Notable Voies – May 2, 2013

How to Build Community in Your ChurchDaniel Darling

Yesterday on my blog, I wrote about the importance of unity in the church. Much of the unity in a church comes from a sense of community among the members. Dan shares five easy ways you can promote community in your church.


I’m Not Wired That Way Either: The Extrovert’s ExcuseMatt Mikalatos

I tend to write a lot about introverts here on the blog because I happen to be one. So consider this equal time for the extroverts out there.


Your Optimism Might Be Stifling Your TeamLiz Wiseman

Liz explains how too much optimism from a team leader might actually stifle morale and productivity.


Playing It SafeDarryl Dash

Darryl expounds on how Jesus’ famous parable of the talents shows that how we live, and what we do with what God has given us, is really an indication of what we believe to be true about God.


Want to Grow in Your Faith? Share it!Aaron Armstrong

As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. Aaron shows that it could be applied to evangelism as well. While we may never perfect evangelism, the more we do it, the better more we will grow in our faith.


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  1. Lisa Kallies says

    I read “Eight Things to Help You Understand Introverts”, but I cannot find the article on Introverted Leadership. Please let me know where I can find it.

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