Notable Voices – March 7, 2013

Social Media Users: Women Rule — Art Rainer

Art shares the results of a recent Pew Research report demonstrating the proliferation of social media among internet users. Not surprisingly, the results reveal that women are more likely to use social media than men.


How to Welcome a New Pastor: 10 Suggestions — Ron Edmondson

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on the five love languages of pastors. Ron continues that theme with ten ways to welcome a new pastor.


Your Brain Is Hooked on Being Right — Judith E. Glaser

No one likes to be wrong all the time. We want to be right. So much so that we have become addicted to being right. This article provides a few exercises for you to do at work work on correcting the addiction to being right


12 Questions Every New Leader Should Ask — Bill Blankschaen

Last Saturday I wrote on seven questions a prospective pastor should ask. Here are 12 more questions for leaders to ask when they arrive at a new job.


A DoM Is Not “a Pastor to Pastors” — Brent Hobbs

Brent has started a new blog series on the role of the Director of Missions. Even for non-SBC readers, this is an interesting perspective on the function of denominational leaders.


Top 200 Ministry Blogs — Kent Shaffer

Kent Shaffer and the team at Church Relevance has released their latest ranking of the Top 200 Ministry Blogs. I’m grateful to them (and to you, the readers of this blog) for being included.

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