Fifteen Funny Tweets about Pastors

Curiosity pushed me to do a search of the word “pastor” on Twitter. Some of the tweets were not out of the ordinary. But some of them were just fun to read. Here are fifteen fun tweets about pastors I discovered:

1. Pastor mobbed by congregation after a visiting Japanese member identified his “’speaking in tongues’” as the Japanese National Anthem.

2. Megachurch pastor says Obama reelection begins the reign of the antichrist.

3. Criticize your pastor on Facebook and bring a curse on yourself

4. Tonight my pastor said something about not having idols or worshiping them or something like that and literally my whole family looked at me.

5. I love how you can look at a pastor and almost guess what translation of the Bible he is going to read from!

6. Why does my pastor tell me that my treasure is in heaven, while his own private jet, mansion and investments are on earth?”

7. Pastor Tip: Preach while holding a kitten. People will do anything you tell them if you’re holding a kitten.

8. Apparently 6 a.m. is “too early” to call the pastor with prayer requests.

9. What’s the difference between a pastor and a youth pastor? Generally, about 40 pounds.

10. Sorry worship pastor. The only time I clap is if I want the lights on.

11. Pastor always dresses up a little more after a James Bond movie comes out.

12. Pastor just put his sermon to bed. Sunday it will put us to sleep.

13. That awkward moment when your pastor talks about how desperate the women are on “The Bachelor” and I’m covering my face.

14. Read your pastor’s lips. If he is talking more of prosperity than salvation, unfollow him.

15. We’re playing football at youth and I dropped the ball and said, ” oh golly” and then the youth pastor said “hey none of that language.” omg

Do you have any pastor tweets you would like to add?

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  1. Steve Drake says

    Dr. Rainer, I don’t have any pastor tweets, but I may tweet what a deacon once said to me. I was preaching about Elijah on Mt. Carmel. We were in Louisville, Kentucky and it was storming outside. None of us was aware of the fact that a tornado was forming just down Dixie Highway from where the church was located. Just as I got to the point in the sermon where I said, “…and the fire of God fell from heaven and burned up the sacrifice and chared the rocks and licked up all the water,” the tornado arrived at the church. The lights went out, the wind was howling and the steeple was ripped off the roof and thrown out into the front lawn. We all hurried into the church basement until it was once again quiet. The deacon who stood next to me shined a flashlight on his face and said in a soft freightened voice, “Preacher . . . that was one powerful sermon.” Sometimes we get credit for things about which we played no part.

  2. Steve Judkins says

    One only needs to follow Bitter Blue Betty, Church Curmudgeon and The Surly Deacon to get all the funny pastor/youth pastor/music minister tweets you’ll ever need. They are hilarious!

  3. TheSurlyDeacon says

    Youth guy, not shaving for Nov won’t make you look manly. It’s canceled out by the scarf, skinny jeans and slippers. I mean Toms.
    How long O Lord must we suffer? How long O Lord must we wait? How long till our preacher goes on vacation?
    To prospective worship leaders: Being able to play Freebird blindfolded is not evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

  4. Steve Drake says

    Also, I recall my pastor mentioning that once while in the hospital with a serious illness, the deacon chairman came to visit and said, “Pastor, I want you to know the good news that at our deacon meeting last night we voted 12 to 16 to pray for your complete recovery!”

  5. Donnie Brannen says

    Steve, I can go you one better than that. I know of a pastor who was lying in the emergency room with a suspected heart attack, and one of his deacons prayed for him, “Lord, bless this here our pastor as he lies here on his death bed…” The pastor opened one eye and said, “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT!”

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