Friday Is for Freebies: Raising Cain

9781586405052_cvr_web.jpgMy giveaway this Friday is the black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Study Bible, a comprehensive, easy to read, and easy to use Bible, with features and formats specifically designed to enhance your Bible study experience. You can also go to and dive right in for a complete digital experience.

This Bible has a retail price of $79.99 and features 15,000 study notes, 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies, 66 highly detailed book introductions, 62 maps, 27 topical articles, 20 charts, and 18 illustrations, all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

9780805495928Also included is Raising Cain: How the Bible Shapes the Things You Say,  a collection of insights and anecdotes about how scripture shapes the things we say, for example: “old as the hills,” “see eye to eye,” and “raising Cain”. This book is a great conversation piece and a fun testament to the Bible’s lasting influence on society.

To enter the giveaway, tell us what your favorite saying or idiom is.

The deadline to enter is midnight CDT this Saturday. We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. says

    Being raised in the rural South, I have encountered many “interesting” sayings. One that I like is, “That will preach”

    Or as it is generally pronounced “That’ll preach”

  2. says

    You children must always obey your parents, for this is what pleases the Lord.
    Colossians 3:20

    Then he returned to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them; and his mother stored all these things in her heart
    Luke 2: 51

    Mind your parents ” Jesus did .”

  3. Greg Drummond says

    “No slippers outside. Shoes outside.”
    We said this to our small kids so much that the started saying it back to us and other people.

  4. Josh says

    I have a bunch I like,
    ‘He’ll only do it once.’
    ‘Can he shuck the corn?’ (Preach)
    ‘That’ll learn ya.’
    ‘It all comes out in the wash.’

  5. John W Carlton says

    “I love you more than any other little girl in the whole wide world.” Spoken to my granddaughter Rachel. When I talk to my grandsons, I will tell them, “I love your more than any other little boy named Caleb, Mark, Andrew (depending on whom I am talking to) in the whole wide world.”

  6. says

    My wife’s grandmother used to say on hot and humid Midwest summer days – It’s hotter than a beasty roder! We have no idea what it meant – but we still use the phrase (yes, when it is not raining in the northwest it can get hotter than a beasty order!)

  7. Jessica Lindblad says

    My family has tons of sayings, but one of my favorites came from a teacher that I had in high school. He always used to tell the kids that were making up stories, “The devil is a liar!”

  8. says

    “People do what you inspect, not what you expect.”
    “You’ve got three choices: Lead, Follow or get out of the Way.”
    “When it has all been said and done, more has been said than been done.”
    and a classic – “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you find time to do it the second time.”

  9. Steph Files says

    My favorite is something my granddad taught my dad, my dad taught me, and now I’m trying to teach my kids. Whenever we would be at a buffet line my dad would say, “take what you want, but want what you take.” It was his way to make sure we didn’t waste the food and hospitality of others.

  10. robert white says

    A phrase my dad used to emphasize personal responsibility…”Every tub must rest on its own bottom. “

  11. cb scott says

    “Might as well, can’t dance” Translation: “I will go with that plan or idea, because I do not have one better at the moment.”

    “Boy’s, its root hog or die” Translation: “Fellows: we are in a hard spot here and we have no time to waste. So, let’s get busy and get this thing done ’cause good people are depending on us.”

    “Don’t cuss the fiddler, boys, ’cause we all need to hear a little music sometimes.” Translation: “Don’t be so critical of that guy, you may need his help someday, so “give him a little slack.” “Give him a little slack” is another good one.

    “It is what it is.” Translation: “I don’t know why, who, where, how, or what it is, but it is and that’s about all that can be said of it ’til we find out what it is and what to do about what it is.”

    “OK then, let’s rock&roll.” Translation: “We have done everything possible to avoid a conflict. It is time to get on with it.”

    I have a million more, ’cause my major form of communication is idiom, metaphor, and lore, heavy on the lore.

    I shall present one more:

    ROLL TIDE! Translation: It means, “Hello, how are you doing?, have a wonderful day, glad to meet you” in Alabama. It also means, “I am highly intelligent. I have always been a winner and I don’t plan to be anything else but a winner. We are number One and that is just the way it is.

    • cb scott says

      On a serious note, (there is another one)

      I have most every Study Bible produced in the English language. It is my opinion that the HCSB Study Bible is the best formatted, easy to use, with less fluff, more useable and relevant information than is any other Study Bible I know of on the market today.

      In addition I believe the is an excellent resource. Karen and I use it (especially Karen) have used it often.

      Now, if anyone in the Baptist Blog World disagrees with me, well, OK then, let’s rock&roll!

      Lastly, and forever: ROLL TIDE!!!

  12. Michael Sutherin says


    My dad asked me one day when I about 3 years old, “How much?” which meant “How much do you love me?” and my reply was “3-9″. It stuck with our family and all of my kids for 44 years now. In our family, 3-9 is the most you love someone.

  13. Michael Cooper says

    Being from the south, specifically East Texas I hear a lot of idioms.
    “Well, I’ll be spit”
    “Over yonder”
    “We’ll be seein’ ya” – usually said by an individual but using the plural “we’ll”
    “Pee or get off the pot”

  14. says

    When tucking in my kids…

    Them: I love you!
    Me: I love you more!
    Them: I love you most!
    Me: I love you to the moon!
    Them: I love you all the way up to heaven!

  15. says

    I always liked: “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.” But I like to add: “Because then you will be one mile away from them, and you’ll have their shoes!”

  16. says

    When comes to Jesus taking the wrath of God for our sins on the cross, I say this:

    God opened a can of divine whoop-butt on Jesus to take the punishment for our sins.

  17. says

    One of my new favorites is not neccesarily an idiom, but a saying. “there’s three things you’re not kinda: you’re not kinda married, you’re not kinda pregnant, and you’re not kinda saved”

  18. Julien B. Weil says

    My father-in-law deeply loved his wife, but sometimes she would do something that would strike him as a “little off the wall” and would chuckle out loud, then say loud enough for anyone who may be in the room, “So, do you think it’s been easy?”

  19. Larry Lakey says

    Up here in New England, it’s gotta be “wicked good.” I’m pretty sure the Bible didn’t shape that one, though.

  20. Abe Hodges says

    “Son, I buy you books and buy you books and all you do is eat the cover.” – pay attention, read the signs, and don’t make the same mistake twice.
    “Slow your roll” – many parents from our area in Northeast Louisiana use this phrase to mean “calm it down and behave right now”

  21. Andy Brooks says

    Mine is a take on Jesus sermon on the mount:-

    “You have heard it said ‘Where there is a will there is a way’. But I say to you where there is God’s will there is always a better way”

  22. Mike King says

    “Everyone knows something I do not know. I must find out what it is. Therefore, everyone is my teacher.”

  23. says

    From my Dad: “So we gave her the 50,000 dollars, but she was young and spent it all on bubble gum.” “she” was replaced with “he” depending on the person involved. It was intended to comment on someone’s the foolish action – not unlike the prodigal son.

  24. Brian B. says

    My youth minister’s wife used to say to us when we were complaining: “life sucks, then you die.” I’ve retained that for people who complain to me.

  25. Robbin Holman says

    “Love you all my heart”..mine and my daughter’s saying and “love you more”…both always make me smile.

  26. Drew Dabbs says

    The unofficial SBC church motto: “We met, so we ett. If we hadna ett, we woodna met.” (Yankee translation: “We met, so we ate. If we had not eaten, we would not have met.” But it’s just not the same.)

  27. Tim Powell says

    One that is used a lot and sometimes comes across as an excuse for not doing something – “it is what it is.”

  28. says

    Me: boys do you know I love you
    Boys: yeas
    Me: do you know why
    Boys: because we’re your sons
    Me: is there anything you can do to make me stop loving you?
    Boys: no
    Me: if I get upset with you does that mean I don’t love you?
    Boys: no, you still loves us just not happy with our behavior.
    Me: that’s right I love you both more than you know!

  29. Jerry Smith says

    “Do y’all”

    While in the Air Force at Chanute AFB attending tech school in 1966 I carried a pair of fatigues to the base cleaners. I asked the woman behind the counter, “Do y’all do alterations”?”

    She turned around looking behind herself, I asked, “Is something wrong?”

    She replied, “I was trying to see who was behind me.”

    I supposed I look at her as dumb stuck, & she said, “You asked ‘do y’all I had to see who was behind me.’

    Them it hit this southern boy who had made his 1st trip up north that she was mocking me so as I turned to leave, “I apologize for having disturbed y’all.”

    She them hollers out that we do alterations. I stopped, turned & said, “Them would it be disturbing for ‘y’all’ to do an alteration for a southern boy who uses the expression ‘Do y’all?”

    She answer with a no while apologizing for mocking me & I forgave her & got every pair of fatigues I had altered at that cleaners & every time I went in that door I would always say, “How are y’all doing.” & it would get a big smile for the woman who mocked me.

  30. Chris Maynard says

    My mother used to say, “Son, if you make your bed hard you’re the one who has to lie in it.”

  31. Robbie Perkins says

    A man I used to work with, when asked how he was doing would say, “If I was any better, I’d be twins.”

  32. Sarah says

    My dad (who has had a fair number of health complaints) always like to say “Life is hard, then we get to die.” In his older age, he’s been forgetting his own quote, and now it comes out “Life is hard, then we die.” Not quite the same meaning, but I like reminding him how it’s ‘supposed’ to go!

  33. Patrick says

    “Son”, my Dad would say when i was about to do something dumb – “That bulldog could whoop that skunk any day… but it just wouldn’t be worth it!”

  34. Daniel says

    “Go the extra mile” I grew up thinking it meant to try harder, but once I was saved and reading Scripture and heard someone put it together, I understood it meant try harder FOR SOMEONE. Now that I understand it better, I really love it. Don’t just try harder for the sake of trying harder, try harder for the sake of someone else.

  35. says

    Down south there are two that i enjoy: 1. For fiery preachers who throwdown gospel centered messages, “that man just shucked corn.” 2. For girls in student ministry, or any for that matter, are known to be “digging his chili.” Enjoy as you will.

  36. Mike Reed says

    My pastor used to say, (and so I say now), “The church is the spout where the blessings come out!”

  37. JW says

    Feeling the Spirit during worship isn’t just about “Getting Chicken-skinned” or “having a quiver in your liver”

  38. Michael Van Gorp says

    I’m doing finer than a frog’s hair split three ways. Heard it at youth camp this week.

  39. says

    My buddy in Bible college kept saying, “It is what it is.” So in retaliation for influencing my conversation with such an awful way, I invented a catchphrase: “Don’t trust the Hust.”

    We made t-shirts during graduation week and wore them to the student and family luncheon. 😉

  40. Prentiss Yeates says

    My Dad used to say, ” don’t take me long to look at a horseshoe ” , based on a story about a visitor at a blacksmith shop, the visitor reached in a tub of water to take a closer look at a horseshoe, grabbing then releasing the still hot metal , the smithy said, “hot”?, the visitor said, nope, just doesn’t take long for me to look at a horseshoe”.

  41. Jorge says

    My favorite saying is when someone asks me “what do you know?” And I respond to them “a whole lot of nothing!”

    Jorge Vazquez

  42. says

    I have a couple of them, but here are a few of my favorite sayings:
    “That’s for the birds”
    “So it’s been said, so it shall be”
    “I’m busier than a one armed paper hanger”
    “It’s hotter than a kangerooo in here”

  43. Scott Harmon says

    I have three favorite sayings.
    “I’m fixin’ to get ready.”
    “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
    “There’s no such thing as a bad, short meeting.” You can substitute another word of your choosing for the word “message.”

  44. Dr. Ralph Hawkins says

    Growing up in Alabama, I was often told “don’t get above your raisins,” which meant that you should not try to become “better than” those among whom you were raised. If someone went away and succeeded in some way, they would often be accused of trying to get above their raisins.

  45. T R Chase says

    “Never give up, never give in, never let the devil have the satisfaction of thinking he has you beat!”

  46. kerry collins says

    My favorite new saying is ……. we do not need another sage on a stage, what we need is a guide by our side.

    The source of that saying was Bishop Lamar Vest of the Church of God of which I am also a minister.

  47. Nancy F. says

    I think the saying I use most is “Put your big girl (or big boy as the case may be) pants on and deal with it.” I also use “it is what it is” a lot as well.

  48. Tammy D says

    In my husband’s golf group, if you leave a putt really short they say, “there’s a lotta chicken left on that bone”. Pretty funny. :)

  49. cb scott says

    Kudos and Atta-Boys to Ralton Emory!!

    “Ten Ring At A Thousand Yards!” and ten thousand other idiom congratulations to you!

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