Friday Is for Freebies – Mission of God Study Bible

This week’s giveaway features the Mission of God Study Bible.

The Mission of God Study Bible was edited by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation and is the latest HCSB study Bible from B&H Publishers. It encourages followers of Jesus Christ to see their everyday life from God’s perspective and have His heart for people. It’s a reminder that we live around people in desperate need of redemption and reconciliation with God, which can only be found in Jesus. The mission of God has never been just for specialists; it is for all believers to live out through their daily lives and by sharing the good news of what God has done through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus.

To be eligible to win, answer the following question:

What is the coldest temperature you’ve experienced so far this winter where you live?

The deadline to enter is midnight CST this Saturday.  We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

I also want to invite you to the special webcast Ed will be hosting this Monday, January 28, at 3:00 PM Eastern (2:00 PM Central) on his blog at He’ll be giving away a few dozen copies of the Mission of God Study Bible during the show, so if you don’t win this one there are plenty more to be had. Here’s a short video with more information on the webcast.


  1. Phil McCheddar says

    Here in north London it has reached minus 2 deg Celsius. Brits usually use the Celsius scale rather than Fahrenheit. I think that is about 28 deg F. But with the wind chill factor it has felt like minus 9 deg C. Quite mild compared to some parts of the US and Canada!
    Please let us remember our brothers in Christ in Syria who are enduring a bitter winter and many of them are homeless due to the war or do not have sufficient blankets or fuel to keep warm.

  2. Jonathan Smith says

    I can’t complain; our coldest temperature in west central Georgia so far this winter is 28°F. We usually have colder temperatures than that, but nothing like what many of you experience.

  3. Jacob says

    The coldest I’ve experienced so far is about 11 degrees, but of course that is not counting the near-zero wind chill we also had. Not as cold as others, but still fairly cold.

  4. Eugene garcia says

    I feel bad for posting it, but the coldest here in San Antonio, Texas has been 32 degrees. And today the high will be in the 70s.

  5. Charles Broadway says

    I may be (or more accurately, am probably) wrong, but the coldest temperature this winter for Kinston, NC was this morning at 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though I will be staying indoors with such cold temperatures, I can still bask in the Son!

  6. Andrew Gordon says

    It got down to 8 in Winfield, WV. The windchill was around zero. It was nothing compared to Michigan winters growing up or the whipping winds in Ohio and Iowa in college, but seems stinking cold for us in our mild winter so far.

  7. Pat McDanal says

    The coldest temperature I have EXPERIENCED oersonally here in Keller, TX. is probably about 68 degrees because I simply refuse to go out in the freezing weather EVER. Course we have had some pretty cold days here this winter – and snow on Christmas – but I don’t think we have gotten below about 17-19 dgrees yet. Had a few days below freezing but not too many.

  8. Greg says

    Here in Des Moines, IA, it has gotten down somewhere near zero. Maybe a few degrees below at the most. Pretty balmy, all things considered.

  9. says

    I would say – 8 degrees and wind blowing at 25 makes it COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not as cold as my 8 years old HAWAIIAN grandson – shoving a snow ball down my back! (he is enjoying the snow after having lived in Hawaii for 7.5 years!)

    Anything less than 72 and sunny is cold! Have a great day – Thanks for the GREAT ministry and work the LW does – for the SBC –

  10. says

    Good quote by Spurgeon in the video: “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”.

    Coldest temperature that I’m aware of in charming New England was about 7 degrees F recently. We invested in a coal stoker last year, and it’s very toasty in th LR. And no more having to shake down the ash; we’re not getting any younger, you know. (wink!) Shalom!

  11. says

    We were in the US and Canada in late December and early January – saw around 0 in New Brunswick. We’re now back in South Africa enjoying 90 degree weather in

  12. Jason says

    I think I was out of town when it actually hit the lowest of the season. The lowest it has been since I’ve been there was 28^F in
    Spartanburg, SC.

  13. Vanta Greenwood says

    According to the statistics the coldest it has been in Cookeville, TN is 18 degrees. I know it sure has felt much colder!!

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