Notable Voices – June 20, 2013

The New York Times Hides Abortion Editorial on Front PageJoe Carter

Joe exposes the less than stellar media coverage of the recent passing of a congressional bill aiming to limit late term abortions.


Want to Change the World? Sponsor a ChildBruce Wydick

This month’s cover story at Christianity Today provides hard data on the dramatic positive impact Compassion International sponsorships have on the education and welfare of children in third-world countries. In a time when many are skeptical of multimillion dollar charity organizations, Compassion continues to shine.


Recruitment vs. ReproductionPhilip Nation

Philip examines the difference in simply recruiting followers to work with you in ministry and creating leaders to grow ministries for the future.


Top 16 Worship Music TyposJon Acuff

One of the most popular posts here at is a list of funny bulletin bloopers. These worship music typos Jon has gathered are just as funny.


5 Ways that Plug-n-Playing Another Church’s Ministry Model Will Cost You Ministry ProgressWill Mancini

One of the most dangerous things a pastor or leader can do is to take what another church or group is doing and indiscriminately plug it into his context. This often results in failure, decline, and, loss. Will shares five reasons why this can be so problematic.


If You Love Words You’ll Love ThisBarnabas Piper

These “heat maps” show what terms are used across different regions of the country for drinks, groups of people, sandwiches, and more. Some of them are fascinating.

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