Pastoral Advice from Fred Luter

As I’ve written before, it has been my joy to call Fred Luter my friend for many years. Many years ago, when I was serving as dean and on the faculty of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the campus newspaper did a profile on me. I remember the question, “Who is your favorite living preacher?” I answered without hesitation, “Fred Luter.” My opinion has not changed in the fifteen years since then.

Fred and I seem to cross paths quite frequently. We seem to have a lot in common:

  • We have spoken on the same platform dozens of times. One of my greatest fears is following Fred Luter speaking.
  • We are about the same age.
  • We began serving as pastor close to the same time.
  • We both married our high school sweethearts.
  • Fred served on the board of LifeWay Christian Resources when I was voted as president.

But the commonalities end there. In reality, I could never come close to comparing favorably to a man like Fred Luter. I have rarely known a greater preacher. I have rarely known a greater pastor. I have rarely known a greater family man. I have rarely known a greater man of God.

Simply stated, Fred Luter is one my favorite people. Period. That’s why I am pleased to share these short videos LifeWay recently shot with Fred for the Pastors Today newsletter. Enjoy.


  1. says

    I had the joy and privilege to serve briefly with Fred as a trustee on the old Baptist Sunday School Board. I knew then he was destined for great things for the SBC! What a great man of God. Great stuff thanks for sharing these thoughts!

    • Thom Rainer says

      Thanks Mark. I agree. Fred is an incredible and godly leader. I am so thankful for him and his wife, Elizabeth.

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