The First 100 Days in a New Job — Rainer on Leadership #018

Podcast Episode #018

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We hear the phrase most often associated with political offices, but the first 100 days in a new job are extremely important to the rest of your employment. You can learn so much about an organization, the expectations others have of you, and hopefully gain advice that will help prevent potential issues in the future. So in this week’s episode, Jonathan and I review a recent blogpost talking about a pastor’s first 90 days and expand on it while also relating it to secular employment. My nine steps were:

  1. Spend significant time in the Word for your sermons. (Obviously this applies more to the pastorate, but time in the Word is still important for Christian leaders.)
  2. Listen.
  3. Be visible.
  4. Be accessible.
  5. Find low-hanging fruit.
  6. Learn the powerbrokers. 
  7. Go into the community.
  8. Express your enthusiasm about being their pastor.
  9. Don’t speak badly about your previous church. 

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