Notable Voices – March 14, 2013

Chris Tomlin, King of the Sing-Along — CNN

This is a fascinating look into the incredible career Chris Tomlin has had leading worship. One statistic I found staggering was that in 2012 Tomlin’s songs were played more than 3 million times in churches.


Seven Things to Pray for Your Children — Jon Bloom

All parents should want the best—both spiritually and physically—for their children. And praying for them is a good place to start. Here are seven helpful, specific things to pray for your children.


What Is God’s Will for My Life? — David Platt

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of anyone in ministry. David explains that God’s will is not box to check or a criterion to follow; nor is it a road map just waiting to be unearthed somewhere. Instead, it’s a relationship that God wants us to experience with Him every day.


6 Tips for Your First Year In a New Ministry Position — Joe Buchanan

In about six weeks, a new crop of students will graduate from Bible colleges and seminaries all over the country. Many will embark on their first full-time pastorate or ministry job. Joe provides six quick tips that will help greatly during that first year.


How Kids Learn to Follow Jesus — Seth McBee

Seth describes how mission and discipleship can be integrated into parenting through the head, the hands, and the heart.

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