Pray for Stanley Union Church

Location: Stanley, Iowa

Pastor: Phil Rownd

Worship Time: 9:30 AM (Central Time)

Fast Facts: Stanley, Iowa is a town with a population of 125 and Stanley Union Church is reaching the lost. The culture of this small church is changing. People not steeped in religion are coming in. Long-time church members are learning to trust people of other cultures who have come to Christ and now share their worship services. Pastor Phil praises God for a congregation that is warm and welcoming to guests and new believers.

Please pray for Pastor Phil and the faithful members at Stanley Union Church. Also pray for the church’s nursing home ministry and the residents that are served.

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    Praying this morning for Pastor Phil Rownd and the good people of Stanley Union Church. I am thanking God for a church with an outward view of God’s mission among them. May they continue to receive and accept culturally dissimilar believers into their congregation and be a blessing to them.

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    Phil and Valerie Rownd serve with Village Missions, an organization dedicated to keeping country churches alive. Our mission is to “glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America.” We fulfill our mission primarily by sending called and dedicated couples to struggling rural churches and providing for them financially so that they can minister full-time in the community. If you would like to see a video about the Rownd’s ministry, called “The Ripple Effect” please click on this link:
    Rev. Brian Wechsler Executive Director Village Missions

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