Notable Voices – April 4, 2013

Things to Remember During Unwelcome WorkTrevin Wax

Trevin shares his struggle through a job he had to have instead of a job he wanted to have. As in all seasons of life, he encourages those who may be in an unpleasant job to continually look for God’s blessings.


Need a Job? Invent ItThomas Friedman

In this New York Times editorial, Friedman examines out educational system and the growing need for job creation. Unlike generations before them, Millennials will not simply need to find jobs. They will increasingly need to create them.


Planned Parenthood Defends InfanticideMarty Duren

In just the latest shocking video related to Planned Parenthood, a spokesperson advocates for what she calls “post-birth abortion.” Or as the rest of us would term it: infanticide.


3 Lessons Learned from a Pastoral MentorChris Castaldo

Mentoring is important for the development of leaders—including pastors. Chris shares what he learned while being mentored by R. Kent Hughes.


Why Most Twenty Somethings are Delusional — Donald Miller

In my book The Millennials, I wrote on the entitlement mentality of the generation. Donald Miller adds to that discussion.


The State of the Bible in 2013Marc Cortez


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