Talkback Tuesday: Should the religious/spiritual beliefs of a presidential candidate affect your vote?

Will the candidate’s religious beliefs affect your vote? Let us hear from you.


  1. George H. Jowanski says

    Absolutely. What a person believes at his or her core determines his or her whole character. And if character is not important in the election of a candidate, what is?

  2. Sue Laborn says

    For me the issue is one of competence. I want the best heart surgeon to perform open heart surgery on me, regardless of his religious beliefs. The same goes for the president: give me the most competent person.

  3. David Griffith says

    Yes, they will effect how he leads our country. If he has a bent on the bible, it will effect how he looks at policies he makes.

  4. Bruce H says

    People can have good morals and not be part of a religion, however, if all a person stands on is their own ability to govern, there will be a problem because there is a God. In Christianity, we depend on God totally. We base our decisions on the principles He has given in His word. We seek counsel from others that are “in the know” when seeking answers to difficult problems. We place ourselves humbly below our God. When the difficult decisions have to be made they can be made by the one whose morals are atuned to God’s morals. The results will be in God’s hands, good or bad. It would be easier to vote when the person shows guideance from God above. The vote in 2012 will not be determined by religion, it will be determined by God Himself.

  5. says

    A heart surgeon has a specific task to perform in a specific way. There’s little room for decisions about “right” and “wrong” in his job. His object has certain requirements and he has to meet them.
    The president has countless tasks to perform, people to lead, and the most powerful fighting force in the world at his disposal. His objects are less black and white, dead or alive. There is gray area, and what anyone sees in that gray area depends largely on his worldview, which is shaped largely by his religious convictions and faith.

  6. William says

    Yes, but let’s be practical. Most SBCers preferred McCain (“I am not born again”) to Obama. Almost all preferred Bush 41 and Dole to Southern Baptists Clinton and Gore. It is unstated but many effectively declare they will prefer Obama to Romney.
    Doesn’t sound like a very workable voting philosophy to me.

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