Friday Is for Freebies: Gospel Revolution by J.D. Greear

My giveaway this Friday is a pair of resources from J.D. Greear.

First is the Gospel Revolution small group kit for adults. The kit is an 8-session discipleship experience that leads group members to understand how to let the gospel work in their hearts the way religion never has or could. On a journey to greater understanding of the gospel, Pastor J.D. Greear ran through all the religious activities typically associated with a disciple’s life: giving, adopting, missionality, preaching, and witnessing. Though disciplined and intentional in all aspects, only when J.D. “discovered” the gospel of Jesus Christ did everything change. That’s why the objective of Gospel Revolution is to help group members abide in Jesus. They will find that when they do, passion, self-control, kindness, patience, and generosity are the natural results. Marriages will change. Participants will become more self-disciplined. They will be less selfish. Not by concentrating on these things, but as a result of being captivated by the love of Christ.

Also included is the brand new Gospel Revolution small group kit for students. This kit is designed for students of all ages, parents, and student leaders or pastors. When the Gospel intersects with a person’s heart, a life will be changed, relationships will be strengthened, and transformation will happen. That’s the power of the Gospel, and knowing it and experiencing it are integral in the life of a disciple. Through eight in-depth sessions, Gospel Revolution guides students to a deeper understanding of the Gospel, its power, and its implications. The result: A disciple’s life defined by selflessness, discipline, generosity, service, and love. In other words, a true revolution.

To be eligible to win, tell us which of the four Gospels is your favorite to read.

The deadline to enter is midnight CST this Saturday. We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. Dr. Thomas Marshall says

    I love to read the Gospel of Matthew. As Matthew seeks to show us the Messiah King, he gives us a glimpse into the realm of Christ’s Kingdom. As Kingdom citizen’s we have a great heritage and a great responsibility.


  2. Phil McCheddar says

    Sorry but I don’t have a favorite. They are all equally valuable to me. Together they comprise a single story from different perspectives, each complementing the others and none being complete on its own.

    • Carl Dunn says

      It changes depending on my studies but I lean toward the deptth of John, especially his presentation of Christ’s birth – “In the beginning…..”

  3. Andrew Gordon says

    I would probably say the one I am currently in. My reading plan has me in Matthew right now. I am thankful God preserved 4. They are each complete narratives revealing great themes about Christ to show us the gospel more clearly. And together they help us love our Lord even more and build for his kingdom.

  4. Kerri Miller says

    I’m gonna be honest I can not pick just one because I am still just at the beginning of my journey with Jesus. Everytime I read my bible I am given something new that feeds my soul and strengthen my relationship with Jesus. Its never the same for me since I began my walk and began a new life.

  5. says

    My favourite would have to be Mark. We are missionaries in Edinburgh Scotland, and are urban church planters. We are on our 3rd church plant and we used the Book of Mark as a daily blog discussion during Lent leading up to Easter last year. The power of that process is what makes me have to choose the Book of Mark.

  6. Doug Irvin says

    That is a tough one. My favorite synoptic Gospel is Luke, put when you put John in the choices, and I could only have one, it would be JOHN.

  7. says

    I love reading John and the deity of Christ. When I start getting full of myself, I read John’s gospel and I am quickly put back where I belong. Serving and loving Him the Creator.

  8. Jessie Mathieu says

    The Gospel of John…it’s where I first started when I began my journey of figuring out who this “Jesus guy” was.

  9. Robert Ivey says

    My “Top 4 Favorite Gospels” in order:
    1. Matthew
    2. Mark
    3. Luke
    4. John
    (Just like God planned it :)))

  10. Josh Gussler says

    Luke’s Gospel speaks to me because of his attention to detail. He provokes hard thought and study. If I was asked by a new believer what gospel to read I would lead them to John.

  11. says

    It is too hard to pick just one. I actually like to take Robert L. Thomas & Stanley N Gundry’s Harmony of the Gospels and go through Jesus’ life chronologically.

  12. Josh Gussler says

    My personal favorite is Luke. He has such attention to detail and provokes hard thought and study. If a new believer were to ask what gospel to read I would suggest John.

  13. James Welch says

    Mark. We just finished a study in Mark a few months ago. This dynamic, action packed Gospel is truly amazing from the first words, “This is beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!” Now, that is a statement that demands to be backed up; and Mark does just that!

  14. Shawn Dobbins says

    Since I just preached through it I will say Mark. It has a great rush to get to th email thing: the cross I Jesus.

  15. says

    I enjoy the Gospel of Mark. Jesus is constantly on the move. We can see His compassion, wisdom, and focus on His purpose. I have had the pleasure of preaching through the book of Mark in four different churches. It is a wonderful book.

  16. Charles Broadway says

    I would have to say my favorite Gospel is that of the Gospel of John. The Beloved Disciple presents such a strong presentation from the very beginning of his account with “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 KJV)

    I love how John was so spiritually in tune with the Lord and how his account was written with both the Jew and Greek in mind.

    The way the Holy Spirit used John is so stunningly beautiful. While “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable …” (2 Timothy 3:16 KJV) especially so is the Gospel of John.

  17. Matt Brogli says

    I enjoy reading Luke. There is a lot of data, personal stories, and the most words of Jesus recorded of any of the Gospels.

  18. Sara says

    I would say John. I love how the first chapter shows God’s redemptive plan through Jesus since the creation of the world.

  19. Jason says

    Mark, because the ending is a cliff hanger. It drives us to ask why am I not sharing that Jesus is alive if I have seen and believe.

  20. Heath Haney says

    Matthew definitely! But reading through Mark right now. It is so straightforward and factual. But I will stick with Matthew.

  21. Lindsey Morris says

    No matter what I’m going through, I can open the book of John and sit down at the feet of Jesus. To know Him deeply, to understand the relationship that He desires with us (one with Him), and to hear Him pray for us (chpt. 17) is too incredible for words. Happy or sad, this is my go-to Gospel.

  22. David Sassaman says

    I love the Gospel of John because it was in reading it that I came to faith in Christ and have continued to grow.

  23. Jim Walterhouse says

    John without a doubt. The “apostle of love” is the first I read after becoming a believer and gripped my heart like no other Scripture has.

  24. Christopher M. Webb says

    If I had to pick one it would be Luke’s Gospel. John then Matthew and finally Mark would be next on the list.

  25. Danny Edwards says

    My favorite is John. I’ve had many friends who are non-Christian and never picked up a Bible. When they ask me to help them get started with reading the Bible, I always have them begin with John. I explain that this is the book of love and they’ll know no greater love here on Earth than the love they’ll experience in this gospel.

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