Talkback Tuesday: Sin and the Gospel-Fueled Power to Overcome

In his treatise On the Mortification of Sin, John Owen penned the famous line "Be killing sin, or it will be killing you." Nearly four centuries later that timeless truth still prevails. 

That’s why it excites me to see young pastors tackling difficult issues like sin and doing so with a firm grasp on the gospel, not pop culture psychotherapy. In his new study, Seven Daily Sins, Jared C. Wilson addresses an issue we all deal with–our inherent sinful nature. 

He writes:

If you’re a genuine follower of Jesus, you’re genuinely concerned about your sin. You’ve discovered you can’t stop sinning altogether, and apart from the power of God, there are specific areas of sin in your life you can’t seem to kill—but you know you ought to, and you want to. You’ve likely learned that even when you stop doing bad things, you have trouble squelching bad thoughts or impure motives. 

Here’s the bad news: We all carry these Seven Deadly Sins in our hearts 24 hours a day.  They’re always lurking in us. That’s why I’ve called this study Seven Daily Sins. We must be clear about what sin really is and where it comes from if we truly desire to crucify it.

Here’s the good news: While our running the performance treadmill of moralism and our attempts at behavior management don’t work, the power of Christ’s perfect obedience, sinless sacrifice, and glorified resurrection do. And in Jesus and the power of His Spirit we find the freedom to confidently diagnose the root of our sins, boldly kill those sins through gospel-fueled repentance, and joyfully walk in newness of life.

I am grateful for Jared’s passion for the gospel and church planting. As a pastor in Middletown Springs, Vermont, Jared is planting gospel seeds in one of the toughest soils in America–New England. He has graciously agreed today to answer questions of him or the study on the blog. You can post your questions below and Jared will be popping in periodically to answer. 

I’ve also posted an introduction video below, and you can click here to download a PDF sample of the study.


  1. says

    Great thoughts!
    The fantastic thing is that the grace that saves us, also trains us and helps us overcome these sinful passions (Titus 2:11-12).
    God didn’t stop the good gifts after salvation, he gave us everything we need!(2 Peter 1:3)
    We need to see the grace of God as bigger than salvation, it is grace for life!

  2. says

    Encouraging post, and cool video. Sin needs our constant attention or it will cause us to trust ourselves before trusting God.

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