Notable Voices – August 22, 2013

Healthy Churches are MessySam Rainer

Sam explains why a healthy church is one with people in all stages of spiritual life. If everyone in your church is at the same point spiritually, something is definitely wrong.


Implement a Simple Disciple-Making Strategy: The 1st Pitfall to AvoidRobby Gallaty

Robbie shares some pitfalls to avoid when forming a discipleship ministry and the importance of sticking with the plan you formulate.


The Spectacle of PreachingSteve Bezner

People love a great show. Steve looks back on the London Olympics ceremonies and shares three principles to guide preaching to our digitally-drenched, spectacle-driven age.


10 Most Admired Qualities in Leadership TodayRon Edmondson

Ron shares a list of ten qualities he has seen in the successful leaders today. The one I noticed which might not have always appeared in the list is compassion. There is a definite trend of leaders becoming more compassionate than they were in the past. Gone are the days of autocratic, abusive leaders.


Four Reasons Jesus’ Ascension MattersKeith Whitfield

In this excerpt from The Gospel Project, Keith provides four reasons we should be encouraged when reading about and meditating on the ascension of Jesus.


Social Media for Ministry: 5 Steps Before You RunTiffany Deluccia

Churches are looking to use social media more than ever before. Here are five good principles to follow when implementing a social media strategy in your church or ministry.


Three Ingredients for an Evangelistic Church CultureMichael McKinley

Evangelistic cultures are not always easy to develop in churches. Mike shares three ingredients that may help.


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    I am fairly new to your site but I am enjoying your posts. These “notable voice” posts offer fresh insights and it’s connecting me to other writers/ministries outside my normal circles. Thanks for making this available. :)

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