Friday is For Freebies – Samson, Nehemiah, and I Am A Church Member

This week’s giveaway includes something for practically everyone.

IAMAChurchMember-webFirst is a signed copy of my new book I Am a Church Member. Based on an idea originally taken from this blog, I Am a Church Member discusses the attitudes and responsibilities of church members. I address in detail what congregations should really be focusing on—praying for church leaders, being a functioning member, treasuring church membership, and more.

Six chapters with these titles include study questions to guide the discussion:

  1. I Will Be a Unifying Church Member
  2. I Will Not Let the Church Be About My Preferences and Desires
  3. I Will Pray for My Church Leaders
  4. I Will Lead My Family to Be Healthy Church Members
  5. I Will Be a Functioning Member
  6. I Will Treasure Church Membership as a Gift

samson-hendersonNext is the DVD leader kit for Samson: A Life Well Wasted, a new study by Chip Henderson. Samson explores the life of Samson in Judges 13-16 and offers six ways we can waste our lives if we’re not focused on our God-given purpose. Hot-button cultural issues from dishonesty and anger to daddy-issues and sex are discussed. Samson offers encouragement and practical ideas for making God-honoring decisions and avoiding regret for what could have been.  The leader kit includes:

  • Member Book
  • Leader Guide with step-by-step instructions to leading discussion, including insightful questions that will help encourage authentic community
  • DVD-ROM with 6 discussion-starting videos
  • Promo Video
  • E-mailable biblical articles to dig deeper
  • A playlist of music to accompany the study

nehemiah-minterThe final item this week is another DVD leader kit. Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break by Kelly Minter is a 7-session Bible study for women. Nehemiah’s heart was so broken for those in need that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to help them. Like Kelly’s other studies in the Living Room Series, you’ll find authentic Bible teaching, recipes, and a relational approach. Nehemiah also includes 7 video sessions and real-life ways to put feet to your faith. Are you ready to let God break your heart for a hurting, lost world and move you in compassion to be the hands and feet of Jesus? The kit includes:

  • Member Book with recipes and leader helps
  • DVDs for 7 group sessions averaging 20 minutes in length and including short interviews with people living out what God has put in their hearts to do

To enter the giveaway, tell us about your favorite moment so far of 2013.

The deadline to enter is midnight CDT this Saturday. We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

Special Note: Both Chip Henderson and Kelly Minter were instrumental in the development of Bible Studies for Life, a new curriculum line launching this fall. You are invited to join us on Wednesday, May 8, from 12:00—12:30 p.m. CDT as four pastors share their hope for how small groups can play a big part in addressing needs in the church and how LifeWay’s new series, Bible Studies for Life, can help.

By entering, you acknowledge and accept the terms of the promotion.


  1. S Files says

    My favorite moments this year have been Tuesday chapels at Southern Baptist Seminary, but by far, my favorite one was Spring Break for my kids because after chapel, we went to the Louisville Zoo and just had a great family day!

  2. says

    Easily has to be the Acts 1:8 renewal weekend at Elders Bapptist in Sykesville, MD last weekend. It reminded me that we need to focus outward not inward as a church!

  3. Laura Knight says

    After battling and winning the fight against breast cancer in 2012, I found another lump a few weeks ago. My doctor told me I needed another biopsy. My favorite moment so far in 2013 was when the biopsy results came back showing the lump to be scar tissue from my surgery last year and NOT CANCER! Praise the Lord! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  4. Eric Couch says

    MY favorite moment is seeing the growth of or teens and seeing the ah ha moments in there lives

  5. Richard Miller says

    The best moment so far of 2013 was watching last Sunday a college student (who we had been praying for over the last 3 years) accept Christ as Lord and Savior of his life and followed in baptism this past Sunday!

  6. Doug Irvin Jr says

    We did a staff retreat with 5 pastors serving at Glenstone Baptist in Springfield, MO last week. It was a good time of seeking the LORD and building unity among our staff.

  7. says

    Definitely the outreach I was involved in at the start of the year. Lots of great stuff happened and the team was so much fun to be with

  8. Craig Cassel says

    Today I went to the grave site of a former student from our missionary training center. He gave his life trying to bring the gospel to the Elseng people of Papua. I went with two other former students/present co-workers. We took pictures and in those pictures were 3 different classes represented from, all involved in reaching tribal people of Papua with the Gospel of Christ.

  9. Todd Barrier says

    My favorite moments have been conversations I’ve had with my children and our youth group members about their relationship with God, and of course my wife telling me she is pregnant with our 3rd child!

  10. says

    My favorite moment of 2013 would have to be leading a group of homeless men and women in worship on the river front in New Orleans! Then afterwards feeding them all lunch!

  11. says

    The church sent us to the Gospel coalition conference & we also stayed two extra nights & enjoyed Orlando while it was still winter back home.

  12. Steven Bouknight says

    My favorite moment of 2013 was an Easter sunrise service I was able to attend on the beach at Seabrook Island, SC. The text was John 21 where Jesus appears to the disciples along the seashore and the Scripture hit me in a new light as we worshipped right next to the ocean for sunrise service. Also, the wine used for communion hit me in a new light at 7 am…my facial expression must have changed three shades as I’m not used to the taste of wine, especially at 7 am for communion : ). In spite if the wine, the sunrise service was one I’ll always remember along with being reminded of why I don’t drink.

  13. Norm Eckert says

    One of my favorite and most memorable moments of 2013 would be when I as a pastor baptized my 7 month old granddaughter Skylar Autum.

  14. says

    At the end of our Easter worship service I asked for folks to be praying for our 4 yr old grandson who was about to have surgery that next week. And I referenced the healing power of God and shared how my sister-in-law (that the congregation has been praying for) had actually ‘coded’ that week at dialysis and was literally brought back to life. If God can do that, then we can expect him to give REAL help as we face the things in our lives! AND as I finished, a lady in the back row stood up and called for a nurse. I looked back and saw a man who looked unconscious and unresponsive and I saw his face dark and blackish. Four nurses and a retired doctor headed there and I simply started praying. I heard one nurse later say that she was convinced that he was gone. Less than a minute passed before he just started having color again and ‘woke up.’
    Easter is well called: “Resurrection Sunday!”

  15. says

    Right at the end of January, my 20 year old daughter Destiny and I attended a Christian concert in Ft. Smith. We went to see Fireflight and Disciple. Disciple is my favorite band ever. The concert was mindblowing, and filled with worship and glory to God. I got to meet the whole band! It was also wonderful, quality time with my girl. It was a great way to start the year!

  16. Larry says

    Hard one but seeing my son score his first goal in soccer is up there, but it was recent so it’s fresh.

  17. Robbie Perkins says

    At our church a nine year old little girl, who has only been saved for a few months, led another little girl to the Lord in the bathroom after service one Sunday morning! Upon talking to both of them, there was a good gospel presentation and a genuine conversion and the little girl was baptized!

  18. Dan Wuthrich says

    Having nearly a third of our little country church travel 80 miles to hear my daughter and her classmates in the Cal Baptist University Choir & Orchestra glorify God in concert.

  19. says

    My favorite moment so far this year was doing an outreach event for our community with Scott Davis ( and more than 300 people from the community came out and 15 gave their lives to Christ and 10 families have been visiting the church I pastor regularly.

  20. Joe Carr says

    Being able to spend a day with a retired teacher who moved to Haiti and started an orphanage and a school. She is in her 60’s and is such an inspiration of trusting and obeying the Lord’s call.

  21. Jim Jacobs says

    My favorite moment of 2013. I was lay director for the Logansport Great Banquet (a 72 hr spiritual retreat) in February. The theme song for the weekend was Amazing Grace (My Chains are gone). Near the end of the weekend, as the guests were waiting for the closing, they started to sing the theme song without any prompting. To hear the men sing that song without any prompting brought tears to my eyes. Even now, the memory of that moment still brings a tear to my eyes.

    Jim Jacobs

  22. David Zwakenberg says

    It is hard to chose my most favorite moment but the one first on my mind happened recently. I have been working out each morning to a series on dvd and a couple of weeks in my two year old son is down in the floor working out with me and grinning like none other. He also started waiting to eat, holding hands, and saying amen after we pray for dinner. Of the things I can pass on to my son, I am very happy about these.

  23. Kirk O'Connor says

    Last week’s small group as a great reminder that God brings together people who may not have “naturally” decided to meet, share life, and pursue Christ.

  24. says

    My favorite moment so far this year has been the birth of our third child, Annabelle Margaret. She was born two days after my birthday and two weeks before our oldest daughter’s birthday. She came two and a half weeks early, so it was quite the birthday surprise for me!

  25. says

    In March 2008, I received my last chemotherapy treatment for cancer and in March of this year, I passed the five year mark which means I officially cancer free. Praise to the Lord.

  26. Bo Pebley says

    I got to hear my grandfather’s salvation story! Very real, genuine, an emotinal. It was great!

  27. Don Haflich says

    This may sound odd but my favorite moment of 2013 is finding out a definite diagnosis of the disease my wife has. The diagnosis shows that what she has isn’t cancer and is a treatable disease so we are happy to have some solid answers.

  28. says

    My favorite moment was probably taking my sons fishing this past Tuesday and seeing my 9 year old catch 4 catfish his first time ever fishing. Priceless.

  29. says

    The slow renewal of my marriage. Such a long story, but in a nutshell, in the last 5+ years our marriage has been shipwrecked. In June of 2007, my husband lost his job, and then that November I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. I still have 2-3 seizures a week after countless medical interventions/medicines, etc. My husband was able, with God’s Provision, to go back to nursing school, and he will graduate Tuesday (May 7, 2013) with his RN degree!! That happens to be our 19th wedding anniversary, as well. Our marriage has been tested through ALL the vows…for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others (there was a short bout of infidelity on one partner’s part)…but we have rededicated ourselves to sticking it out and going to counseling. We have given our marriage back to God instead of trying to flounder around by ourselves. The day we did that, April 9th, has been my best day. We have hard days in front of us, but we are committed to God and each other. To God be the Glory!

  30. Nancy says

    Has to be when my husband joined me on a trip to Vancouver WA for a vote for our new Executive Director in the NWBC. We had a whole day to explore the area. Went to Oregon City to see where the NW began. What a story of survival and blessing in the lives of those who traveled that path.

  31. Prchrldy says

    I began attending Al Anon meetings because of a friend I am too close to and can be friends/family, but not pastor or spiritual counselor. This is a new role for me. This person is very important to me.

  32. Prchrldy says

    I began attending Al Anon meetings because of a friend I am too close to and can be friends/family, but not pastor or spiritual counselor. This is a new role for me. This person is very important to me. I thought I knew what serenity is. I thought I knew what “Turning it over to God” meant. The people at these meetings have been Christ Incarnate for me, listening deeply, asking “What is it you seek?”. I seek the peace that passes all understanding – for myself first , but also in order to be a non anxious presence for those with whom I minister, and for my friend.

  33. Roger Flynt says

    Attending the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference with my oldest son and seeing his desire to attend the 20124 Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference>

  34. Stan Bray says

    My son had to be home bound for the rest of the school year for health reasons. We have had more time together than usual and it’s been great.

  35. says

    My favorite moment is spending a week in Orlando with my wonderful wife at the Exponential Conference and Disney World! The kids were left at home! With grandparents, of course!

  36. Jessica Lindblad says

    The best moment so far in 2013 was watching a friend come to know Christ and follow through in baptism. It was such a blessing to experience! I don’t think there was a single dry eye among our college group at church! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

  37. Tom Rupley says

    My favorite moment was just last Sunday evening. As we were finishing up with our small group study, the AWANA kids found about ten puppies outside. Kids and puppies alike were rolling around on each other and having a blast!

  38. Nick Horton says

    Favorite part so far is watching how the body of Christ has blessed my wife and I after our adoption agency went bankrupt, and we lost everything. Such generosity shown to us! It’s comforting to know we are not going down this road alone.

  39. Andrew Needham says

    Receiving a few texts from a young man in our small group stating:
    “I just want you to know you are a big part of why I’m a better person and know God today…[we] have high hopes for our future [at church] and hey maybe jamiaca” (site of the mission trip attended by our group)
    “I Finally feel at peace w him”
    “Ya’ll didn’t judge me from my past like everyone else”

    definitely the win of the year.

  40. Curtis Long says

    My favorite moment of the year has been watching our Young Adult class grow in fellowship and having the opportunity to begin a discipleship program with them.

  41. Glenn says

    My favorite moment so far this year was just a few weeks ago when a speech therapist helped me learn to read the Bible for more than 15 minutes. A year and a half ago I suffered a stroke that cost me some of my cognitive ability. The Lord healed me of much of the damage quickly. I was able to walk and talk the same day, but I had difficulty concentrating and reading for quite some time. I’m a pastor so it was quite frustrating to try to read and find myself getting off track constantly. I was worried that I might not be able to continue serving for the long term. I am so thankful that the Lord helped me find someone who could help.

  42. says

    Fishing with my son and dad.

    Ministry wise- sharing the gospel story throug “God Story” at a local FCA. Seeing their faces when the hear bible stories for the first time NEVER gets old to me!

  43. Chad Lukasiewicz says

    My favorite moment of 2013 was the moment when I finished the last final of my first year at college!

  44. Bobby James says

    Our afternoon bike ride- me, wife, with our 5 children- then home for a snack!! Wonderful way to finish the day!

  45. Vonda Hazzard says

    Favourite moment so far would be watching my little girl succeed in her first year of playing on a basketball team.

  46. says

    My favorite was just two weeks ago when my wife and i were installed as Co-Pastors for Life Church in Conyers GA. Excited and humbled by the new opportunity.

  47. Lance Griffin says

    My favorite moment of 2013 was the arrest of the surviving brother charged in the marathon bombings

  48. Mark says

    After having been fasting and praying for revival in our church for the past 2 months, to witness revival fall on a Sunday morning, watching groups of people laughing, weeping, crying, singing, and praying for hours after the worship experience was over.

  49. says

    It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing so I’ve made a list
    – Hanging out with my wife on Friday nights after a long week of work
    – Spending time with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson, Noah
    – Tuesday nights with my small group
    – Wednesday mornings at Men’s Fraternity
    – Daily time spent in the Word

  50. Kelly says

    Being able to minister to a female prisoner serving a life sentence. She has accepted Christ and responsibility for her circumstances. I am ministering and companioning her through grief process of her fathers death. She wasn’t able to be a part of traditional funeral.

  51. Christopher M. Webb says

    Continuing to expreience the manifold blessings of God in my life, wife, and family. Seeing the work of God being manifested in the lives of other fellow believers, seeing the lost come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  52. Nicole Schwartz says

    My favorite moment was March 4th at about 11:45. While I was helping officiate the funeral of my grandmother’s best friend (who was like a grandma to me), one of my best friends gave birth to her daughter (who is like my niece). It was am amazing intersection of life and death in my personal faith journey!

  53. says

    I recently returned from a mission trip to Central Asia. The experience was memorable, particularly spending time with the missionary family and hearing their hearts.

  54. Sharon Johnson says

    I go into the Gwinnett County Jail to teach women the bible in one of the pods. On one of those Sunday’s there were nine women that asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. It was the sweetest moment as women wept over their sin and wept from joy over knowing God forgives them.

  55. Amy says

    This is hard to pick. I always love spending time with my family, immediate and extended. I was able to go on vacation with family in February. That weekend was a gift of grace.

  56. Dr. Ralph Hawkins says

    I was hired in the summer of 2012 as a professor in a department of Religious Studies that had been in decline for the last twenty years due to its having drifted away from its Christian foundation. For more than two decades, the department has been reshaped along the lines of the kind of Religious Studies program you would find in a state university. Over the last academic year, a couple of devoted adjuncts and I have sought to move our department back to a more church-based model, and we are seeing some small successes. My favorite moment of 2013 was when we finished the 2012-13 academic year with three students declaring majors and four declaring minors in Religious Studies. In the fall of 2012, we had no majors or minors in Religious Studies, and at the end of this spring semester we had seven (7). Jesus promised that when He was lifted up, He would draw men (and women) to Himself. I believe that, in accordance with this promise, as we lift Him up in our Religion program, it is drawing students to Him. Discovering that we had seven majors and minors in Religious Studies in our program was my favorite moment in 2013.

  57. Walt Thompson says

    My favorite moment this year was watching my 5 yr old son own the goalie box at his soccer games. If you asked him “who’s box is this” he would quickly yell “my box!”. I love being able to watch my kids at their games.

  58. jason lee says

    It had to be getting away for a week with just my wife & no kids. The first time we’ve been gone that long from them.

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