Friday Is for Freebies: HCSB Study Bible and a $100 LifeWay Gift Card

9781586405052_cvr_web.jpgMy giveaway this Friday is the black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Study Bible, a comprehensive, easy to read, and easy to use Bible, with features and formats specifically designed to enhance your Bible study experience. You can also go to and dive right in for a complete digital experience.

This Bible has a retail price of $79.99 and features 15,000 study notes, 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies, 66 highly detailed book introductions, 62 maps, 27 topical articles, 20 charts, and 18 illustrations, all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

As an added bonus, I am including a $100.00 gift card to LifeWay Christian Stores

To enter the promotion, tell us what your vocation is and what you would be doing if you were not in your present role? Feel free to elaborate.

The deadline to enter is midnight CDT this Saturday. We will select one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

By entering, you acknowledge and accept the terms of the promotion.


  1. Becca says

    Right now I teach a 1 year old preschool class, but my dream job/career goal is to write Sunday school and VBS curriculum!

  2. says

    My wife and I will be taking a cruise to the Bahamas and Grand Turk in may to celebrate my graduation (Th.M). We currently serve at a rural church where I am the senior pastor and the Lord is doing amazing things there. He has made us a “Comeback Church!” I could not imagine what I would be doing if I were not in my present role for I feel like I have been created for this!!!!

  3. Jason Wise says

    Pastor of a small single staff church – um… I worked as a Security Guard for a while. Basically I’d be lost!

  4. Christie Klink says

    I am a housewife and homeschool mother. My original plans before meeting my husband included a few years of college, a master’s degree and possibly teaching in a college. My favorite subject was Greek 1. But my plans were not GOD”s plans. God planned for me to attend Bible college for one year so I could meet my husband. We have two children ages 5 and 7 who occupy most of my time and energy. I AM teaching, but my pupils are a little younger than I expected. Have a blessed day!

  5. Charles Rambeau, Jr. says

    I am bi-vocational pastor of Concord Baptist Church in Stedman, North Carolina. My other vocation is working for the state of North Carolina at the NC Justice Academy where I grade tests, conduct surveys and any other jobs as assigned.

  6. says

    I am currently an Associate Minister. I went into ministry 3 years ago at the age of 32. If I wasn’t doing this I would probably still be at the career I left working as a Tech in a Community College Library. I actually liked the job quite a bit, but I knew God was calling me to serve him through helping equip his people in the local church. So my family and I moved away from all our family and friends and the place we grew up for western Ohio. It’s cold here and there is a lot more corn, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

  7. Jane says

    Work with my husband in a family business but if I could I would lead more Bible studies and offer my help to my church during the work week.

  8. says

    I am currently Senior Pastor at Grace Fellowship in Greensboro, Georgia. If I were not pastor here and the Lord opened the way, I would like to train pastors perhaps in 3rd world areas who do not have resources or other means of training.

  9. says

    I am currently serving as Elder/Lead Pastor of Brooks Bethel Baptist Church in Alexander, AR. If I wasn’t serving in my current position I would be involved in planting churches to reach the unchurched with the Gospel for His Glory.

  10. says

    My current vocation is Minister of Education & Administration. If I was not doing this right now I would be engaged in church planting in New York City or pursuing my PHD.

  11. Thomas Santerre says

    If I was not in ministry I would probably be fighting my way up the ladder in the competitive and challenging field of design and marketing. Thanks be to God that He has called me to serve Him and His people, even if it may be more challenging than the corporate world. I’m actually doing something of eternal significance.

  12. says

    I am currently a youth pastor, and love the ministry I am involved in! However, if I were to not have this job I would most definitely be trying to work as a summer staffer for Centri-Kid camps. I was blessed to be able to do that one summer in 2006 and it was life changing!

  13. says

    I am the Communications Coordinator at our church.
    If I hadn’t left the job I was in 15 years ago, I would be managing inventory control for a convenience store chain.
    If I were living my dream, I would be writing some and speaking to women’s groups, sharing the Bible’s perspective.

  14. Todd Benkert says

    I am a pastor. Had The Lord not called me into the ministry I’d likely be a high school music teacher.

  15. says

    I am a Georgia Baptist state missionary serving in the Research office, so we have some kinship in ministry. 12 years ago I resigned from my job as a Knowledge Engineer in the computer field where I thought I would retire, but I chose to follow what God had taken 22 years to prepare me for. As technically and logically oriented as I am, my passions lie in the arts and I would love to have been bringing glory to God through music or photography.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I appreciate your heart and ministry, Thom.

  16. John Pace says

    I am currently an internal auditor for one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S. If I were not in this career I would love to work full time in special needs ministry as I have seen the effect it has had on our family and others with children who have special needs.

  17. says

    i serve as a pastor to students and families…and wouldn’t want to do anything more than this…perhaps help engage others to invest in the lives of students and children – together to bring the Kingdom. love what i do.

  18. says

    I’m currently a bivocational pastor. I work full-time for Lockheed Martin in missile defense and basically full-time at Marshall Creek Baptist Church in Odin, IL. If I were not a bivocational pastor, I’m not sure what I would do because I would be out of God’s will for my life. I would probably be trying to climb the corporate ladder while still feeling empty inside.

  19. says

    I currently work in inside sales. My life calling is to serve in the context of local church equipping the church to live on mission in their daily lives regardless of locale. I’m called to proclaim the word and that’s what I continue working towards doing with my life. Hopefully by August opportunity to pursue that calling will be realized.

  20. says

    I am currently a software developer. If I were in any other field across the spectrum of what’s available, I’d probably try and work in finance to build a career and eventually try and chip away at the financial illiteracy in this country. I believe we could do much more in what we give to God if we knew how to steward the resources he’s given us all. I’ve struggled on and off with the desire to serve in a ministry role, but I am coming to grips with God wanting me in a volunteer role in the church, and I am content with that.

  21. says

    I serve as a co-pastor/elder at a local church. I would do the same as I do now, but be a Chaplin for the University of Tennessee sports Chaplin! Go Vols!

  22. Dan Pollard says

    I am the Executive Pastor of a church in Virginia Beach. If I wasn’t in that role I would counsel veterans suffering from PTSD.

  23. says

    I am a homeschooling mom of a child with special needs. If I weren’t doing that I would want to be in the mission field but I am certainly glad God blessed me with the position I am now!


  24. says

    I am serving as a missionary with Global Partners – Africa Area Director. If I were not doing this I would be working in a Bible College – either teaching or in academic administration.

  25. Christian Orton says

    Analyst for oil/gas company….in a perfect world, I’d be a social worker. But I found I cannot support a family of 6 doing that :< Same with crime scene work, I was offered a job as a crime scene tech/lab tech, but with 4 kids and the shift being overnight, I couldn't do it.

  26. Dean Wallace says

    I pastor a Southern Baptist church been there 16 yrs, and also am Director of an Inner City Ministry focusing on children and youth and feeding families. I currently use the HCSB and the one I am using in the pulpit is about worn out. I would use it on a regular basis and in the pulpit.. Thank you!

  27. beau bredow says

    I am minister of education and children. If I did not serve in the church I would be an electrician. I was before my calling and loved it. Could see what I accomplished each day and could leave work at work.

  28. Tia B. Harmon says

    I am retired from a local government agency, and am now multi-vocational (actually, I think I was before….just now have more time to devote to the things I love). I teach middle school age both in summer church camp as well as in Sunday morning Bible fellowship, I keep my four grandchildren (ages 7, 6, 5 and 4 currently) in addition to taking care of my wonderful husband and a 15 year old. Getting ready to take on additional work at church in an organizational/planning capacity. Keeping enormously busy working at home, cooking, getting ready to put in a large garden hopefully to benefit others as well as our family, planning lessons, Top that with singing and playing keyboards with church worship team, as well as singing with a community choir! The study Bible and the gift card would be so enormously helpful in planning/preparing lessons and in purchasing items for the young people at camp this year!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. gretchen says

    I’m a campus minister at a state university…but my dream job (and if I didn’t have a super-amazing family) would be back-up singer for a folk-rock band, touring the world :)

  30. Richard Miller says

    I am currently serving as the Assoc Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Garden City GA. If not here I suspect I would still be managing a Customer Service Dept in Nashville.

  31. Jeff says

    I am a rural mail carrier and a servant of the Lord. I was recently youth minister at our church where I served at that position for about four years. I answered the call, strange as it may seem, to step down and wait patiently on the Lord to do that to which I do not know as of yet. I feel sorta like Abraham when God called him to go but He just said to a land which I will show you. I’m just waiting on God to lead me. i pray to go into ministry full time if it is His will or He will call me to pastor a church or to missions. Whatever He calls, I will follow. As for anything else, I love adventure, the outdoors and challenges.

  32. Christopher M. Webb says

    I am full time pastor of a rural church in Red Springs, NC. Been there going on two years. Trying to finishing up my doctorate of ministry degree. I would love to teach on a level to utilize my theological training also, part time as adjunct, or at a Bible college.

  33. Brenda Lester says

    I currently work as a financial coordinator at a dental office. My dream job would be to work at St Jude’s Hospital. But I did not continue my education to be able to be a nurse.

  34. Justin Helton says

    I’m an assistant manager at a local retailer, but my heart is in teaching. I would love to share wisdom with little ones, probably third grade. Ultimately I’d love to teach at a Christian school.

  35. Bill Collum says

    Currently bi-vocational, pastor of a small SBC church in Gulfport, MS and GS-9 instructor for the US Air Force at Keesler AFB, MS.

  36. Pam Westbrook says

    I began teaching Kindergarten before marriage, but have been blessed to be able to stay at home since and raise my beautiful four children, one diagnosed with autism 11 years ago. By having the privilege to raise a special needs child, we have sadly seen the NEED of special needs ministries in churches. And even if a church has a special needs ministry, how one person on staff can push a child away and hurt the family. God has shown His purpose for me and that is to reach out to special needs families that don’t have a church home, or have been hurt by the church and walked away, and let them know He loves them AND their children. We are all equal in his eyes! :) Not sure how I will be doing this, but God does and I am trusting Him to open the doors and reveal it.

  37. says

    My vacation this summer is taking our family with our newly adopted son to Disney in FL. I sell hardwood flooring but my desire is for full time ministry in some fashion.

  38. Brad Boynton says

    I am a pastor of a local church. I love it. There is nothing like living out Gods call on your life. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

  39. says

    Currently I am a Graduate Assistant Baseball Coach at Delta State. Along with that I am the Co-Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on the Delta State Campus, God has also called my wife Katie (a veterinarian) to help with FCA as well. Part of what God has called me to do is lead Bible Studies for our Baseball and Softball teams, as well as our coaches and staff in the athletic department. If I could be doing something else, I do not know what it would be, I enjoy coaching baseball and leading FCA as well as student – athlete Bible studies. I may want to be somewhere else, but not doing anything else. I do believe God has me doing what He wants me to do, and He will always put me where, and with Baseball and FCA that could be anywhere. Athletics are more than wins and loses and God has shown me this, and it’s awesome to see student athletes lay down their sport as an idol and put God on top!

  40. says

    I’m in Learning and Development with a major oil company. I preach and teach at my home congregation as the opportunity arises, as well as various other activities. My wife and I are orphan advocates, and I love encouraging people I come into contact with everyday. In a different vocation – we’d like to educate, equip, and inspire people and parents who are involved with adoption.

  41. says

    I am currently a business analyst / statistician in the healthcare industry. Ultimately, I would like to find a more direct connection to God’s work and what I do for a living with my data analytics/programming (SAS) skills, but Ed Stetzer hasn’t hired me yet…

  42. Philip Bohlken says

    I retired ten months ago after 40 years as a Lutheran pastor in the LCMS. I love being retired. It is as if I am a ten year old boy again. I have few responsibilities. Each day I get up and pretty much do what I please. Had I not become a pastor, I would have liked to have been an electrical engineer.

  43. Michael Osweiler says

    I have been with the same worldwide transportation company for 20 years and have worked in sales, operations, and currently at the corporate level. I believe that if I had not gotten this job I would have been stuck in the retail world which would have meant a totally different lifestyle and life experience. I believe that God led me to this job and all of the life experiences my wife and I have gone through is preparing us for the plan that God has for us.

  44. David says

    I am a minister of a small church. I would probably still be in retail management. Between the two, I am quite happy in my present role

  45. Kyle Gordon says

    I am a creative artist for a church. Before this I was a valet at a hotel, so if I was not doing what I currently am, I would be parking cars right now and praying everyday that God would open a door for me to be in full time ministry. I am also currently back in school to get a degree in pastoral ministries and pray one day both of my passions could collide as a creative teaching pastor.

  46. L Smit says

    My husband and I are missionaries in Suriname, South America, since 1982. He is the mission field leader, as well as the pastor of the church plant. I work mainly with the women and children, and do miscellaneous (housekeeping-type) things in the church as well. If we weren’t missionaries here, I imagine I would be doing the same types of things wherever the Lord would place us! It is my happy privilege to be able to work teaching the Bible, and helping others to teach it. Thank you for this opportunity to maybe win a special Bible, plus a gift card. Whenever we are in the U.S., we always go to the LIfeway store!

  47. says

    By day, I am a Software Engineer; the rest of my waking hours, I am an ordained minister in search of where God would have me serve. I’m 7 months removed from Afghanistan where I served as an Army National Guard Chaplain. I resigned a pastorate before leaving and I’m unsure of what the next pastorate will look like: established church? Church plant? Missional community?

  48. says

    I’m a graphic designer for a restaurant supplies distributor. I love what I do and can’t think of anything I’d rather do, except maybe edit books. That sounds fun….

  49. Brian says

    I am currently a Campus Pastor of a multi-site church in Chicago. If I was not in this role, I would probably be a senior pastor.

  50. says

    I am a tax and payroll preparer in a small town just north of Nashville. I also have a website that hosts Christian podcasts and a blog. I would love to be able to focus in on this ministry full time and have more opportunity to focus on the needs of my local community as well. I feel as though God has lead me down this path so that everyday people can realize that they too can effect change in the community by putting forth the effort it takes to follow Christ wherever He leads.

  51. says

    For the last 5.5 years I have been an Assistant Pastor at Catawba Springs Christian Church in Raleigh, NC and know without a doubt that this is what God has called me to do.

    To answer your question about what I would be doing if I wasn’t in my current role. To be honest…before I entered into the ministry I had a very promising career unfolding before me to be a professional (MLB) baseball umpire. I was advancing through the ranks quickly and the day came for me to decide to commit my future to this or wait on God’s timing for ministry. I literally was one mouse click away from enrolling into professional umpire “camp” and putting my calling to ministry on hold. At that moment, the Holy Spirit convicted and comforted me with the fact that He has called me to FT pastoral ministry. I “x” out the internet window and called my agent and told him that God has called me to pastoral ministry and that I would have to decline the opportunity to advance in my umpire career. This is easy to type, but at the time it was a battle. It was something I really wanted.

    Shortly thereafter, God arranged for me and my wife to meet, got married and my church called us to be the Youth Pastor. Looking back nothing has been more fulfilling than knowing that I’m doing what God has called me to do! And…I can still follow MLB…but as fan! :)

  52. says

    I am making my second run at being a preacher. Been in the ministry over 60 years, I was ‘retired’ for 16 years, then re-entered the pastorate at 82 to help a great little church through some troublous times. If I were not doing this, I would probably be writing on my second book about what I have learned in 60+ years in the ministry. I’m having a great time and God has been blessing the work here with new people joining ans =d serving His cause. My first book, out just over two years, is A JOY TO SHOUT ABOUT, published through Crossbooks.

  53. Stephanie Bartlett says

    I’m in grad school and working as a camp secretary. Once I finish, I’m getting married! So I guess if I wasn’t away at school I would’ve been married sooner.

  54. says

    I am presently a church-plant pastor in beautiful southern IL. The only change I can imagine is that I’d be planting another church with the same ministry model in another locale. Or maybe staying right where I am and working for free.

  55. Richard Harris says

    I pastor a small church, work in retail part time and help run a non profit. If I was not doing these jobs I would be writing for a newspaper.

  56. says

    I am the pastor of Bardwell Baptist Church in Bardwell, KY. I am in my 6 th year. We have been through 3 natural disasters in my tenure. We are currently in a construction project for a new front entrance.

    If I were not a pastor I would hope to be in some form of ministry with or on behalf of the local church.

  57. Walt Thompson says

    I am a bi-vocational youth director at Hopewell Baptist Church in Plant City Fl. I work full time at a Nitrogen based Fertilizer plant. If i weren’t at my current full time job I would be solely full time youth/children’s pastor after I’m done with school.

  58. says

    Operations & LifeGroups Minister. If not doing that, I think something in line with a HR position since I have experience there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. says

    I am currently serving in my third year as Pastor at First Baptist Church in Cameron, MO. Previously I was a Student Minister for 16 years. My wife, three kids, and I love serving together. If I were not pastoring, I would enjoy being on the mission field. What could be better than experiencing different cultures and sharing the gospel at the same time?

  60. Don Haflich says

    I work as an Admin Assistant for the Colorado Department of Agriculture. If I were not in my present situation I would love to be going to school. More specifically, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I love the heart of Danny Akin and would love to study at his institution.

  61. says

    I serve as pastor of New Life Baptist Church, Mayfield, KY. I’m bi-vocational, so I work at Walmart also. If I didn’t serve as a pastor I would like to be a teacher.

  62. Guy Mervyn says

    I’m currently a youth pastor (which is my dream job). If Gid would not have worked miraculously in my life, I would not be pursuing Him, and I would probably be working in a factory somewhere, driving a forklift or sweeping the floor.

  63. says

    I have been the full time youth and children’s pastor at Utica Baptist in Seneca, SC. If I were not in this position (full time ministry), I would be working somewhere to pay the bills and trying to share Jesus with my coworkers. I would not be able to be in the schools like I am now so student ministry would be more challenging. It would be a lot more challenging balancing time with my wife and 3 kids, serving others and work… grateful for where God has me!

  64. Randy Bond says

    I serve as pastor of a single staff church in Utah. If I could no longer do this and the Lord would allow, I would serve as an international missionary.

  65. Jacob Peterson says

    I am a part time associate pastor and a full time college student heading to seminary in the fall. I attend Southwest Baptist University. This may sound crazy, but if I wasn’t in the ministry, I would be going to POST school in order to be a Police Officer/ Deputy. It’s always been a desire of mine to protect and help citizens in that way. (Even when that desire gets cloudy when I get pulled over…haha). This is a great giveaway and a great opportunity for help when I buy my seminary text books this summer!

  66. says

    I currently work as the Web Manager at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis – it’s a great job and a great place to be. My family and I spend as much time as we can serving and living the Gospel both locally and abroad in places like Bulgaria, Nicaragua and Haiti – we look forward to the day when God allows us to do this full-time!

  67. says

    I am the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Kouts, Indiana. I cannot imagine doing anything other than proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

  68. Drew Cheshire says

    I work full time for Vanguard in servicing investors and part-time as Associate Pastor to Students at Candlewyck Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. If not at Vanguard, I would be working with LifeWay Christian Stores. Started working there while in college and did so full time for several years.

    This is a fun post topic. I’ve enjoyed reading about the lives of others serving in ministry positions and/or ministering in their workplaces. Thanks!

  69. says

    My vocation is currently a solo pastor in a small baptist church. If I was not in the role of the pastor, I am not quite sure what I would be doing since all of my licenses of my prior vocation (public school music teacher) have expired.

  70. Tim Powell says

    I curently serve as a pastor. We’ve been here for 12 years, our first full time pastorate out of seminary. Before seminary, I worked in a bank. I’m not sure what I would do if I was not pastoring.

  71. David walker says

    I am a healthcare executive and bivocational pastor. I would either pastor full time or teach high school and coach baseball.

  72. Martha Threadgill says

    I am the Director of Human Resources for a financial services company. I try to use my faith and education (MCM-SBTS ’91) to bring hope to employees without and to counsel them in a positive way. If I did not need to work, I would be a stay at home mom to our two boys – ages 13 and 10!

  73. Daniel Scheiderer says

    Right now, I do not have a job. I was recently (in January) medically retired from the Army for some wounds I got in Afghanistan (broken neck and back 1st deployment, shattered ankle and destroyed heel second deployment). I am currently in the application process for Boyce/Southern (BTS-Seminary Track) so that I can pastor a church. That is whee my heart is and I am very anxious to get started.

  74. JS Frady says

    I am a pastor in western NC. If not in my present role I would probably be trying to be involved in teaching pastors and church leaders overseas. My dream job growing up was to do radio play by play for the Atlanta Braves.

  75. John Klink says

    I am a pastor and currently He has me serving in a great church. Currently, I have no other desires, but I have considered Christian school teacher/admin in the past.

  76. Chad Lukasiewicz says

    I am currently a full time theological studies student and work at my university for the career services department. However, I know that I am called to the full-time ministry and to plant a church. So that’s what id love to be doing now!

  77. Sharity Wade says

    I’m a Children’s Ministry Director and homeschooling mom. Not sure what I would do otherwise, I love both!

  78. Robbie Perkins says

    I am the pastor at Park City Baptist Church. Before the Lord brought us here three years ago, I was a firefighter in the city of Glasgow. When we came to Park City I worked bi-vocational for almost a year at the fire dept and then went full time at the church. If the Lord hadn’t brought us here I would still be at the fire dept.

  79. Scottie Tarvin says

    I am currently working part- time as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and serving as full time Pastor. If I were not doing either of these jobs I would love to teach language arts in high school or college. I am glad God has called me to pastor at this time in my life.

  80. Laura Knight says

    I work two days a week at my church’s Mother’s Day Out program, but my primary vocation is being a wife and mama. I would be a librarian if I had to choose another vocation. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  81. Dennis Waldrop says

    I currently teach at Graves County Middle School. I teach English as part of a test-readiness program that is there. I deeply enjoy it and I do pray daily for the Kingdom impact there. I have two other things that I would enjoy as much: teaching Bible students at the collegiate level, and full-time pastoring. Neither of those options are open where I am right now, so I wait on God.

  82. says

    I am currently an environmental engineer. If I were not in my current role, I honestly think I may jump into full time ministry.

    If I were to get the study Bible, I would not keep it. I already have a leather bound version of this wonderful study Bible. But I know a parishioner at my church who could use it. He’s been wanting a study Bible for a while and only has an old King James Bible which, while nice, makes it difficult for him to understand in some instances.

  83. says

    I’m a pastor. If I was not a pastor, I would be a pastor of small groups. If not a pastor of small groups, I’d be an Airline Ticket Counter agent so I could have contact with 1000s of people.

  84. Jessica Lindblad says

    I’m a recent college graduate. I am not employed currently, but I do many volunteer jobs at my church. I run the powerpoints during service, edit our church’s website, teach Children’s Church, and assist with the youth. I’ve been trying to seek God’s will in my life, and I feel like He is leading me to work in children’s ministry. I absolutely love working with kids! If it is God’s will that I only do children’s ministry part-time, then I would probably pursue a career in teaching.

  85. Jennifer Thurman says

    I’m the mother of two boys, John, 3.5, and James, 1. They are the sons of thunder. I also help my husband with youth ministry, missions, and just church ministry at Buck Run Baptist Church in little ole Frankfort, Ky. I also work to raise awareness about human trafficking, poverty, and adoption.
    My dream job is to be a published fiction writer for teens and adults. Also, I want to win the Pulitzer!

  86. says

    I spend most of my blogging, tweeting, pinning, and posting in hopes of earning lots of money someday from my website. If I wasn’t doing this I would like to be in Africa holding babies in an orphanage. My husband has built a working model oil rig that can drill 1200 feet for water. It can be taken apart and moved very quickly. We would like to drill wells in Africa for villages that do not have safe drinking water.

  87. says

    Sr. Solutions Architect for a Healthcare IT Services company out of Dallas, TX. In less than 1 month, I won’t be in this role…. I will be transitioning into my dream “ministry” – full-time ministry as the Administrative Pastor of a large and growing church in MI!

  88. Lee collins says

    Currently I am a materials handler at the university of GA and on staff at a local church. If I were not doing this, I would be in full time Christian ministry. At least that is where my heart is.

  89. Justin Kirksey says

    I am a pastor. While I cannot imagine myself doing anything else I wanted to be a football coach before I surrendered to God’s call.

  90. Gabe says

    I’m an IT Manager. I’d rather be a full time writer or a pastor. But by grace I find myself employed and am thankful to be that way.

  91. says

    I am the pastor of Bush Memorial Baptist in Troy, Alabama (college town) and love it! If I were not a pastor, I would work for a LifeWay Store. No joke! I worked at the Raleigh store during seminary and loved it!

  92. lisa kim says

    I am a full time medical biller. If i weren’t working right now, i’d want to be a housewife! I’d also want to prepare homeschool materials and continue the growth of the christian home schooling community in queens, ny!

  93. James Moore says

    I am currently the director of IT for a hosptial. I think if I could pick another vocation I’d like to be a college campus minister. I know how much of a positive impact my campus minister(s) had on my life. What a great, wide open mission field to serve in!

  94. Cory Taylor says

    I am currently an Associate Pastor of Youth & Children at a Southern Baptist Church. If I hadn’t been called to ministry I would probably be a Middle School teacher.

  95. Robert Ivey says

    I serve with our local Baptist Association as the Associate DOM, and I am right where God wants me to be and I don’t want to be anyplace else. I my dreams, my perfect job would be to a Billionaire (that a job right) like Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones. Along with being a Billionaire I would also be the Sports Czar of America over both college and professional sports, and one of my first acts would be to appoint Thom Rainer as “Special Overseer of Alabama football (now that should get me something, if nothing more than a reply from Dr. Rainer).

  96. says

    I’m currently a documentation specialist for an IT company. I love my job, but if I could do anything else, it would be to write a book on the Steadfast Love of God. I’m a single mom who was married to a SBC pastor who is currently in prison for a long sentence after a heinous crime. I am beyond grateful for the grace supplied to me and my children through this community, our wonderful church and through the study of God’s Word and pray. He has been so good to us. I would not be standing, were it not for His grace and steadfast love!

  97. says

    I own a PPC Advertising business (search engine marketing)… and if I were not doing this I’d like to be an online marketing consultant for businesses. Oh, I’m also finishing up my MATS at SBTS.

  98. says

    Currently, I am an Associate Pastor/Youth Minister at First Baptist Chuch in Jonesville, LA. If I wasn’t here I would either be a painter or work at Walmart!

  99. karen conway says

    I currently hold two roles. I work as an educational financial analyst and as a preacher’s wife. If I could do something else I would love to be a better mentor with parents and children teaching them manners, scripture, contentment, respect and personal accountability.

  100. says

    I am a pastor in a church in Toronto, ON, Canada. If I weren’t a pastor, I would probably work in a funeral parlour. It seems to be a place of great ministry. I also love teaching.

  101. Steven Crews says

    I am currently the College and Career leader at Wall Highway Baptist Church in Madison, Al, as well as the Youth Worship Band leader, i have surrendered to God’s call to full time ministry in my life and am currently working toward that call. If I had not been called i would’ve loved to be a teacher and football coach, while still serving in some ministry.

  102. Brian B. says

    I’m a lawyer. I always wanted to be one, so I have no idea what I’d be doing if I wasn’t here.

  103. says

    I am the widowed mom of a seventeen year old daughter (about to go to college). I would send this study Bible to Murray State with her. Oh, the resources I would get from Lifeway!! I currently work as an administrative secretary in our local school district. My dream job is to write women’s devotionals! Thanks for all your wisdom and teaching!

  104. says

    I serve as senior pastor of Haven baptist church in Kansas City, Kansas. I have no idea what I would be doing because I am called and created for this.

  105. Noah says

    I’m a pastor, which is my dream “job.” I love being a pastor. I am thankful that I am able to be a vocational pastor (ie- I get paid to do what I love to do.) If I needed to be a bi-vocational pastor, I think I would either teach high school history or be a funeral director. I see lots of opportunities to minister in both of those vocations.

  106. Michael Ferrini says

    I am the pastor of a small church in Boston. If I couldn’t do this, I’d be a public school teacher

  107. Ron Stoehr says

    I am currently a DBA and System Administrator for a steel company. I have started to serve my church in the sound and media and have I really enjoy trying to get the best out of the equipment we have. I have always said that I would like to be doing something where I could be working more with my hands, I grew up in a mechanics family. I would like to own a shop where people could come and work on their cars that wanted to do the work themselves but don’t have access to the space or all of the tools. A place where they would have access to the tools and assistance when needed for a much smaller fee than a regular shop.

  108. says

    I am currently the Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Baptist Church in Opelika, Alabama. If God had not called me to preach then I would probably be coaching High School Football. Since me surrendering my call to preaching 13 years ago, the only thing I care about doing is preaching. I would rather preach than breathe…if it were possible. So, If I could not preach, I would be dead and with Jesus.

  109. Lance Parrott says

    I am currently a Claim’s Representative at SSA and a bi-vocational pastor. If I could be doing something else it would a full-time pastoring. However, I am a bi-vocational pastor/planter in a low-income area with a lot of college students so I know this goes with the territory. I am content being in this position because this is where God has placed me.

  110. Greg Drummond says

    Seminarian, studying to be a Spiritual Director in addition to my history as a pastor. Can’t really see myself doing anything else.

  111. says

    I am the student pastor at Family Baptist. If I wasn’t doing that I would be on the mission field most likely in Nicaragua. My heart right now is for the students of our generation and for the beautiful people of Nicaragua. Thankful for you guys and all the material y’all put out to make my calling full of resources.

  112. Robert Peters says

    I am currently a volunteer MArtial Arts Instructor, contract web developer, and I go to seminary. My dream job is to be an associate pastor in discipleship and small groups.

  113. Geoff says

    I am a student pastor…if I wasn’t doing that I would probably be a history teacher/football coach, definitely wouldn’t go back to old navy…..

  114. Tommy Rucker says

    I’m a the pastor of a small, rural congregation. Prior to going into ministry, I was an automotive service technician for 25 years. If I weren’t a pastor, I’d be dead.

  115. Israel Prine says

    I am a student pastor currently. I thoroughly floundered before God intervened…I’d probably be a state worker in Florida if not for His calling,

  116. Kassi Johnson says

    I taught and served as a children’s ministry director before the birth of our son (soon to welcome our second son) and now am at home with them. Trying to focus in where God has me for the moment/season and bring glory to Him whatever the circumstances.

  117. says

    I’m a missionary in Brazil, South America. I love serving the Lord in this way along with my wife and our four boys. We’ve been in Brazil for 5 years. If I weren’t in my present role I’d probably still be working in my former role – assistant pastor of my home church in Georgia. I find it hard to imagine doing something else other than local church ministry. I’ve been involved in the local church ministry as a vocation for over 10 years. I find it exciting. Before coming to Brazil I imagined that I’d work at my church for the rest of my life. I love the people. I love the area. I love being salt and light in a community. I love sending and supporting missionaries around the world that take the Gospel to the lost. One of my dreams here in Brazil is to see someone from our church answer God’s call to take the Gospel to a people who’ve never heard it.

  118. curt says

    I am a pastor in Missouri. I felt led into the ministry when I came to know Christ as my Savior. If I weren’t a pastor, which I’ve been all my life since I was saved, that would mean I hadn’t come to know Christ and been led into ministry. (I’m speaking only for myself, not saying every Christian should enter the ministry.) But, if I weren’t a pastor, I believe I would be a drug addict, an alcoholic, in a mental institution or dead. Thank you, Jesus.

  119. Salvador says

    I am a preaching elder.
    I would work publishing Christian books and educational materials in Spanish.

  120. Steve Grissom says

    I am currently a pastor in Alabama. If I couldn’t do this, I would be on the mission field in an international context.

  121. Tommy Perry says

    I am presently a secondary social studies teacher at a Christian school. I have always felt that God would have me in some pastoral teaching role but that has not came to fruition as of yet. Thanks for the opportunity to receive these resources.

  122. Lauren says

    Currently, I’m a 27yr old kindergarten assistant in a local low-income elementary school. I’ve been working for the last 9 yrs. with a local non-profit mission organization (Vision Nicaragua) that serves in northwest Nicaragua. I’m wrapping up my last year here at my school to work full-time with Vision Nicaragua to continue pouring into the lives of young teenage girls through relational-discipleship! I’ll also be helping administratively with our currently sponsorship program we have for education, widows and men suffering from chronic kidney disease in a rural village in Nicaragua. Really, it’s been the most humbling process to be able to love on this community over the last 9 years and to be entrusted with waking alongside them and helping point them to Christ! It’s truly a gift!

  123. cecil craft says

    I am now a Deacon in my church. Had the Lord not called me (10 yrs ago), probably facedown drunk in a gutter somewhere. Thank you Lord!

  124. Jessica Watts says

    I am a youth/children minister’s wife and I work at a non-profit organization that supports agricultural businesses. My first job, as a youth/children minister’s wife, is unpaid but it is probably one of the most important things I do. My 2nd job helps pay the bills. Being a wife of a pastor is NOT easy. Being involved with children and youth is heartbreaking and yet rewarding at the same time. We were missionaries on the field with NAMB and came off the field to serve in our own community. Who knows where we would be without the Lord’s leading!

    It would be great to have a resource like that and be able to put it to use in our ministry.

  125. says

    I’m currently a pastor. If not doing that, I’d be buying fix-r-up homes and selling. Additionally, I’d be in a church, as a volunteer leader teaching Sunday School and leading mission opportunities, both local and international.

  126. Chuck Scott says

    I am currently a full time student at the Baptist College of Florida as well as an interim pastor at a local Southern Baptist church. The only other vocation I see myself in is international missions.

  127. James Welch says

    I am a pastor in Montrose, CO. If I were pastoring here, I would trust that the Lord would let me pastor somewhere else.

  128. says

    Pastor church in Southern IL. Pastored 2 years, great church, great experience, spiritual growth has been good, numbrical growth has been above average. If not in ministry, not sur what I would want to do, travel maybe, teach seminary.

  129. says

    I am a student pastor in a church where I have been for nine years. If I was not in the church, I would be doing something with kids. My vacation this year will be in North Carolina on the beach. I don’t necessarily like the beach but my family does, so we will have a great time there.

  130. says

    I am tri-vocational (outside of being a Jesus lover, and family lover). I am a church planter in Yorktown, Indiana (commUNITY church) and we just launched on Easter!! In order to get involved in the community, i’ve also volunteered to be a chaplain for the local volunteer fire department (but because it’s volunteer, I’m also now a volunteer firefighter). AND, to pay all the bills, I am a technical project manager at WellPoint.

    If $$ were no issue, my dream job is full time pastor, church planter, preacher, teacher, and author.

  131. says

    I would also add that I would be a pirate in the caribbean… but a GOOD pirate (if that’s possible). Maybe I’d just be a sailor from the old times… but one that loves, preaches, and teaches Jesus… and has some cool tattoos. HAHA

  132. Brandon Madison says

    I am currently a student at the University of North Alabama. When I graduate I intend to attend seminary, and hopefully pastor a church one day. Until then, I am working at the Lifeway in Florence, AL.

  133. Nate Yoder says

    I am a pastor/church planter in South Dakota. If I wasn’t doing this, I have no idea what I’d do instead!

  134. says

    I am blessed to be the Senior Pastor of a loving and steadily growing SBC church in south east Missouri for the past seven years. If God had not called me into the ministry some 30 years ago, I would most likely have never married the lady of my dreams and found what true joy and happiness looks like. Thank you Father for calling me and being patient with me through this journey we call ministry.

  135. Charles Lord says

    pastor. missionary. Whatever else I would do, I would do so that I might serve his kingdom and people.

  136. Scott Welch says

    I am a pastor and I guess I would still be in grocery store management if I weren’t in ministry, though I can’t imagine not being a pastor.

  137. Ted Clark says

    I am a retired IT professional spending 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Canada. Currently serving in teaching senior adult small group in our church, mentoring young men and trusting the Lord to be a godly leader and example to my children and grandchildren. Open to whatever the Lord desires for my life. God is SO GOOD!

  138. says

    I’m an internal auditor. If i didn’t do this, I think I would have liked to be a lawyer, or a wealthy philanthropist. I would quickly run out of money, but would enjoy helping others in need.

  139. says

    I am the Evangelist of the Lord’s church here in my Greenwich OH. If I wasn’t preaching, I would probably be an Mixed Martial Arts instructor. I was training all through Bible college.

  140. Jarrod says

    Currently I am a pastor and will be as long as I have breathe. Otherwise I would prob be a school principal or attorney

  141. Jason Toller says

    I’m a minister, but if I hadn’t been called to ministry, I would be a pediatric Doctor. I was geared up and took prep course in high school to go into the medical field until God stepped in and said otherwise. So now instead of healing the sick, I heal the spiritually sick

  142. says

    I am a women’s Bible study author, home schooling mom, and Associational Prayer Coordinator for my local SBC association. If I couldn’t serve in those roles, I’d like to be the president of LifeWay :0)

  143. Nick Horton says

    My vocation is information technology, which I have done for over 15 years. Were I not in IT, I would be a Pastor. God has called me to the ministry, and I am taking steps to transition into the ministry. That starts with currently attending Boyce College online while I work and support my family. One day I will make that shift, God willing. Though I am not waiting to be paid for it. I currently work as a Youth “pastor”. I quote the term as I am not ordained, but thats the role I serve to them.

  144. says

    I have been serving as a pastor for the past 20 years [7 years this month in my current pastorate]. I tell people that being a pastor is who I am, not what I do. I suppose that were I not a pastor, I would be involved in some form of denominational work or on the mission field.

  145. Nick Esch says

    Currently I am working as a parts salesman for a diesel truck company while going to Criswell Bible College in Dallas TX to get equipped to pastor full-time in the SBC. If I’m not selling parts Lord willing it will be because I am pastoring.

  146. Barry Erwin says

    I am a designing drafter for an engineering firm. I am currently serving God @ our local church on the guest services team as a team leader. I also am ministering through a daily scripture text sent to over 120 people and the list is growing. If I was not doing this I would be in the construction field.

  147. Dennis says

    I’m currently the Master Scheduler, scheduling production, for a mid-market office furniture manufacturer. If I had my “druthers”, I would be writting Christian Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror novels.

  148. John Turner says

    I am currently a telecommunication design engineer. If I wasn’t doing that, I would be involved in technology somehow as a ministry.

  149. Jim Walterhouse says

    I’m currently pastoring a new church plant for the Deaf in W. Texas.

    My dream job would be as a full-time missionary traveling to different countries planting churches for the Deaf – the most unreached people group in most countries.

  150. Dustin Gillespie says

    I’m a pastor of a rural sbc church. I’ve served here for six years and just now starting to see new life. If I were doing something else it would be playing on the PGA tour. Or coaching basketball.

  151. Donna Earlywine says

    I am a registered nurse working in hospice care. I don’t know what else I would do. I always wanted to be a nurse!

  152. says

    Currently I am a student pastor in Northeast Ohio. If I wa not in my present role I would probably be living in a city where a major seminary is working on my M.Div.

  153. Jason Holland says

    I am currently GROW Ministry Associate (and in seminary)and this is the other thing. I was called from a HS classroom into vocational ministry.

  154. Pam Bass says

    My current vocation is Minister of Education at Sunset Rd Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC for over 22 years. I would be a hospital or hospice chaplain.

  155. Lyndse Alaniz says

    I attended college to be a middle school teacher. God provided me a job with State Farm and now I am putting my mark in the insurance world. I love my job and I love watching my faith grow! I used to teach 4 year old Sunday school but after making the big move to dallas I have yet to find a church home! This would be soooo amazing to have this bible!

  156. Ron Morehead says

    I am currently the Human Resources Director for a psychatric hospital for children and teens and I attend seminary full-time through Liberty University. If I wasn’t doing this, I would be doing ministry full-time working with children and teenagers. Here at work, even though I am not in direct patient care, I see the outcome from a fallen world in the lives of our patients. To provide biblical counseling and support to youth is what I would love to do.

  157. Toni Fayne says

    I am currently seeking God’s purpose for my life. I have been in the telecommunications industry for many years and I feel impressed by God to do something else. My true passion is teaching children and I my vision and dream is to open a christian school K-12. I not only want the children to have a great education but also learn about the goodness of God in the process. For in Proverbs 4 it speaks about the security of God’s Wisdom and I just want to be the vessel God has called and chosen for such a work. Hosea 4:6 also speaks about His people having a lack of knowledge and I believe that when we have teach our children early the ways of God, they will have an understanding of their purpose in this life and also learn to reverence God. I’m looking to go back to school (Seminary) and earn my degree in the ministry of teaching.

  158. Toni Fayne says

    I am currently seeking God’s will and purpose for my life!! I have been in the telecommunications field for many years and I feel that God is taking me in a new direction. My vision and dream is to open a christian school K-12, where children can get an excellent education while learning about the goodness of God. I have been a tutor for an after-school program and I enjoyed working with my kids and seeing the joy the get when they are actually enjoying what they are learning. That is fulfilling to me and I feel that is where God is leading me right now.

  159. Don Scrivener says

    I am an associate pastor of Children & Students at a SBC church in North Carolina. I would probably be working in camp ministry, or photography.

  160. says

    I am the proprietor/facilitator of J.O.Y. Ministry; which is a Christ-centered, Ladies Ministry; which focuses on bringing ladies together periodically, for our Ladies “PRAYER” Breakfasts; Bible Studies; and Outreach
    Endeavors; etc. If I wasn’t totally committed to this ministry; I would probably would be doing more crafts project sales and traveling.

  161. Dave Roberts says

    30 year IT professional. If I wasn’t doing that, I’d probably opt for carrying Phillip Nation’s luggage.

  162. Tom Pilarski says

    I am currently a Land Surveyor. If I was financially able I would build an outreach center for our community and use it to show Christs love to them through job training and sports programs.

  163. Jason Cole says

    I work in the health care industry assisting patients with their medications. If I were not in this business I’d be in sales.

  164. Adam Smith says

    I am currently substitute teaching…like at this very moment. I’m sitting in a high school Oklahoma history class. If I wasn’t doing this I would probably be an astronaught or brain surgeon, something like that.

  165. Bill says

    I work for the State of Texas. I would spend 80-hours a week at the church and in my community allowing Him to meet needs through me.

  166. says

    I’m a seminary student
    At a worship leaders retreat this
    Week at the Illinois state office.
    Love to introduce you to Jesus
    Today .
    Have a blessed day , Amen:

  167. says

    I am a homeschooling mom and a church planter’s wife. If I were not homeschooling I would just be cleaning the house and raising our children. But I would most certainly be a church planter’s wife!

  168. Ragan Story says

    I am currently interning at Ridgecrest Summer Camps. And if I wasn’t doing that I would do what I am currently working towards, becoming a M to South Asia!

  169. Dan Brubacher says

    I am a full-time local church pastor, but before I sensed God’s leading toward vocational ministry, I was headed toward an exciting :-) career in actuarial science.

  170. Dwight Martin says

    I am currently a student at SBTS and also am pastoral intern at the deaf church in Louisville. My goal is to go overseas to work with the deaf, hopefully as a life-long career, after I complete the first 2 years of my program. If my life was not changed, I might would never have met my wife, who is an absolute gift from God, pursuing secular prominence, most likely as a professor in biology or business, and most likely living an unsatisfying life. The $100 Lifeway gift card would go towards books on serving Him overseas.

  171. says

    Currently I am a pastor at local community church. I was a diesel mechanic before I was a pastor and there is a pretty good chance that I would be turning wrenches if I wasn’t a pastor.

  172. Jessica G says

    I’m a stay at home mom to our first son who is 1 month old. My husband is a church planter. Being a stay at home mom is my dream job.

  173. Drew Farr says

    Right now I am a student pastor in NC.
    I would return to my home town (Orlando), plant a church, and ask Jesus to do a radical work of restoration.

  174. says

    I am a church planter/pastor who just started Pinnacle Church in South Scottsdale, AZ. If I weren’t doing this I would be planting another church around here or most definitely back in college ministry!

  175. Misty Dennis says

    I currently am a stay-at-home mom of 2, a full time Seminary student working on a Master of Divinity and a Master of Marriage/Family Therapy, I am a Children’s Church Coordinator, and a Leader/Assimilation Coach/New Comer Teacher/Facilitator for Celebrate Recovery. If I wasn’t blessedd to be here, I would want to work full time with Inner City youth, providing counseling and life skills classes or I would live to be

  176. Misty Dennis says

    Sorry, I hit enter on accident. Lol. I would love to be an Activities Director of a Christian Cruise Ship. :-)

  177. James Lowell says

    I am a Missionary serving as director of Graduate Studies in the Caribbean and Latin America, worked as a Carpenter, as a grocer, and in manufacturing. I still enjoy the work of my hands.

  178. Dean Cox says

    I am currently Chief of Training for a suburban fire dept. my vacation will be spent in Nicaragua on a medical mission. My dream job is being the mission coordinator for my church.

  179. Chad Crafton says

    I currently work full time at the City of Mansfield in Texas and serve my church as a kindergarten teacher for the Awwna program on Wednesday nights. Sunday mornings six grade boys teacher and rotate leading big group for the preteen (4-6). The rest of time I also serve the church as a deacon. Love to do the things the Lord puts in front of me and any further things he may allow me to do could be missions or pastor only the Lord knows this things and I intend to please him in all I do

  180. Lori Jeffries says

    I am the wife of a SBC ARmy Chaplain who home schools 2 boys. I am President of my homeschool group and VP of our PWOC Bible study group. If I weren’t doin this, I would be teaching American History at a Community College while my wonderful husband pastored a church.

  181. Eric Couch says

    Currently I’m an EFCA as a youth pastor in NJ. If i wasnt in ministry i would be in culinary arts field.

  182. Kris says

    I’m a pastor now, but I always thought a fun alternative career would be place kicker for an NFL team.

  183. Melinda says

    I am working as a Secretary at a local school district. I know this is not the calling that The Lord has in store for me, but being a widow and a mother of two teenagers, I’m doing right now what I feel like I have to for us to make it. God has been dealing with me for almost a year now about quitting and going back to school full-time to finish my teaching degree. I keep thinking that He can’t be serious, but I keep praying and He keeps bringing it to my mind and heart.

  184. says

    I am currently employed in full-time ministry with a title of Pastoral Ministries/Student Pastor. Basically my job is to try to make the Senior Pastor’s job easier. If I were not in this position I would go back to industrial work, but I would hope to continue serving our middle and high school age students. By the way, that gift card would come in handy as I’ve been eye-balling the new Strongs Expanded Concordance!

  185. R Letourneau says

    I’m part of the women’s ministry leadership team and love it! I help find and choose bible studies for our women’s groups and most often….we love the Lifeway women’s bible studies. I just love seeing the transformation of women as they work through and complete the studies.
    If I wasn’t doing this, I would probably return to library work…..but I already love what I do!

  186. says

    I am currently a missional leadership coach and organizational consultant for groups in the public, private, and social sectors of society, but I am also seeking God’s will in a new ministry call. Formerly I did ministry as an associate church consultant and consultation coordinator where I raised 100% of my support. Before that, I was on the leadership team of a young church plant and worked bi-vocationally in business management. If I wasn’t in ministry or the consulting, I’d probably seek to be a witness for Christ and lead in a company or governmental role. I am also beginning my doctoral studies and would love to teach at the university level someday.

  187. Hunter D. Johnson says

    I am a youth pastor, I love my job!!!! but if I wasn’t a youth pastor I suppose I would get into sales.

  188. Beau Abernathy says

    I am a public school administrator in high school (TX), but would love to be a writer full-time. I have written in the past for Dr. Ed Stetzer, and others. Would love to use the HCSB Study Bible to teach my large SS class at First Baptist, Dallas.

  189. Alan Lamb says

    I am a full-time pastor. I always wanted to be a firefighter and have been a volunteer for almost 30 years. Or I think I would be a teacher, Middle School love seeing that light of knowledge go on in somebody’s eyes.

  190. Matt Pinkston says

    Currently I serve as the pastor of students/worship at a church in western Kentucky. Before surrendering to full-time ministry I was an engineer so if I wasn’t in ministry I’d go back to that or try to be a teacher in math/science field.

  191. Ryan says

    I live as a sent-out member of my church in a cross-cultural context. I own a small business and work with volunteers and various other teammates and partners.
    If I was not doing this, I’d be mobilizing others to come do this, whether as a full time job or not. Maybe I’d be a teacher, a salesman, or a banker, or maybe even just anything else that God led me to.

  192. Leslie Walker says

    I am a homeschooling mom of four right now. I can’t imagine doing anything else. God is so good and knows exactly where I fit.

  193. says

    I am a pastor of a church we planted in my hometown 14 years ago yesterday. Tough work in Wisconsin, but God’s grace is sufficient. I could be a computer programmer, a mechanic, work in management, but since God called me to this, I will be Faithful. Love my calling.

  194. Bradley Geno says

    I am a pastor. If I were not a pastor I would be a graphic designer. When I started college my plan was to be a graphic designer and one day work for Lucas Arts. However, in my sophomore year of college God called me into full-time ministry which I have been in for nearly 15 years. I love being a pastor but sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like had I become a graphic designer.

  195. Bobby James says

    I am a pastor of a SBC church; if not being paid to do this full-time I would be a stay at home, homeschooling father of five, husband of a brilliant full-time math teacher, and preaching for free wherever the Lord would have me do so!!

  196. says

    I am a full time member of my state’s police and lead our Domestic Security work. Likewise, I am a bi-vocational pastor, serving as an Interim at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, PA (follow us @ebc_etown). I very much enjoy and have been gifted in teaching; and would love to teach theology, church history, and/or Theology of Work at some point in the future.

  197. Paul Hughey says

    I am currently employed as a community pharmacist. Last summer I went on a 2 week medical mission trip to Kenya. If I were unable to secure employment as a pharmacist I would definitely be available snd willing for medical missions!

  198. says

    II was in vocational ministry for 12 years and recently made a transition. I am working in a warehouse, making pizza on the weekends, writing every chance I get, starting a nonprofit and praying about launching a house church network. Lots of things to do, never enough time in the day.

  199. Tim says

    I work in the molding department in a factory. I love to read so if I could get a job that would pay me to read would be out of this world! Does Rachel McRrae need an assistant?

  200. Keith Wissman says

    I am a non-profit manager that was retired and for the past year I have been a dog walker and “whisperer” at our local city animal shelter. I am now making the world a better place by improving the life of one abandoned, neglected or abused dog at a time.

  201. Danielle Cerminara says

    Currently I am a full time Nursing Student and I work as a waitress at Zios Italian Restaurant. If I was not in my present job I would like to be working any job at a hospital to get experience in the environment!

  202. Kenan says

    I’m a missionary in Colombia, South America. If I weren’t serving as a missionary, I would probably be serving in a local church.

  203. Greg Yount says

    I am the pastor of a small church in a very small town (250 or so). If I wasn’t preaching the Word of God, I really don’t know what I’d do. I’ve done countless jobs, but nothing is as meaningful as leading the lost to Christ while leading the saved into a deeper relationship with Him through expository preaching! I suppose I’ll just have to keep preaching for now. :)

  204. says

    Right now I am looking for a church position and trying to complete my MA in Christian studies along with running my evangelistic ministry. If I wasn’t doing this I would be still in the oilfield or Law enforcement

  205. Jeremy Lloyd says

    I am an optician. I work with glasses and contact lenses. I’m also a seminary student. If I didn’t have this job, and when I finish seminary, I want to be a pastor.

  206. says

    I am currently the student and worship pastor at Oaklawn Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC. If I were not pastoring I would be pursuing my dream of singing on the road with my family :)

  207. Drew Dabbs says

    I am a pastor, and I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else, with the possible exception of retirement :-)

  208. Scott Silby says

    I work for a large and popular company that makes computers and consumer electronics. If I wasn’t doing this? Hmmm… working as a pilot, I think.

  209. Mike Madaris says

    I’m a college professor at a small Christian university (Econ & Finance; everyone’s favorite classes! ). That is my vocation, and it fits my gifts & abilities. I just love it, & approach each day as a day of ministry. (even doing the non-fun parts of the job, and even when I blow it.)
    I also teach in our church’s college Bible study, which is another dimension of my calling. My young bride of 29 years & I just _love_ college students, & love coming alongside them in love & ministry & encouragement.
    I shudder to think what I’d be doing were I not a professor. As a student @ Bama back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, I majored in Business.
    Also, as a stage IV metastatic melanoma survivor/patient, I’m a HUGE fan of those in the medical profession, which includes our son, a bone marrow transplant pharmacist. God has graciously allowed & enabled me to encourage a few others in their own cancer journeys, which is becoming another part of my calling. I wouldn’t have chosen cancer–especially not my variety–but I am SO eternally grateful for the awesome ways God has revealed Himself & His ways through His word, prayer, circumstances & His people these past 7 years that it is absolutely worth it! (p.s. – from stage IV to seven clear P.E.T. scans in a row. Multiple surgeries & cycles of immunotherapy. Every three months when awaiting scan results, I’m reminded that in the words of Keith Green, life is short & eternity is long.) So I’d love to be more involved in coming alongside those in the hellish darkness that is cancer.
    But again, through a series of people & events back during my UA days & after, I’m right in the middle of my calling now.

  210. Mike says

    I am an instructional dean at our local community college and I could not imagine doing anything else!

  211. Matt Jury says

    I am a pastor, and I imagine that if I couldn’t be a pastor, I’d want to be a cat herder. Hahaha! Seriously, I think I would probably be a writer of some sort.

  212. Dustin Brown says

    Currently I am a college student. I also do some on-call chaplaincy work at my local hospital, and I have plans to attend seminary when I finish college in 2 years, to pursue hospital chaplaincy. If I was not a student and not called to ministry, I’m not sure what I would be doing, other than maybe studying in another field.

  213. Tom Shelton says

    I am an accountant. If I was to do something else I would probably be a basketball coach at some level.

  214. says

    My profession involves working as a counterintelligence analyst for the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations. If I could start all over again I would have been a professional musician and would have auditioned to play in a southern gospel quartet.

  215. Ralton Emory says

    I serve as the southeastern regional manager for an engineering professional society. Serving mostly as a leadership and training position. I also serve as a deacon and Sunday school teacher at my church.

    My most important position is as a husband and father.

    If not serving in this position, I would still be in a teaching style of role.

  216. Sheri says

    I currently work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which I love! The only thing I would love more is to be a stay at home mom! Blessed with a super flexible schedule though!

  217. says

    I work for a large insurance company as a business/process analyst. It is not at all where I ever thought I would be. But I can honestly say I’ve quit trying to pray and hope for the “next thing” and I’ve submitted to being faithful to whatever it is God has me here for, right where I am.

    I have a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, and I was just “so sure” that God saved me from whence I came to serve Him in ministry and pursue academics and apologetics (I was an atheist right before I became a Christian at 18). I spent the better part of the last year applying to PhD programs, but I didn’t get in this time around. My wife and I actually quit our jobs and moved from Virginia out to middle Tennessee a year and a half ago, on pure faith, to help a group of folks we didn’t even know with a church plant. That’s why we are here, and those people are our dear brothers and sisters now.

    The job I have now is an indirect result of that move: I took an entry-level position because I just needed something. I considered it as a temporary step, at the time. But when my wife was abruptly let go from her job last year, I took a leap of faith and put in for a promotion that most people thought was a longshot. And I got the job –the one I have now. Now we have our first child (he’s almost 7 weeks old), and for the moment we are relying on my job to (barely) provide for our family, while we patiently trust God for…”what’s next.”

    So I guess you could say: regardless of where I want to be, for right now this is where I am supposed to be.

  218. Jake says

    I’m currently a news beat reporter for my college newspaper.
    If I wasn’t doing that I would probably be teaching and ministering to more people in my college/community.

  219. Roger Smith says

    I am a roadway inspector, but I mostly inspect paperwork. In the past few years I have taken a liking to gardening. Having that enjoyment has made me want to study further about the different elements of plants. Something in Horticulture would be where I would like to have a job. Whether that turned out to be research, a nursery, or something else, I believe I would enjoy going to work a lot more than my present vocation.

  220. says

    Hello, I am and have been a restaurant manager for approx. 15years or more. I really would like to have a non profit or a ministry for hunger. I can use my skills and expertise God has given me to help others learn a vocation, feed those in need, learn biblical eating, learn how to be safe wit h food, sustainability and help the community(s) in becoming a steward in this area and multiply it. The call from God to do this is at my doorstep and I am eagerly awaiting for him to say now.

  221. Nate Wallace says

    I repair woodwind and brass instruments. If I wre not doing this, I would return to officiating soccer games.

  222. says

    I am a full-time pastor in the city of Bellflower at Casa de OracIon. I have been blessed to be the pastor of this church for 20 years (9 of them Bi-vocationally). Before I was a parts dept. Manager of a Volkswagen Dealership. It was very challenging to do 2 full-time jobs. for so many tears. I was not Pastoring, I suppose I’d be working in that same capacity since I was able to help many other Pastors and church members from all over obtain their automotive needs.

  223. Angie Combs says

    I’m a church secretary, I love being the Pastor’s go to gal for keeping him and the staff organized and connected. Before God changed my world and brought me to this place, I had an online invitations and digital design business that allowed me to be a stay at home mom with my fun (school aged) wee three. I have became such a church mouse that if I could no longer work here, I would likely be devoting my time to volunteering within the church with a focus on families and young mothers.

  224. Andrew says

    I am currently a consultant at IBM. The job is a great opportunity to travel and meet new people, plus it allows my wife to be a stay at home mom which she has always wanted to do. The job is a blessing in so many ways. I have been prayerfully considering full time church ministry. I don’t know if that’s the direction I should go right now, but I continue to search God’s ultimate plan in our lives. So if I had to say what else I would “like” to be doing right now, this is what I would say.

  225. Kelly Hayes says

    I work in child abuse prevention, a job that I really love, but if I wasn’t doing this, I would love to work in a church.

  226. james says

    I have been in “Senior” (term that I do not use)/Boomer ministry for 31 years. I serve at a church in Dallas area. I have a passion for assisting small, medium, and large churches to “update” their senior adult/boomer ministry. Too many churches, large and small are still doing this ministry as they did it in the ’80’s. Won’t work. God has really given me a burden for assisitng churches in this area. My other passion is the evangelism of the 55+ age group. Remember “that just because their is gray in the hair does not mean that there is a FIRE in the heart!” Thanks for letting me share. I would be glad to exchange emails, phone calls, etc. with anyone who needs assistance in this area of ministry.

  227. Michael G says

    I currently serve as a Probation and Parole Officer. If I wasn’t in law enforcement, I would love to work as a Chaplain.

  228. Jim Jacobs says

    Currently I work as an accounting manager for a manufacturing plant. If I wasn’t an accountant, I would work as a writer (do it as a hobby now).

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