Notable Voices – February 7, 2013

Hurdles to Established Church InnovationSam Rainer

Whether in business or ministry, innovation is critical to growth. But innovation also needs stability. Sam lists four hurdles churches or businesses must clear to be innovative while remaining stable.


An Open Letter to a Fired Waitress: I’m Sorry We Are So StingyMarty Duren

The internet was abuzz last week over the Applebee’s server who was stiffed on a tip by a pastor. Marty gives his take on the situation. I pray that we as Christians would be known for generous spirits rather than for stinginess.


Four E’s of Building a TeamEric Geiger

Eric is currently in a series on teambuilding on his blog. This posts examines longtime General Electric CEO Jack Welch’s Four E’s framework.


Superbowl Ads and What They Say About UsJonathan Howe

In the wake of the Super Bowl, the conversation inevitably turns to the commercials and halftime show rather than the game. Jonathan provides a short look at the evolution of Super Bowl commercials and how it reflects where we could be headed as a culture.


How Poor Leaders Become Good LeadersJack Zenger and Joseph Folkman

If you a re a poor leader, the most important step to becoming a good leader is recognizing your aren’t one. After that happens, these nine tips will help.


En Route to Timothy: Raising Up New LeadersEric Davis

If you are a leader and are not raising up other leaders, you are failing. Leadership should be passed on, not bottled up. Eric offers a biblical model for passing on leadership skills and tools to the next generation of leaders.

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