Friday Is for Freebies: The Gospel According to Jonah and the HCSB Study Bible

This week’s giveaway  includes The Gospel According to Jonah: A New Kind of Obedience Leader Kit by J.D. Greear. This small-group study invites group participants into a world fraught with missteps, disobedience, idolatry, and mistaken “identity.” It’s a world most of us would recognize in our own lives. But in the world of Jonah, we also get more than a foreshadowing of Jesus and a God that pursues us relentlessly. Through this study, individual participants can recognize the “Jonah” in themselves and channel this revelation into a greater passion for asking others into the same assurance. Leader Kit includes a small-group Member Book and DVD featuring a promotional video and six 12- to 18-minute teaching videos. Kit also includes leader helps, preaching aids for pastors, and churchwide campaign implementation plans.

Also included is the black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Study Bible. This Bible has a retail price of $79.99 and features 15,000 study notes, 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies, 66 highly detailed book introductions, 62 maps, 27 topical articles, 20 charts, and 18 illustrations, all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

Since this Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, to be eligible to win answer the following question:

What is your family’s country of origin?

The deadline to enter is midnight this Saturday.  We will draw the winner from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. Shawn Maynard says

    Recently, my children and I researched our heritage through and was really surprised. On both sides of the family we are descendents of kings and knights from Norway, France, and England. It was very interesting. The majority of my ancestry was from England.

  2. Jonathan Smith says

    My family has been in the US for many generations, but if I go back far enough I have ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, England, and some Cherokee. My wife’s ancestry is much more interesting; her ancestors are Dutch and German, but some of her German ancestors were Volga Germans who lived in Russia for a few generations before coming to the US (through Ellis Island) about 100 years ago.

  3. Jessica Lindblad says

    Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, England, France, Wales, Prussia…My family has ancestors all over the place.

  4. Robbie Perkins says

    America is the only part know of. There are traces of native american, from my mother’s side. As far as my dad’s side I would guess either England or German. Good question, I have never really thought about it.

  5. says

    Although both my mother and father’s families have been in the States for many generations, we have some Dutch and German ancestors. But, to give you a “Stuff Christians Like” answer – we come from the Middle East in a place called Eden.

  6. says

    My family has been in the US for several generations. On my father’s side there is German and Norwegian and on my mother’s side there is German and Swedish.

  7. Cheryl Hansen says

    Mother: German
    Father: French, Danish and American Indian. In doing my dad’s family tree, we discovered we are descendents of Louis Joliet, half of Marquette and Joliet, who discovered the Mississippi River.

  8. Bradley Geno says

    Although our last name sounds Italian, we’ve come to find out our ancestors were from France. But I think there was a mistake made, I still tell people we’re Italian.

  9. Phebee Marr says

    A little of this a little of that…my Grandfather’s mom was from Germany. My grandmother has cherokee in her roots. :) Just thankful my heritage is found in Christ most of all.

  10. Melissa Pecunia says

    We are a good Louisiana mixture! On my father’s side I am French Acadian and German and on my mother’s side I am Scotch Irish.
    My husband’s family is Italian on his mother’s side and Spanish on his father’s side.

  11. Charles Broadway says

    Although I am unsure of all the branches of the family tree, I do have ancestors from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

    Since Saint Patrick’s Day falls on this Sunday, I will be wearing orange since Southern Baptists are Protestants and Irish Protestants are associated with orange while Irish Catholics are associated with green. Or so I understand.

    It would be interesting to uncover what denominations parts of the family tree were associated with. The important lesson was that illustrated in the three leaf clover: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  12. Ryan says

    Well not sure, but it seems that we all came from Eden and then through Noah. So I’ll say the Middle East and/or Africa.

  13. Brian B. says

    The only thing I know for sure is German, but i’m sure there’s other stuff mixed in there as well.

  14. Mike says

    My family is traced in a book called “An Irish Stowaway” which goes all the way to my generation and has me and my siblings included. I guess we were illegal immigrants. My ancester dove overboard when he was discovered by the ship captain and ordered to be thrown in the brig. Thank the Lord he could swim ashore in South Carolina.

  15. Mike Ferrini says

    One of my grandparents was from Italy, and the other three are from England (actually one lines goes back to the Mayflower)

  16. Vanta Greenwood says

    English and Cherokee Indian, still tracing the family tree, however have gotten as far as the early 1600’s.

  17. says

    My family (Parkers) are from Wales originally. The Lords had “parks” that they had for hunting that were maintained by a group of workers led by the “parker”. Apparently the name stuck!

    Thanks for the giveaway Thom!

  18. says

    My father’s ancestors came from Germany. Two brothers, Frederick and Johann Krafft left their home in Gross Riedersheim, Germany and sailed from Rotterdam, Holland, arriving in Philadelphia, Pa. on September 5, 1738.

  19. says

    My wife’s family is from both Scotland and Ireland – surely that means I should win the giveaway on the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day! My family is most probably from Germany with possibly some Welsh mixed in – another part of modern Great Britain!

  20. Rebeca Cox says

    Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic and Germany on my mother’s side.
    Cherokee Native American and English on my father’s side.

  21. Ron Smith says

    I am Scottish and Norwegian on my father’s side and German on my mother’s side. My wife is English and German on her side of the family.

  22. Joe Willis says

    My pops is Irish and Cherokee and my momma is full blown Irish. (Hence my pale skin and flaming hair…)

  23. Dustin says

    A mix of English & Irish on mother’s side. Never met my Biological father. So I’ll go with my adopted dad’s side…Scottish, I think?

  24. Roger Smith says

    My parents and their parents were born in America, and like any good Southerner I have to claim I have Creek, Cherokee, or some Native American blood on oneside or the other. Before that they came from Ireland and England/France/Germany(not sure on my father’s side).

  25. Jim Vieceli says

    I am adopted and my adopted family is from Ireland and Italy. I understand that my birth family is English, Irish, and German.

  26. says

    Wow! Another great pair of resources. I am half Irish and Mexican. I was actually blessed with a Sabbatical during the summer of 2007 and was able to study the historical Celtic movement of Christianity in Ireland. I also visited the supposed well that St. Patrick drove all the snakes of the island.

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