Notable Voices – January 17, 2013

The Tone of Pastoral LeadershipSam Rainer

In my post yesterday, I explained the tone I attempt to have as a blogger. That same basic principal applies to how you lead as a pastor or in business. Sam describes how your voice as a leader is critical to the vision you cast.


He Will Rise Up in the EndDave Snyder

While raising three boys to become godly young men is no easy task, the blessings have been well worth the effort Nellie Jo and I put into parenting. If you have sons, I would encourage you to exhort them as Dave suggests in his post. There can never be too many godly young men.


A Triperspectival Approach to BloggingTim Brister

Tim shared this post yesterday in response to my Seven Lessons on Blogging post. If you’re not familiar with Tim, he is one of many longstanding power bloggers who have been a positive influence on me. I would encourage you to follow his blog if you’re not already doing so.


10 Things I Guarantee You’ll Never SayBen Reed

Ben shares a list of ten things you will likely never find yourself saying about generosity, family time, leadership, discipleship, and cats. Yes, cats.


5 Necessary Elements for an Evangelism EthosJ.D. Greear

We had the pleasure of hosting J.D. yesterday at LifeWay for chapel. Here is a recent article from him on creating an ethos of evangelism in your church.


Why I Hate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (and Why I Love It Too)Russ Moore

This Sunday hundreds of churches across the nation will celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Tomorrow on the blog, I’ll be giving away a pair of resources in honor of the day. In this essay Dr. Moore shares why he hates—and loves—this celebration.


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