What Non-Christians Think of Christians — Rainer on Leadership #020

Podcast Episode #020

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One of the most polarizing posts recently on the blog was one on what non-Christians think about Christians. So in this week’s podcast episode, Jonathan and I expound on that topic and the discussion that surrounded the post. The four points conveyed to me through blog comments from non-Christians were:

  1. Demonstrate Respect and the Interest of Others
  2. Don’t Condescend and Discriminate
  3. Really Care about the Non-Christian and Show It
  4. Demonstrate Compassion and Respect

I had already received much of this same feedback when Nellie Jo and I were researching and conducting interviews for our book The Unexpected Journey. Over the years, it seems that opinions of Christians haven’t changed much from before.

Finally, since this weekend is the opening weekend of college football, we just had to address that as well. Roll Tide.

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  1. says

    Bro. Thom
    Thanks so much for the excellence of the work you do. As a local church preacher for 38 years, I appreciate the helpfulness you provide for the ministry.
    I’m sure this blog was indeed “polarizing”, maybe because most Christians – although we try hard to interest outsiders in the gospel – realize that most of the “world” will always hate us no matter what we do. They’re offended by us (and Christ) at such a deep level that they can’t even truly explain it.
    Therefore, our efforts to constantly adjust our behavior to please the world have become tiring and frustrating.

  2. Mick says

    Your ministry: the website, books, interaction is appreciated. Thank you. Sensing your focus is to glorify God and to be used by Him, I am disheartened that fellow believers would voice their citicism toward you.

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