Dear President Obama or President-elect Romney:

One of you men will soon be elected to lead our nation for the next four years. I realize that I am but one of tens of millions of voters and citizens. My words have little influence or impact. But, thanks to the freedoms we have in this nation, I can speak my voice just like anyone else.

First, I plead with you to be a unifying force in our country. We are so divided, and the conversations have become so acerbic and bitter. I realize you and your party have a distinctively different vision than the other party. But there has to be much that we have in common. There have to be points where we can unify. You are the president of all of us, even those who voted against you. Please find a way to bring us together. Reach across the aisle to discover common issues and concerns. Please unify us and don’t divide us.

Second, let your message be one of hope. For so many years, it seems that we have heard messages of division and despair from our leaders. Remember the vision of a Washington who led this nation with hope despite the incredible challenges our young and struggling nation faced. Remember the vision of a Lincoln who rallied our nation with hope at its most divided moment. Please give us hope instead of placing blame on others.

Finally, please know that I am praying for you.  I am confident that I am one of millions who do so. My prayers are not contingent on your actions or your policies. I am praying for you because you are my leader. I respect the office you hold, and follow the admonition of God’s Word to be unwavering in my prayers for you. I cannot imagine the immense responsibilities and challenges you face. You cannot lead our nation and the free world well in your own strength. I pray you will have God’s strength for all you do.

Congratulations Mr. President. The election was a difficult challenge, but now the people have spoken. May God bless you. And may God bless this great nation we serve.


Thom S. Rainer


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