Pray for Wadesboro Baptist Church

Location: Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Pastor: Les Fogleman

Worship Times: 11:00 AM Central Time

Fast Facts: Wadesboro Baptist Church is located on a back road in the charming city of Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  Lack of visibility is a real challenge for this small congregation. Pray that God will help his church grow from a worship attendance of twenty-six and a Bible study attendance of only eight.  Pastor Fogleman asks for prayer that God would raise up Bible study leaders to start a discipleship class for young couples and one for children.


“Pray for . . .” is the Sunday blog series at We encourage you to pray for these churches noted every Sunday. Please feel free to comment that you are praying as well. If you would like your church to be featured in “Pray for . . .” contact Steve Drake, director of pastoral relations, at


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