Notable Voices – December 20, 2012

Seven Christmas Things to do with Your Kids — Eric Geiger

Eight Ways to Play With Your Kids This Christmas — Trevin Wax

These links were so similar that I decided to just group them together. If you’re looking for things to do with your kids over the next couple of weeks while they are out of school, here are some good suggestions from Eric and Trevin.


We Wait Too Long to Train Our Leaders — Jack Zenger

Leadership training for employees (or ministers) is often not a focus of a company (or church) until an employee reaches a management level. This typically happens at or near the midpoint of an employee’s career. Many times it’s too late to retrain an employee. Their poor leadership habits never change and they are an ineffective leader. So why not start that leadership training earlier? That’s exactly what Jack Zengerproposes in this article.


Five Signs of an Up and Coming Leader — Artie Davis

If you’re going to train leaders at a younger age, you need to know how to identify young leaders. Conveniently, Arti Davis provides these five things to look for to do just that.


‘The Great I AM’, Not the ‘I Wish I Was’ — David Price

Anytime there is a tragedy, whether it be personal or national, the presence of God is invariably called into question. I get that. It’s a natural human response. But for those who have been redeemed, we can rest in the comfort of knowing that God is God. He is with us always— even when we cannot fully grasp or understand tragic events.


Let’s Rethink Our Holly-Jolly Christmas Songs — Russell Moore

Many Christmas hymns are full of rich theology. However, sometimes in our singing of them they can become rote and routine. They lose their meaning and their richness. Dr. Moore recounts a recent conversation that should remind us of the narrative tension found in our familiar carols.


Joy to the World — Jamie Barnes 

Jamie Barnes and Brooks Ritter recently performed this version of Joy to the World on The Exchange, Ed Stetzer’s weekly web show. This arrangement, while quite different from the original, does seem to place more emphasis on the lyrics—and not the familiar tune we all know.

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