What Senior Pastors Should Expect from Social Media — Ben Stroup 

For many senior pastors, social media is a foreign concept. However, more and more are embracing technology for both personal and pastoral growth.


How President Obama Should Choose His Leadership Team — Gretchen Gavett

Tuesday’s election changed very little in regard to the balance of power in Washington, D.C. Gretchen offers seven leadership tips to help navigate the gridlock and resistance the President could deal with for next four years.


7 Things a Pastor’s Kid Needs from a Father — Barnabas Piper

As a former pastor and a father to three boys, I’m sure my sons resonate with this article.


Pastoral Longevity and Church Growth — Charles Arn

Charles Arn reflects on the top reasons pastors leave their churches.


The People Have Spoken—What Should Christians Do Now? — Ed Stetzer 

In the wake this past Tuesday’s re-election of President Obama, several bloggers, including me, offered their reactions. Ed’s post outlines an appropriate response for Christians over the next four years.


Christians, Let’s Honor the President — Russ Moore 

Russ Moore also penned this post on how we, as Christians, are compelled to honor our leaders whether we agree with their policies or not.

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