Notable Voices – January 31, 2013

10 Mistakes Teaching Pastors Need to AvoidTony Morgan

Like any pastor or public speaker, I’ve made mistakes when speaking. This list of mistakes to avoid is a good refresher for those of you who may preach or speak multiple times a week. Without an occasional reminder, it is easy to slip into these common mistakes on Tony’s list.


How to Always Be Ready to Care for Your CongregationEric McKiddie

I’ve noticed a recent trend of pastors devoting more time to their preaching ministry. While this is not a bad thing in itself, it can occasionally lead to a pastor neglecting other pastoral duties. Eric provides some helpful tips to pastors who are looking to find a better balance between sermon preparation and pastoral care.


5 Reasons Some Leaders Finish PoorlyEd Stetzer

Ed reflects on a recent meeting and offers five specific warning signs of leaders not finishing well.


3 Reasons Why Some Churches Don’t GrowAaron Armstrong

Over my career as a pastor, a consultant, and now as a CEO, I’ve talked with thousands of pastors. Hundreds have told me of how the churches they pastor are growing. A much greater number have expressed confusion or frustration as to why the church they pastor is not growing. I think Aaron’s three reasons do a good job summarizing the basic reasons why those churches aren’t growing.


Five of Steve Jobs’s Biggest MistakesPeter Sims

I’ve long been a fan of Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur and have written several posts on leadership lessons I’ve gleaned from him over the years. While there is much to learn from his successes, we must also learn from his failures. Peter lists five such failures and the lessons taught by each.


Statistics on Social Media in 2013Michael Kelley

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