Notable Voices – February 14, 2013

How Do Groups Fit into the Overall Strategy of Your Church? — Eric Geiger

It’s hard to find a church without a small-group or Sunday school ministry. But too many churches lack a plan for how those groups fit into the overall strategy of the church. Eric explains how to improve this.


Resisting the Urge to Do Cutting Edge Youth Ministry — Cameron Cole

Youth ministry sometimes gets labeled as a mile wide and an inch deep; all flash, no substance. But there is a noticeable movement among youth pastors to change that perception. There is a new, theologically deep paradigm emerging in the world of student ministry. Cameron details why this is needed.


Are Millennials More Self-Sacrificing and Community-Minded Than Previous Generations? — Glenn Stanton

All research gets misquoted and misinterpreted, but the research involving Millennials seems to lead the way compared to other generational research. This post examines and corrects a few of those errors.


What To Give Up for Lent? Twitter Reveals Top 100 Choices — Christianity Today

The Lenten season started yesterday, and this is an interesting list of the top 100 things people are tweeting that they sacrificing for Lent. Ironically, the number one thing is Twitter itself.


A Brief History Of YouTube — Social News Daily


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