Notable Voices – September 5, 2013

5 Short but Powerful Statements for LeadersBrad Lomenick

This is a short post, but it is a powerful post. Leaders, memorize these. Use them. Your leadership will benefit from it.


8 Effective Ways to Follow Up With Guests at Your ChurchRich Birch

Often, churches focus so much on simply getting guests to attend, they fail to prepare for the “what next” moment. Don’t let that happen to your church.


9-Point Battle Plan for TemptationMicah Carter

Last week on the blog, Jay Dennis shared a post on pastors and pornography. I realize that is a very real temptation for not just pastors, but congregants as well. Micah shares nine ways to battle temptation.


5 Important Attitudes to Embrace at WorkDaniel Darling

After celebrating Labor Day earlier in the week, it’s only appropriate to include a link to a post on the attitudes we should embrace at work.


Ten Things I’ve Learned on TwitterEd Stetzer

Ed crossed the 100,000 Twitter follower threshold earlier this week. To celebrate, he shared 10 things he’s learned on Twitter.


6 Lessons I Learned as a Rookie PastorR.D. McClenagan

Yesterday I shared 30 things I’ve learned in my 30 years of ministry. Many of them echo R.D.’s sixth things he learned as a rookie pastor.

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