Friday Is for Freebies – Every Life Is Beautiful

In honor of this weekend’s Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, I’m giving away three copies each of both the adult and student version of the Every Life Is Beautiful small group kits. These kits are both 4-session studies which take participants through a journey of overarching themes from the movie October Baby. Through movie scenes, Bible study, and group discussion questions, students and adults will dig deep into the power of secrets, forgiveness, who they are in Jesus Christ, and restoration. This uplifting film paired with these heart-hitting studies will change the way you look at the world, family, and life.

Also included is the black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Study Bible. This Bible has a retail price of $79.99 and features 15,000 study notes, 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies, 66 highly detailed book introductions, 62 maps, 27 topical articles, 20 charts, and 18 illustrations, all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

To be eligible to win, answer the following question:

How many books do you typically buy in a year?

The deadline to enter is midnight this Saturday.  We will draw the three winners from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. Richard W. Hammond says

    I usually only buy 3 to 5 books per year. This looks like a great study guide. Blessings to the fortunate winners!

  2. Michelle Chancey says

    Typically, I buy 12 books in a year. Would love a copy for students to use with my girls discipleship group, then pass on to other groups in our student ministry at Harp’s Crossing!

  3. Phil McCheddar says

    About 2 per year, using money given me as a birthday or Christmas gift. My own earnings aren’t sufficient to stretch to buying books.

  4. Amy Duffer says

    I buy literally hundreds of books each year. If i were to guestimate I would say 400 books per year and of these I would say 375 are in electronic book form.

  5. Don Haflich says

    I would say that I roughly buy at least 10 used books a year. I have this awesome christian bookstore next to me that has really cheap books all the time. I love it.

  6. Krista says

    I only buy maybe 3-4 books a year, but we constantly check books out from our public and church libraries. Would love to win these!

  7. Cameron S says

    I typically buy 5-10 books a year.

    That average is rose considerably last year! If I had to guess, somewhere around 20.

  8. says

    I used to buy 3-6 books a year. Now with E-Books (much cheaper) using Kindle I buy and read 12 books a year. For the past three years I have kept a goal of reading one books a month.

  9. Cameron S says

    (re-posting this with correct grammar :))
    I typically buy 5-10 books a year.

    That average rose considerably last year! If I had to guess, somewhere around 20.

  10. John Klink says

    I’ve never counted before, but looking at just counting the ones from last year that were “good” or “useful”, I would guess around a dozen or so.

  11. Tammy says

    I go to Thrift Stores to get books. I have never bought a new book in years. But I read about 2 to 3 book a year. I am not a shame to say it now. I am a slow reader.

  12. Shelly says

    I usually buy 3-5, but they are for my daughter. If I get books, it’s usually because I find the freebies that are offered on different websites (Especially for Kindle).

  13. PaulaK says

    I buy about 10-15 per year! But I love a good bible study!!!! This one looks great! Would love to share with our church:) thank you! God Bless!

  14. says

    I buy two or three a month – and have two or three open beside my easy chair at any one time. Love blogging about them, but mainly telling friends about new titles. I’m not much into sharing books! :::LOL! I want to keep them close, like my friends. :-)

  15. Jacob says

    I would say that I buy maybe between 5-10, I want for that to change, but the other books that I have not included are all textbooks for college coursework.

  16. Michael Ferrini says

    I buy 12-15 a year, but read less. I need to work on that. If I recieved free books, though, I would be sure to read them first!!

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