Talkback Tuesday: Intentional Discipleship


In the book Essential Church, Sam Rainer and I discussed extensively the topic of intentionality. Churches that are intentional with their discipleship process are intentional about moving Christians to a deeper walk with Christ with deeper teachings of Christ. When we asked church leaders about the best method for intentionally discipling those in their churches, the typical response was “Don’t just stand there; do something.” 

As we approach 2012, I’d like to ask you to take time to reflect on 2011 and answer the question “Did I personally—or my church corporately— "do something" this past year to reach and disciple people.

As a follow-up, “How will you continue or improve upon that in 2012?”

Feel free to share your ideas, methods, or words of encouragement.


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    The church that I am a member of is striving to do a better job in following up with guests that visit our services. I came up with a flow chart that helps us understand each part of the process. The hard part was discovering where the breakdown was and fixing that step. We have been doing this for a few weeks now and it seems to be working well. We are also keeping track of how many people visit and how many of them eventually become members. We are also working on some assimilation projects on how to help those who have recently joined our church. The first one starts after the first of the year .

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    Discipleship has been my passion for more than 18 years. I believe, to steal from Dallas Willard, that discipleship is the “great omission,” of the church.
    In the past 6 months, after more than 10 years of contemplating and praying, we have planted a church with Discipleship at it’s core.
    I appreciate your ministry and the book. I’ll let you know how our little “experiment” goes.

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    Thanks for mentioning an often overlooked area of making disciples. One of the biggest reasons the church is shrinking in America is our lack of being intentional in our focus. Everything we do–from our actions to our new friendships–must be intentional, with Jesus at the center.

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    Just finished a eleven week series on discipleship. One of the keys is being intentional in our relationships and another is a reproducible process in which everyone can participate! Real Life Ministries has some helpful resources.

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      Hi David! Here we are almost two years after your post. I am familiar with RLM, very cool. It would be great to hear where the intentionality and reproducible process has taken you. Any follow-up?

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