Notable Voices – April 25, 2013

7 False Assumptions Made About IntrovertsRon Edmondson

Ron and I have both written extensively on introverts and the ministry. In this post he lists seven assumptions people make about introverts. And this post is probably best read alone in a quiet room.


With Bookselling in Deep Turmoil, Book Sales Are on the RiseThe Atlantic

From my perspective as the president and CEO of a company that both publishes and sells books, this is an encouraging article. And as an author with a new book coming out next week, it’s an exciting article.


Evangelicals and Foreign AdoptionMaralee Bradley

A new book scrutinizing adoption practices (many would say unfairly) has prompted much discussion within the evangelical adoption community. Several authors and bloggers have responded to provide more of a balanced view of the movement. Maralee shares some helpful advice for those considering adoption.


Really? ALL THINGS Without Grumbling? Really?Mark Altrogge

Mark sheds light on the link between thankfulness and contentment in the Christian life.


Hope for Timid EvangelistsAaron Armstrong

Aaron shares scriptural encouragement for boldness in evangelism. What might our churches look like if we lacked timidity when sharing our faith?


Conspiracy Theories and God’s SovereigntyJared Wilson

The bombings in Boston last week stirred up even more conspiracy theories about the government and terror. In this excerpt, Sherman Smith explains that many of those holding to conspiracy theories “have thrown God out of the picture as one who has lost control of his world.”

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