1. Carpo says

    God has shown me the truth, I live it every day, and it is not found in any book of man. All I can say about the bible is that the writers of it were NOT god, and ‘humans’ are the ones who compiled the bible, omitting the book of Enoch and several others, and burning the rest.
    Is this divine truth?
    Why? And how would we know for sure each person involved was truly divinely inspired?
    It is not worth arguing the ‘maybes’ in it, if the whole of it cannot be proven beyond a doubt….and since all of the books were written by different people, at different times, we have to ask ourselves why no new books have been added. And how do we know that ALL of these men were divinely inspired? Furthermore…how do we know that their stories were written down correctly? And why are so many of the biblical stories almost identical to other religions and paganism?

    So before we consider the bible to be true and accurate, we ask why ‘man’ decided which parts to leave out, and why not even christians themselves can agree on what it means. Or how to interpret it, and argue among themselves incessantly. Each group has their own customs, own interpretations and own type of teaching. I think this is fantastic, but it does not extend outside the structure of ‘Christianity’. All non believers are doomed according to many who profess to be Christians, who claim that the only way to be saved is through Jesus.
    Yet I notice that when many Christians are speaking to non believers, (like myself) they claim that the person is against God, or is an Atheist, or that they are selfish and think everything is just by chance, etc etc, and
    they leave out the Jesus part. In fact, I probably agree on many points about what a person may call ‘god’, but Jesus seems to be that barrier to communication between believers and non believers.
    They also often assume that because a person is NON Christian, they must be some kind of foolish heathen. The opposite is usually true, as the believers are usually the ones to throw the first insults to a non believer, using their religion to justify being rude and spiteful, and pushing their beliefs on others, in my personal experience.

    All of this shows me that the bible is unclear, which renders it to be flawed in it’s intention as a guide for life, and ridiculous to take literally.
    I would ask people to research the council of Nicea, as well as understand the root of the Christian holidays such as Christmas. Look at the correlation between 3 days on the cross and the sun 3 days at it’s lowest point, and how it ‘rises again’ just as Jesus did. The idea of casting your net to the ‘right side’ of the boat, so many metaphors…which IF properly understood MIGHT help us as humans. But very few bible scholars are trying to decode the metaphors and allegories, and for some reason we have fooled ourselves into believing every word literally. I wish more people would take the time to try and understand the story BETWEEN the lines, so we all might know a little more about our past.
    Don’t we know better by now? That our ancestors encoded information on stories and ideas? Of ocurse we do…why would the bible be any different?
    We need to understand where the bible comes from before we claim it to be pure literal truth in the English language.
    Many interpretations could not be translated from Hebrew easily….which forther complicates things.
    I only spend the time to write this in hopes that instead of thinking I just don’t understand the religion, you know that I have researched it deeply. I have a connection to god, I have had experiences I could never express in words….. but do not need a book to do so. I have been through many things in my life, and many years of contemplation, and I assure you that Jesus is only one of many many paths to truth and enlightenment.
    May you find yours! If you choose that religion then so be it, but respect others beliefs as their own, and as if they were your own, and you will live a much richer life.

    I am not opposed to any religion; only to the dogma associated with it which keeps others from their freedoms, such as stem cell research, abortion, etc. Religion is fine, so long as it does not interfere with other people’s way of life, but the issues are more complicated in today’s world, with so many people in so many places, all trying to get along.
    I don’t see an end to religion, nor do I want one. People need hope. And we all love to find it. But that hope need not come from one particular belief system, for there are many. And they all claim authority over what God is.
    I know that the Kingdom is within, so that is where I search. And I have found peace there. I only hope that we can all learn to be humble and respect each others beliefs, but so long as people believe there is only one path, they will only know one reality.

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