baseball, etc.), it’s fun ragging Georgia fans.

  48. Greg Cochran says

    Virginia Tech….BC they have not had a player (former or present) arrested lately! Besides, A good ol’ ACC team shouldn’t hurt your feelings, right!?

  49. Dal Cottrell says

    My favorite team is the Texas Tech Red Raiders! Always the underdog but never a loser! I’m a proud alum of TxTech and learned through Campus Crusade for Christ on the tech campus what discipleship is and how to live it!

  50. says

    TEXAS LONGHORNS! I’m the first person in the history of my family to attend, let alone graduate from ANY college or university. At UT, I lived the crazy party lifestyle – until I met Jesus. Since that day, my life has EXPLODED with love for Him and the desire to serve His kingdom!! Of course, I love UT’s traditions, athletics and academics – but what REALLY makes me a fan is that it’s the place where I started living for Christ!

  51. Cody alley says

    Missouri tigers: 1st I am biased I am a Missouri boy. 2nd despite playing second fiddle to Kansas basketball and longhorn and sooner football we never give up and always believe we are better. 3rd we gave graciously put up with the cotinued non sense of the big 12. 4th we will soon join the sec.

  52. Dan Griffin says

    My favorite team is CLEMSON. My uncles went there. My brother and I went there. It is a great school. It has a great winning tradition. It has a true family atmosphere. It is a great place to go for an education, a weekend or a game!!!

  53. Randy Shaw says

    The Top Ten Reasons Why the Kentucky Wildcats are my Favorite College Football Team
    10. We are consistently the doormat of the SEC.
    9. Our neon/psychedelic blue uniforms shine more than any other SEC teams except for the UT VOLS bright orange, when the moon is full, and the dogs have treed!
    8. Our boys play hard even though our administration is committed to a losing football program.
    7. Our football players live in dormatories with no a/c while our basketball players live in a lodge!
    6. Because we are so committed to losing we let coaches like Saben, Meyer, Miles, Chizik & Spurrier go by without ever making an offer. At least we don’t have Derek Dooley!
    5. At our lowest point it is better to be a Wildcat fan than a Louisville Cardinal fan!
    4. Wildcat Football gives Kentuckians something to do on Saturdays rather than participating in behavior that makes our IQ a little lower with each emerging generation!
    3. Each passing Wildcat Football game gets us closer to the Basketball season where everyone knows we are the best team. Football season is like a three month countdown to the Sport that matters!
    2. No one said “First and Goal” better than the late Cawood Ledford. Of course fans only heard him say it once per season!
    1. The number one reason Kentucky is the best college football program is because we taught “Bear” Bryant everything he ever knew about football. If it was not for Kentucky there would be no “Bear” and there would be no “BAMA” – GO BIG BLUE – C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS!

  54. says

    I wear the gold and black of the Mizzou Tigers. I can’t deny that the main reason for my preference is the “home town” factor. I lived in Missouri for most of my life. However, I admire so much what Gary Pinkle has been able to do with this team. Honestly, Missouri was as bad a football program as their was in Division I for decades. Coach Pinkle built this program steadily, especially showing a proficiency for developing quarterbacks. He has imprinted his personality onto the program and earned my resepect.

  55. Mike Goff says

    A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S! To all of my ‘Bama friends….we LET you win and then beat Auburn for you…you’re welcome!

  56. says

    The Louisville Cardinals. First, because they represent one of the great cities in America. Second, because they are just good enough to be worth watching, but just inconsistent enough to make every game interesting! Third, because they aren’t the University of Kentucky!

  57. Jeff Hellerstedt says

    I root for the Army Black Knights! Not only did I spend several years of my childhood walking up to Michie Stadium in West Point, but these guys play for the pure enjoyment of the sport. It is most likely one of the easiest part of their day when compared to the academics and training they go through. They are typically far smaller than their opponents, yet stay in the big leagues. They are something to admire!

  58. Dwight Martin says

    I root for the Wisconsin Badgers. They have one the best college stadium in the nation. You can’t beat “Jump Around” in Camp Randall. I am so disappointed that I live in smack middle of Longhorn country. So annoying.
    As for UT…yes, that and that UT. You can’t tell them apart especially with their orange and white uniforms. Are they twins split at birth? The southern version of UT has become so full of itself that is running off fellow Big 12 teams.
    As for Aggies, get over your obsession with t.u. (AKA UT) and sawing some cow’s long horns off. You are joining SEC so you better think quick and think of a new tradition. Wait a minute…traditions never change in Aggieland even if somebody dies and the tradition becomes unsanctioned, so forget it. Aggies – get your hands away from the fire for the 1000th time!
    As for SEC…one thing Big Ten has you beat is nasty smash-mouth football with intelligent players. Could you say AAU? Yeah I know Huskers aren’t but you can’t blame them because they call themselves Cornhuskers. I think they could have thought of something better.
    The final thing, Bucky Badger is so nasty that it had to be given away to a zoo. You can’t beat a mascot that is in Hall of Fame. Badgers all the way! (BTW those cardinal and white uniforms are absolute classic!)

  59. says

    Michigan Wolverines all the way. They are 6-0 right now and in their history every year they started 6-0 they always ended up in the Rose Bowl. Go Blue!
    In other news, what about the Detroit Lions? 5-0? People are saying that their good luck will end with the defending champion Green Bay Packers. I say not so fast. The Lions were a pretty sorry team last year (And many years before that) and yet they still managed to beat the Pack. Chances this year against a strengthened Lions team? My money is on the Lions this year. We’ll see.

  60. Ryan Black says

    I’m glad someone other than me wanted to engage in some friendly trash-talk.
    I had to leave for a while to lick my wounds after your comment. Good work, sir.
    I shouldn’t have to remind you that Clemson won 3 weeks straight this year against top 20 teams and, based on last year’s Win/Loss percentage of opponents, has the toughest schedule in the Nation. By comparison, LSU is #4.
    Only thing a razorback is good for? Bacon.
    Tigers win.

  61. says

    My favorite team is the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. I think red and white is such a striking combination and have always thought blue and orange just didn’t look right together. Being an Alabama born and raised girl (though now Medicare girl), proper decor is important. I also think the Tide’s team throughout the years has been awesome by winning so many of those #1 national championships and of course Bear Bryant is a legend to make any Alabamian proud. Coach Saban isn’t too shabby either, and much better looking then Coach Bryant was.

  62. Jeremy Edwards says

    I’m a USC fan. That is the Southern California USC for you South Carolina fans. :) I’m a fan because I grew up completely in Southern California and have friends and family that went there. I’m still a fan despite 1 player killing our program for a few years because he was greedy but I’m even more grateful for the 8 years that USC gave us a chance to win the national championship and won 2 (we gave back another 1) due to unmentioned player.
    I’m also a fan of USC because unlike many of the other bigger and elite teams they play other big programs every year for their non-conference games. It seems like quite a few of the bigger programs get 2-4 wins off of cupcakes. Their non-conference schedule isn’t always the hardest but they don’t play nobodies like quite a few of the SEC teams every year! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m also STILL a fan despite the fact we can’t win the national championship for another year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. Philip Martin says

    Let me sing/spell this for you. O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A. Oklahomaaa, OK!
    Boomer Sooners are the best team around, and the AP voters should recognize that. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Hating Texas and cheering hard for OU are cultural norms in the state. For those that like OSU, you are a minority in Oklahoma.
    I moved to an SEC state and still cheered for the crimson and cream. I could not turn into an SEC fan, they seem pretentious. When I moved back to Big XII territory my heart skipped a beat knowing I was near my beloved Sooners.
    If you want hard hitting, smash mouth football with the best running backs in all of college ball every year then OU is your team.
    Beside OU has the best meteorological school in the nation. No one can beat OU academics and the rest of their sport programs. As I tell people, “I don’t root for losers.”

  64. Jim Baird says

    My favorite team is the University of Oklahoma. Why?
    1. We have the most successful program since WW2 with 567 wins and a winning percentage of .763.
    2. We have seven national championships.
    3. We have 43 conference championships.
    4. We have 152 All-Americans (74 consensus).
    5. We have Five Heisman Trophy winners.
    6. We have five coaches and 17 players inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
    7. We hold the record for the longest winning streak in Division I-FBS history with 47 straight victories.
    8. Oklahoma is the only program that has had four coaches with 100+ wins.
    9. We became the eighth NCAA FBS team to win 800 games when we defeated Utah State on Sept. 4th, 2010.
    10. We have the best looking cheer leaders.

  65. Dwight Martin says

    Also, the Longhorn Network runs counter to the Cooperative Program. Where is the cooperative spirit?
    12…ahem…10…no wait, it is 9 together is better than one, let alone a lonely Longhorn waiting to get its horns sawed off.
    Also, to the risk of losing a chance at the prize, who would name themselves after a red algae-infested tide? As for Auburn, you are lucky you got away with one (due to a meddling father) last year, but your luck will run out eventually.

  66. Stan loyd says

    LSU…by the way I agree with the unnamed collegue who shall remain unnamed who said that the Tigers will win the National Championship.

  67. David Love says

    LSU Shreveport is where I went to grad school, so after paying them a good bit of money, I do have loyalties to them. GEAUX Tigers and LSU are the real tigers!

  68. K.C. Randolph says

    The University of Kentucky–
    This may sound a little confusing,
    ‘Cuz who cheers for a team that is losing?
    But it’s easy to do
    For the boys dressed in blue
    When I spend half the game soundly snoozing.

  69. Noah says

    I don’t talk trash. I just speak the truth. In Christian love and mercy. Because truth matters.
    Clemson Tigers are the seventh best football Tigers in the Nation.
    1) LSU Tigers
    2) Auburn Tigers
    3) Missouri Tigers
    4) Ouachita Baptist Tigers
    5) Memphis Tigers
    6) Moseley Elementary School Tigers
    7) Clemson Tigers
    Now please, take the Tiger Cub, give him some milk and put him to bed.
    Go Hogs.

  70. Melissa says

    It has to be the Michigan Wolverines. I live in Southern California now, but USC and UCLA don’t hold a candle to Michigan. Yes, they break my heart over and over again. They always fall just short of the National Championship, but to see them roaring onto the field in The Big House to the strains of Hail to the Victor makes it all worthwhile.
    M Go BLUE!

  71. Kris Deese says

    The One and Only, Alabama Crimson Tide.
    I was born and raised an Alabama fan. I absolutely love this school. Anyone can clearly see evidence of Bama in Scripture. It is the Crimson blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that washes away our sins and makes us White as snow. Also, read Ezekiel 20:29. If that’s not enough, Alabama Football is rich in tradition and sits atop the college football pyramid with 13 National Championships. Roll Tide Roll!!!

  72. Debi debanto says

    THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Who doesn’t love an underdog (read scapegoat) who triumphs over adversity? Plus, they have (their words, not mine) The Best Damn Band in the Land! Can you really root against Woody Hayes?

  73. Rachel McRae says

    The Vols, of course! My reasons are too numerous to list but the highlights are:
    – Grew up in God’s country (Knoxville)
    – The tradition
    – Neyland Stadium
    – It’s where I went to school
    – It gives me a great avenue to talk smack with the President of LifeWay Christian Resources when I see him in the hallways.
    Go Vols!

  74. says

    The Michigan Wolverines. Growing up in Michigan you can choose between either Michigan or Michigan State and I was torn as a younger kid. The biggest thing that pushed me towards the maize and blue? My dentist went to Michigan.
    I’m sure many dentists went to Michigan but his office was full of Michigan memorabilia and if you were wearing a State shirt he would splash you from the sink while you waited. He was such a great dentist that I kept going to him until I was 18 even though he served mostly children. It was worth it to listen to him talk about the “bumpy tickler” as he worked on my teeth to have such a kind, friendly dentist that also happened to be a huge Michigan fan.

  75. says

    I have no idea why. I did not go there, do not know anyone that went there, and do not live near there. I have just always liked them as long as I can remember.
    Once they came to Syracuse to play the Orange and I went to the game completely decked out in UM – including face tattoos! GO BLUE!!
    But, the SEC is my favorite conference! I do like a number of teams there.
    I love college football. Nothing else like it!

  76. Dennis Garcia says

    University of New Mexico. I grew up in Albuquerque and from a young age fell in love with the local teams. I always wanted to go to UNM and be a Lobos. My first day on campus as a student made me the first in my family to ever attend college let alone graduate and go on for a masters. I have such great memories of marching at home games and cheering on my Lobos!

  77. says

    TEXAS A&M! I’m the first person for 3 generations not to attend the University of Missouri. I love the rich traditions with TAMU. From the 12th Man, to The Corp, to even my own social club, Aggies for Christ, everyone could find a place to belong at such a large university. I also love that we are alway the butt of every joke, always underestimated, and always considered the underdog. Regardless of the misconceptions, we have great football team full of scrappers and kids who can pull double duty. Whoop! Farmers Fight! Gig ‘Em Ags!

  78. jeff pike says

    There is no other Team but the Crimson Tide. Tradition speaks loud and it Shouts Loud. The Tide puts fear in all other schools. I had a Auburn fan to tell me the other day that the Tide played boring football. I’m thinking we have 13 National Championships and you have 1…..BORING is GOOD!

  79. says

    The University of Oklahoma Sooners. Why? Eph. 4.25. The only honest, truth-speaking university out there…nicknamed after rule-breakers, regulation-stretchers, cheats. All others fail that simple test of honesty, preferring, instead, to name themselves after cuddly creatures or supposed heroes or lunchmeat. I prefer those who confess their sins as publicly as they commit them in hopes of curbing the sins of others.

  80. Ed Goodman says

    I love University of Kentucky football! A historically renowned basketball school, our football team is usually an underdog even on our own campus. It is always difficult to hear that we have been beaten by the Vols and Gators 25 straight years. Nevertheless, my loyalty isn’t based upon our performance, but on unexplainable devotion to Kentucky Wildcats athletics. We are underdogs like David as a shepherd boy, and yet I choose to love them like God amazingly chooses to love me. Without any rational reason to love Kentucky football, I remain their faithful fan!

  81. Joshua Johnson says

    I am an Alabama fan because my parents raised me right. Also, it’s obvious…crimson. The crimson blood of Jesus covers our sins.
    Roll Tide Roll!

  82. Chase Bowers says

    My favorite team is the Tecas Longhorns. My comment is this, you and I both know that te grass won’t be greener for the Aggies on the other side. It will still be burnt orange! Hook’em!

  83. Matt Haines says

    My favorite team is the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Now you know that I have to be a loyal fan. We’ve been beaten up so much by every other team over the years. However, when it’s going right, there are few places more fun that Starkville on a fall football night. It doesn’t take much originality to be an Alabama fan, but MSU, that’s dedication. Go Dawgs!

  84. Ragan Story says

    Tennessee Volunteers. Born and bred middle Tennessean who was raised to bleed orange. Taught to be a loyal fan even when you have coaches like Lane Kiffin and seasons like what we have currently. I am a Tennessee fan because we do well at more than just football. The Vols excel in most other sports too. Pat Summitt, need I say more?

  85. Dallas says

    I am an Auburn fan because when I was born, I was the first baby to ever have AU+ blood type. When I was five, I killed my first Elephant with the very eagle that Dar used to slaughter Maax in The Beastmaster. At the age of 12, I entered manhood and was cast into the dark and arid regions of modern day Tuscaloosa, then known as Gotham. Through under cover operations, I was able to expose the Great Harlot for what she was by inserting my double agent, Albert Means, into the trenches of the Harlot, wherein he tempted her with fruit, and she fell, as the Hebrews would say, with a great falling. I have now returned to the Motherland, the Celestial City, the New Jerusalem, where after conquering the nations in 2010, we are training up new forces to eternally slaughter the reprobates of college football. War Eagle

  86. Shane Boyd says

    The reason my favorite team is Kentucky (even when we loose like now) is because of my step father or should I say Dad! My father was never in my life, and so when my step father took me to a UK football game as our first activity together I was hooked! Even thiugh that game we played Tennessee so we were doomed from the start and did loose. The experience was amazimg though and the bonding father son time much needed. This is something I plan to do with my son which is now two. I kmow how to be there for him.
    Shane Boyd

  87. David says

    I am & have always been a South Carolina Gamecock fan. Why? Well I’ve grown up around Gamecock sports all my life & was always enthralled with the enthusiasm around Gamecock sports, particularly regardless of record…Diehard fans. However, as a Christian, I am constantly reminded of the importance of suffering & perseverance. Gamecock fans are long sufferers who constantly hold out hope for something better, always enduring & pushing on through suffering :). I will always be a Gamecock!

  88. Geoff says

    My college team is Florida State because of two words: Bobby Bowden. Besides what Alabama fan wouldn’t like a coach named Jimbo?

  89. Gary Lewis says

    CLEMSON – First, I spent $80K earning a degree there, second, we have not won an ACC Championship since George H. W. Bush was president, third, there is nothing like screaming until you are hoarse as the team runs down the hill after touching the “sacred Frank Howard rock,” and fourth, I am just finishing “Lost and Found” and need something great to read. C-L-E-M-S-O-N!!!!!!!

  90. Shane Boyd says

    The reason my favorite team is Kentucky (even when we loose like now) is because of my step father or should I say Dad! My father was never in my life, and so when my step father took me to a UK football game as our first activity together I was hooked! Even thiugh that game we played Tennessee so we were doomed from the start and did loose. The experience was amazimg though and the bonding father son time much needed. This is something I plan to do with my son which is now two. I kmow how to be there for him.
    Shane Boyd

  91. Shelvin says

    As a proud member of the Florida Gator Nation, I went to my first gator game in 1975 with my dad vs Georgia (we lost) Two years later, we were season ticket holders. I sat through 8 games of the 0-10-1, 1979 season, and was on row one in the old Gator Bowl in 1980 watching ‘Run, Lindsey, Run’ as the Dawgs broke my heart again. Through the years, I have lived in the heart of Cajun Country, (GREAT food) and in the Tennessee Valley, where not only you have to endure the Alabama-Auburn war, but the Vols, too. (yuk) Now living back in the state of Florida, it’s great to eat boiled peanuts on the way to the Swamp 6-7 times each fall. And all those horrible memories of the Bulldogs breaking my heart as a child, and their crazy fans barking at my feet, have been erased over the past 2 decades with 17 wins out of 20 games, soon to be 18 out of 21. My wife and I also got to strike something off my bucket list a few years back when we witnessed the gators win a national championship. (She only got a few crazy looks when she yelled ‘Woo Pig Soo E’)

  92. says

    Favorite team: OU sooners!
    1: some of top coaches ever: bud wilkinson, Barry Switzerland, and bob stoops!
    2. Have won more championships and been in more title games than almost anyone!
    3. Have some of the most and most well known heisman trophy winners like Billy sims, steve owens, and Sam Bradford!
    4. Red river rivalry with Texas is one of the most intense in college football
    5. In top 5 in total wins ever
    6. Have been in AP poll number 1 spot more than anyone!
    7. Because every loves the chant: boomer sooner, the white wagon sooner schooner with
    The horses, and who doesnt smile when hearing the song: o-k-l-a-h-o-m-a!?
    8. Because OU has more national rhode scholars than any school in US!
    9. Because we hold records in most consecutive home game wins…
    10. Because your sons probably use to want to cut their hair like brian bosworth when
    Growing up!

  93. says

    Florida Gators. Because God must be a Gator too, since the sun is orange and the sky is blue.
    And because I appreciate a free book, especially from such a distinguished fellow SEC fan as yourself.

  94. Brent says

    The beauty of my house is that I do not need a favorite team. I have a wife who is willing to watch any college game – loves the sport, loves the atmosphere, loves watching with me. She can sing the opening to College Game day, answers my war eagle with roll tide, knows what sooee means, always roots against Spurrier, and watches Nebraska just because of the God fearing Ron Brown. She jumps in with any of my boys’ favorite teams with ease (TX, UNL and ND) My favorite team? Who ever is on TV at the moment because my wife is always game.

  95. Chip Colee says

    As a young boy growing up in Tuscaloosa, I thought for an Alabama fan winning was a birthright and losing was not an option. Fans held up 4 fingers at the end of the third quarter and MEANT it! For me, there are many fantastic memories from selling peanuts in the stands as a kid, my dad taking me to the Coleman Coliseum for autograph day, to flying to State College with my 16 year old son just a few weeks ago to watch the Tide Roll over Penn State!
    The University of Alabama is…
    13 National Championships
    21 Southeastern Conference Championships
    A record 53 Bowl Appearances
    Untold numbers of NFL stars, All Americans and the greatest coach in college football history…Paul W. Bryant.
    When I moved back to Alabama after seminary 17 years ago, I recall sitting in the stadium late one Saturday watching a football game and telling my wife that I knew I was “home” after spotting a couple of large church pastors and realizing that rather than resting at home, they were cheering at a football game on a Saturday night! It never gets old hearing Coach Bryant’s voice booming in the stadium in pregame and watching opposing coaches and players sneak a peek at the video screens to watch some of the unforgettable plays that make up the Alabama football lore. Sharing a Saturday afternoon with family and friends over some bar-be-que in the shadow of Bryant Denny Stadium is simply the best. It’s been said that football is a great game but a lousy god, and this is true. We have to keep the fun of it all in perspective, but Alabama is undoubtedly the GREATEST football tradition in the world! RTR!

  96. Alex Felton says

    You got to fight, fight, fight, for FSU!
    You got to scalp ’em Seminoles!
    You got to win, win, win, win this game,
    and roll on down and make those goals!
    For FSU is on the warpath now,
    And when the battle ends she’s great!
    So fight, fight, fight for victory!,
    The Seminoles of Florida State!
    F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E
    Florida State, Florida State, Florida State!

  97. says

    All of the above are outstanding football powers with great history, but my favorite is a program I personally saw rise from the ashes to the top of the college football world! My favorite is the Florida State Seminoles.
    I enrolled at FSU in 1975 and that year they only won 3 games. Program in shambles! Enter Bobby Bowden from West Virginia. The rest is history.
    By playing the best teams in the country and taking lumps just to get noticed, in a few years FSU became the only team in history to go 14 years in a row and finish in the top 5, from 1987 to 2000 with 2 National titles! Bowden, using Christian principles became one of the all-time winningest coaches of all-time with Joe Paterno before retiring last year! From 30,000 fans per game to 85,000! From Florida’s step child to a favorite son! To watch this materialize was amazining.
    Florida State proves you can rise from obscurity to national prominence if you hire a man with integrity, enthusiam, vision, and a good heart. His players are now better men from being under his leadership and FSU is poised to rise again from the ashes following Coach Bowden’s retirement, next year, by standing on his strong foundation!
    Go Seminoles!

  98. says

    I was born and raised in Maize and Blue country. Michigan Wolverine Football runs deep up here. And we are awesome this year. :)
    And I like books. Go Blue!
    Oh, and Hail To the Victors is the best fight song in college football.

  99. says

    Alabama Crimson Tide! Grew up in it–3rd generation fan; 2nd generation grad. Was there as a student during Coach Bryant’s last 3 yrs. Re-discovered my faith there (after some wilderness yrs) by the grace of God thru the Baptist Stdt Union, Hopewell Baptist. Church, & the amazing preaching of Dr. Rick Lance @ FBC (he’s now exec dir of AL Baptist st convention. Met my wife of 27.5 yrs there. Called to be a professor while there. I wore Crimson when they’ve won 7 NCs in my lifetime, & wore it when they went 3-8. Finally, I’ve realized at long last that of all the above, the NC’s & won-loss records, while great fun, matter very little ultimately. Roooooooll! Tide! Roll!

  100. says

    I have two favorite teams. One is the Crimson Tide whom I grew up watching and going to games with y Dad. I was 11 when I got to go to the first SEC championship game. we were sitting about 50 feet away from the spot where Antonio Langham picked off the Florida pass and returned it for a touchdown to give Bama the lead. I remember my fifth grade teacher having to settle me down after we got back to school after Bama won the NC in 1992. Some of my two year old son’s first words were “Roll Tide.”
    My second favorite team is my Alma Mater, the University of North Alabama Lions. They’re a Division 2 team (although they’re about to move up to Division 1 FCS). I’m actually even watching them play on TV as I type this. When I watch them, I don’t just see a great football team (they’re currently Number 1) but I also see some of the best years of my life. I see friendships made at the Guillot Center, and most importantly, I see where I met my wife.
    I enjoy being able to pull for two teams that have been such a big part of my life.

  101. says

    My team of choice? The Clemson Tigers, since I was seven years old. My reasons?
    1. Tahj Boyd is the new Mac-Daddy of ACC Quarterbacks
    2. Dabo Swinney is the new Danny Ford
    3. If you are going to wear orange, wear real orange, not that pale, dark yellow UT orange that looks like someone threw up after eating too much pumpkin pie
    4. We are exactly like Auburn, except we have a lake by our campus with GREAT fishing, which makes us far superior to the “other” Tigers, whom we beat handily this year.
    5. While I understand that there is another institution of higher learning somewhere in the Columbia area, Clemson is the REAL University of South Carolina.
    6. Clemson started the year in the basement and off the radar. Now we are ranked #8 nationally, and thanks to our 6-0 record and South Carolina’s loss to Auburn (who we beat handily; wait, did I mention that already?), the placement of these two teams in the top 25 has been rearranged in a way that really makes me smile.
    7. I have high hopes that before the season is out, we’re gonna party like its 1981! (Its been too long!)
    Go Tigers!

  102. Roger Higginbotham says

    I am a US citizen by birth and a WVU Mountaineer by the grace of God. I bleed old gold and blue. Even have a tattoo. We never say die – always gotta try – even in the worst years we’re loyal fans. We don’t have a title, but we’ve come close. Keep diggin’ and clawin’ and always have to boast. Yeah, we’ve got our pride, we enjoy the ride, and always salute the Tide. God’s a fan too – any doubt, check out the best of sun rises and sun sets – deep golden hues merging with the blue – no wonder it’s Almost Heaven.

  103. Kyle Giddens says

    I’m a Georgia fan- Herschel Walker, need I say more? But for all the Clemson fans I fried a tater on Saturday and the Clemson sign miraculously appeared on it. No joke. You can see the pic on my twitter account kylegiddens1@twitter.

  104. James Adams says

    Go Bulldogs! I’m from south GA and there isn’t anything better than red and black on Saturday. They’ve struggled the past few seasons but we will be back soon.

  105. Terry Felton says

    It strikes me as odd that fun can be made from a team whose color scheme has purple in it? Is Barney the Dinosaur going to be playing for you soon?

  106. says

    Dude, the operative word is “COLOR.” Not sure that pale hue in Knoxville qualifies.
    But since you asked no, Barney doesn’t play for our team. I would remind you, however, that Mace Windu’s lightsaber is purple, so I’d be careful making fun of that color if I were you. :) Oh, and remind me because I forget, what are the Vols ranked right now?

  107. Leah Jordan says

    I know I am too late- no big deal- — Alabama- because “the Bear” walked on water- 13 and praying for 14
    Enjoy your night-

  108. Chuck Anderson says

    I will submit my response in 10 years. By that point, we’ll have all current NCAA investigations complete and will know who has vacated their wins and championships for this time period.

  109. Thom Rainer says

    Too many good entries. The following are honorable mention winners. You get your choice of the revised edition of Simple Church by Eric Geiger and me or Simple Life by Art Rainer and me. Email Amy.Jordan@LifeWay.com. Give her your mailing address and your choice of one of the two books. They will be mailed to you next week:
    John Sheely: Nebraska
    Randy Shaw: Kentucky
    Cory Hammett: Tennessee
    Jeff Hellerstedt: Army
    Noah: Arkansas
    Joel Gordon: Penn St.
    Travis Bounds: Southern Miss
    Robert Baxter: Notre Dame
    Jim Baird: Oklahoma (ineligible for book, LifeWay employee)
    Chip Colee: Alabama
    Casey Cariker: Oklahoma
    The overall winner:
    Dallas: Auburn
    It pains me to write those words, but my decision was substantiated by an unbiased second part.
    Congratulations Dallas. Send an email to Amy,Jordan@LifeWay.com and let her know any book of your choice. Give us your address and we will get it to you next week.
    Thanks to all. This exercise was fun even though I was humbled with the winner.

  110. David Taylor says

    I am an LSU Tiger fan for several reasons. One is that I was born and raised in Louisiana so its a home state team. Another is that I have had two siblings attend there, one currently and one who graduated. FInally, there just isn’t any other team in Louisiana worth going for in the state…just how it is!

  111. says

    Another Clemson fan here…. yet I must add that it is not by choice but rather the Sovereign intervention of a gracious and merciful God.
    I was born in North Carolina into a pagan Tarheel family. Sad, I know. I had little hope of finding my way through the dark landscape of college athletics. I was blind and could not see.
    Yet, my grandfather, who grew up near Clemson, SC, saw through this haze and bought me a Clemson jersey.
    My lost family just laughed and thought nothing of the gesture. Surely, I would not listen the this lone voice amidst the Chapel Hill chorus that echoed each Saturday. My aunts would place hexes, my mom would beat pots and pans. Chants of hatred and malice still ring in my head.
    But all was not lost in that fall of 1981. A band of Clemson brothers shocked the College football world and solidified a grandfather’s hope. Clemson won the championship and a grandfather won the heart of his grandson. Forever changed am I, because one man shared the good news and dared love the truth even more than his family!
    Clemson Alma Mater
    “Where the blue ridge yawn its greatness,
    Where the Tigers play,
    Here the sons of dear old Clemson,
    Reign supreme alway.
    Dear old Clemson we will triumph,
    And with all our might,
    That the Tigers roar may echo,
    O’er the mountain height.”

  112. Jeff Pike says

    Dr. Vines I know now why I love your preaching so much….Roll Tide Roll…All over LSU…Auburn…Clemson hasn’t got a chance….I love Trash talking and Thanks Dr. Rainer for opportunity to do so.

  113. Rachel says

    UNC simply because we got an onside kick and had the chance to come back last weekend against Miami, and because our alma mater is amazing.

  114. D. Riggan says

    In our house, we root for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Woo Pig Sooie!
    We live in Beavercreek (Dayton), Ohio, right smack in the middle of Buckeye Country.
    With Wright-Patterson Air Force being close by, it’s possible to occassionally find other Hog fans.
    Greetings from Far Hills Community Church.

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