Notable Voices – January 24, 2013

Can I Be an Effective Pastor if I Don’t Like Management?Sam Rainer

Whether you pastor a large church or a small church, at some point you will need to use basic management skills. It may be just supervising one assistant or it may be supervising the entire church staff and budget. Pastors need management skills regardless of the situation, however many either lack the skills or are not confident with their current level of experience. Sam provides three quick tips that can help.


If Days Could SpeakTrevin Wax

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Trevin penned this eloquent and stirring post on the darkness the day represents and the hope of a day to come when this injustice will cease.


10 Major Trends for 2013Brad Lomenick

As we set out into 2013, Brad provides 10 trends to look for this year. Will these trends become positives or negatives? The question remains.


The Obnoxious Job Candidate Who Looked So Good on PaperLiz Ryan

Liz shares a parable of sorts on the danger of the “perfect candidate.” For those of you looking to hire employees, there are multiple applications throughout the story.


How I Do Weddings NowBart Barber

Bart has an interesting marriage contract idea. You might need to read the full post and the explanation to fully appreciate and understand Bart’s intent, but this wedding ceremony contract will certainly make couples think.


10 Tips for Christian Leaders Who Don’t Want To Become Self Promoting Jerks OnlineMark Sayers

Social media has several positives and even more negatives at times. These are good reminders of what our focus should—and should not—be when engaging others online.


  1. Debbie says

    Just beginning the process of becoming a blogger…this article was soooo good. I really don’t want to get caught up in the “whose following me” “what’s my numbers” BUT I’m me and I know just how much pride I have and approval I crave — soo this was so good. As well, if I am blogging on just how glorious, transcendant and sovereign my God is it seems to follow that I should be living that out and not seeking to make sure I get heard…what He does with this blog thing is up to Him, if I really believe it is of Him and for Him. I don’t have to make it happen.

    Thanks again!!

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