Friday Is for Freebies: Unconditional Love

unconditional-loveMy giveaway this Friday is a book and DVD entitled Unconditional Love. This film and book tell the stories of real people showing unconditional love. Let their stories serve as a call to all of us to love in this same way. God has called us to a life different from the world around us . . . a life of service to Him. But in our culture, this call has been affected by selfishness, materialism, and a lack of global focus. This film chronicles real people showing unconditional love. Let the stories of Big Oak Ranch, Kids Off The Block, Front Porch Ministry, and Blood Water Mission serve as a call to all of us to love unconditionally.

To enter the giveaway, tell us what you did to celebrate yesterday’s holiday.

The deadline to enter is midnight CDT this Saturday. We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. Tim Powell says

    Because it’s rained for 4 days and our house is being remodeled, we stayed around the house all day working. Thankful for all the blessings of life.

  2. says

    We celebrated with our church. We had ice cream and fireworks planned but the rain prevented the fireworks so we had ice cream and goodies with the church family.

  3. says

    I spent the first half with my husband until he took me to the airport. I flew back to my hometown. Over the next 5 days, I’ll be helping my mom pack and get rid of things so she can move in with my husband and me so she won’t be alone while she gets cancer treatment.

  4. Larry Butts says

    My wife and I headed out early to the beach at North Carolina’s Fort Macon State Park. On the way home we stopped at the beautiful historic town of New Bern for seafood at a local restaurant.

  5. says

    For the 4th, my wife and I invited over some church families and church prospects in order to get to know them better. We had a BBQ picnic in the back yard.

  6. Allison says

    I prepared a meal for my family and my parents. My mom played soccer outside with the grandsons and then we loaded up around 8PM to drive to the waterfront to see fireworks. Great evening with family. :)

  7. Brandon Michael says

    my wife and 3 children were invited to a friend from chrch’s family bbq at the park. After that we took our children to the country and got them some fireworks and found a place to shoot them off. Had a great family 4th!

  8. Brodie Smith says

    My wife, my son and I simply stayed at home until driving to a nearby town for a fireworks display that evening. Getting back home was quite the display as well!

  9. says

    Took my children to their first fireworks display. I am not a fan of sitting in the grass watching colorings in the air for an hour, but I am a fan of my children. The colors in the sky could not match those on my 4 yr old twins face. It seemed the joy they possessed watching freedom decorate the sky did not just drip onto me, but flowed. What a wonderful night.

  10. says

    We went to church and watched the fireworks from the mountain. We had Bloop and Chik-fil-A come up and it was a great time. Even had a guy show up and make balloon animals for all the kids.

  11. Jordan Gowing says

    Spent an absolutely beautiful day grilling and playing a quick 9 holes of golf with my brother-in-law.

  12. says

    Due to the church no longer able to support us financially and then asking us to move out of church housing by August 30th my son and I worked all day. Practicing unconditional love in this situation can be challenging. We are continuing to ask God for Faith like David, Daniel. Peter and that this faith and love will shine through our lives!

    We did all have a great chance to watch fireworks after our days in separate locations. Made for a great completion of a day!

  13. Nikole Maki says

    We celebrated our freedom with close friends and family. It rained all day, but we still had a good BBQ and spent some time reminiscing. It was great to take some time and reflect on all the great things God has done in our lives over the years!

  14. says

    Had brunch with the family, then sat around and played different card games all afternoon and watched it rain. Then watched movies together in the evening.

  15. Keith Stone says

    We had a family cook-out then later we watched fireworks with our grandsons. They were AWED! (ages 4 and 5)

  16. Scottie Tarvin says

    Slept til 8am! 3 cups of Starbucks Tribute Blend coffee. Burgers and dogs with the inlaws. Shopping with the wife. More burgers and dogs with family. Volleyball. Fireworks. Late night snack of burger and dog. Bed. Not a bad day :)

  17. Matt Brogli says

    We took our kids to a parade in the morning in a neighboring town and then went with some church members to go and see fireworks in the evening. It was a fantastic day.

  18. says

    I spent the day rejuvenating my spirit and alone time with God…slept in, hung in & by the pool, and enjoyed dinner at one of my favorite places. I enjoyed the day of quiet, cell phone off & no work. Peace and prayer for me to be courageous on this journey!

  19. says

    I went to the dwindling family reunion of my dad’s side of the family with my mom & my 2 antisocial kids. Despite a very small crowd, it was great to see my cousins & aunt.

  20. Charles Lord says

    we went for prayer walks in our neighborhood, I watched a movie, and we went for dinner and fellowship at a friend’s home

  21. Gabrielle Wheeler says

    Our family took our dogs to the dog park so that they wouldn’t be home alone. Our four daughters meet a young lady who dressed like she was from fifties. We had a cool time talking about style. She introduced them to Rockabilly style. How fun. We watched the city fireworks from where we were. At the same time there was a great lightening show going on over the mountains. Our city has been praying for rain so it was a blessed evening.

  22. says

    Coordinated and directed a community choir and band for celebration in our local park. This was the 10th year for our music ministry and musicians from other churches to come together and provide this, especially to recognize and say thak you to our veterans.

  23. Richard Jones says

    We had a our entire family for an outdoor picnic. We thanks God for Jesus, for health, and freedom.. Then we ate at like pigs . After eating we enjoyed some fireworks that were compliments of my older son.

  24. Tim Kirkes says

    Had a wonderful evening with friends, BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, cake and ice cream, watching neighborhood fireworks, sparklers and pop-its for the kids.

  25. Ginger Ilami says

    Our family went to a BBQ with good friends. Then we went to a local fireworks display benefitting the Kiwanis children’s clinic. Praising God that He is in control no matter who thinks they are in control.

  26. says

    Daily morning walk….enjoying God’s creation….grocery shopping with hubby’s help….made trip to neighboring town to take advantage of a special restaurant that we’ve been wanting to enjoy again for quite awhile….drive….daily call from youngest daughter who is giving us another grandbaby….Google chat with oldest daughter who will be moving with her family to Scotland in August….watch some TV with hubby….play some facebook Solitaire….

  27. Justin McLemore says

    I spent the day with my family. We grilled some brats, burgers and hot dogs and just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.

  28. Rachel says

    Enjoyed cooking out and shooting fireworks with family. My sons absolutely love the 4th of July!! I was happy to see them FINALLY (they had to wait a whole 4 days) get to shoot off the fireworks we bought.

  29. says

    My wife and I took our three year old daughter out to see some fireworks. They had been banned the past four years and we finally had a chance to go. Her favorite fireworks are the glittery ones.

  30. Drew Dabbs says

    Took off work. Played tennis. Cleaned house. Rested. Had my in-laws, my parents, and a cousin over for burgers. Shot some fireworks.

  31. Tammy Derryberry says

    We had a wonderful day! My hubby played golf (and played well!) and then my mom came over and we grilled out. After stuffing ourselves, we all went on a long walk with our sweet dog. :)

  32. Vinniece J. Freeman says

    My husband, 3 year old daughter & I found a new park to go to. It was finally a Sunny day in NC so we took advantage. That night we took our daughter to see her very first fireworks show downtown which she was unsure about at first but loved it. She promptly fell asleep on the way home!

  33. Brian B. says

    Most important holiday yesterday was my wife’s birthday and we celebrated with a family barbecue.

  34. Jeff Cope says

    My wife and daughter have been out of town all week, so I was on my own. Went to a cookout at our church, and then headed into Downtown Portland to wander around Powell’s City of Books for a couple hours.

  35. Jessica Lindblad says

    My family and I spent the day traveling to see my brother before he goes on his mission trip across the country.

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