Notable Voices — June 27, 2013

Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian ResponseEd Stetzer

Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling continues to dominate much of the discussion online and in the media. Ed contributed this well-reasoned article to the discussion.


The Introvert PastorJared Wilson

I have an episode of Rainer on Leadership coming soon with Ron Edmondson on this topic, but Jared shares some good tips for introverted pastors as well in this interview.


5 Quick Reasons to Manuscript Your SermonsEric McKiddie

After my recent twitter poll about how long pastors preach, several commenters explained their reason for using a manuscript was to ensure a certain timeframe for their sermon. Eric lists some more good reasons for preaching from a manuscript.


7 Questions for Discouraged Pastors to Ask ThemselvesPaul Tautges

Self care is important for pastors. It’s easy for pastors to get discouraged when things just aren’t going the way you’d like them to. But Paul provides a list of questions to help pastors who are feeling discouraged.


Reflecting on Bivocational MinistryPhilip Nation

Thousands of churches are served by bivocational pastors. This position is one of the most demanding in ministry, but can also be one of the most enriching. Philip’s reflections on his current season of ministry as a bivocational pastor provide great insight into what is required of so many pastors.


Church and Ministry Website Usage



  1. says

    Really enjoy the links to various blog posts here – thanks for doing that. Also – I love the infographic here. I plan on using it in some upcoming proposals. Thanks for all the work you do through your blog and your profession.

  2. Tommy Rucker says

    What is “SEO”?
    On another note, each year, before I leave for vacation, I search the web for a church to visit while we’re away. I have had generally miserable results in finding out about SBC churches through websites. Far too many churches have no web presence, and the information on the “church search” is incomplete.
    Please, I beg you fellow pastors, get your contact information on the web! You don’t know how many people are passing you by.
    I realize that my website savvy is pretty pathetic by comparison, but at least we can be found and contacted.

    • Tammy D says

      I think it’s Search Engine Optimization. And if you are ever in the Olive Branch, MS area (just south of Memphis), please come visit us at Temple Baptist. And if our SEO is any good, you can find us online! :)

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