Please Pray for Henry Blackaby and His Family

UPDATED: Dr. Henry Blackaby’s family has just reported that Dr. Blackaby has been found. Thank you to all who have prayed today. This is truly an answer to prayer. Here is the tweet from his son Mel:

This morning we learned of an urgent prayer request for noted author and pastor Henry Blackaby. Dr. Blackaby lives in the Atlanta area and has been missing since yesterday. His son Richard tweeted this morning:

UPDATE:  Georgia police are still searching for Dr. Blackaby and his car, a 2010 Lincoln MKZ with Georgia tag ATP 6956. 

Please join me and the LifeWay family in praying for his safe return to his family, and for strength for his wife, Marilynn, and his sons and other family.

Dr. Thom S. Rainer
President & CEO
LifeWay Christian Resources


    • Debra Caltagirone says know every hair on his head.. Not a sparrow falls without your knowledge .. All things in heaven and on earth was created by you.. Nothing is to hard for you!!! Give insight and knowledge to aa those in search of toe child nothing is hidden in your eyes father give your peace and your confidence to all the family and friends that nothing is to hard for and in your control for all us that trust in you, in Jesus powerful name!

      • Natica Stoddard says

        Thanks for this info. I had no idea. This was posted last Sept. Please let me know
        how he and his family are doing! Thanks. We met in Vermont! Several years ago
        fondly, Natica

    • Priscilla and Gary Bean says

      In Prayer for Dr Blackaby, he is an awesome man and we were blessed to meet him when he was in Cabot, Ark. We felt such peace around him. He is such a Godly man just lifted him up in prayer. Praying for safety and immediate finding him.
      In Christ
      Priscilla and Gary

    • Cheryl Henney says

      I’m praying for Mr. Blackaby and his family. For me, the unknown is the worst place to be.
      Lord, you know where, how and when this disappearance happened so I’m asking if you’d please have somebody spot the whereabouts of this Godly man who has influenced millions of people worldwide.
      He’s is dire need of insulin so everyone have eyes to see, ears to hear, and report anything that could lead
      to finding Mr. Blackaby. If there’s been foul play, may God expose the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
      “Be sure your sin will find you out” “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” Lord, your
      will be done. Heartsick.

    • yuri zozulya says

      Praying that God will provide Brother Henry with a Good Samaritan that will help him in Jesus name.
      Oh, Eternal Father, please bring him home safe.

  1. says

    “Father, You know where our brother is. You know your plans for this humble and faithful servant. We pray for his safety and swift return. Empower, enrich, and comfort his family by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

    Make it so, I ask for Your glory and our joy.


  2. Martha Pullen says

    Oh I am praying so for Jesus to find him safely. I love Dr. Henry and Marilyn sooooo much. Jesus please help. Jesus we need a miracle in finding Dr. Blackaby. Please!!

  3. Clay Cartwright says

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby and his family. The writings of Dr. Blackaby have done so much in my own personal walk with God. Father please place your angels of protections around him at this time.

  4. Eddie Thompson says

    Father, you know all things, and you know where you servant Henry at this very moment. Protect him , reveal where he is, give him strength and courage.

  5. Dorothy Furbay says

    Please check with local law enforcement to check holding cells. If he has had a diabetic incident and does not wear a medical alarm bracelet – he may have been erroneously incarcerated for DUI or public intoxication. This happened to my cousin in Florida several years ago, we were blessed that he was found, but it old have been a tragic ending!

  6. says

    Praying for us to have the eyes of Jesus down here on this earth so Dr. Blackaby can be found safe and in time to administer medication for his diabetes. I pray for strength for the family, and for The Lord to shelter Dr. Blackaby until he is found. I await the glorious news of his return to his family! We know you have the power, Almighty Father, and we ask you to intervene!

  7. Donna West says

    I’m taking “Experiencing God” class at my church right now by Dr. Blackaby and it is truly transforming my life. My prayers go out to him and his family. May he be found safe and unharmed.

  8. Kelleen Little says

    Ps 20
    May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you!2 May he send you help from the sanctuary and give you support from Zion!3 May he remember all your offerings and regard with favor your burnt sacrifices! Selah
    4 May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!5 May we shout for joy over your salvation and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!
    6 Now I know that the Lord saves his anointed; he will answer him from his holy heaven with the saving might of his right hand.7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.8 They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright.
    9 O Lord, save the king! May he answer us when we call. ESV

    • Tammy says

      Yes, praying His Word over one of His most faithful servants and my brother in Christ. May the “God of angel armies” surround Him right now and enemy who may coming against him see this army of protection. May our Jehovah Raphe bring supernatural healing in place of the needed insulin. May the Prince of Peace rule in his heart and mind, as well as in the hearts & minds of his family members and staff.

  9. Wayne Dabney says

    Lord, we pry for the safe and quick return of Dr. Blackaby. Comfort his whole family. His influence on me is tremendous. May your will be done. Thank you Lord!

  10. Marinus and Corinne says

    Praying for the beloved man of God. Wherever he is, He is in God’s hands. Praying for grace and comfort for his family.

  11. Belora says

    Father in the Name of Jesus bring any searchers to the spot where he is. In case his car went off the road let everyone be drawn to that spot. I speak life & healing to Henry in the Name of Jesus! Lord surround him with your Angels & bring more Angels to his rescue in Jesus Name!

  12. Pam says

    Praying for all the family and the law enforcement who are searching for Dr. Blackaby. May God’s hand be on all and on Dr Balckaby . Father help them to find him soon.

  13. Myra says

    Come Lord Jesus and rescue our Christian brother. Bring a Mighty Army of Ministering Angels to minister and Gardian Angels to protect and guard over him! Speak Lord Jesus –

  14. says

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  15. Melissa says

    My thoughts & prayers go out to Dr. blackaby for a safe return & to his whole extended family that God will give the peace and he will be found safe & from harm.

  16. Lynn Gaynor says

    Adding my prayers to all those of the family of God for his safe return. He isn’t lost from God’s sight, may He
    soon deliver him back to his family & give his family peace as they wait.

  17. Marnie Simpson says

    Heavenly Father,
    I pray that Dr. Blackaby is not in any pain or discomfort at this time. If he is unconscious due to his lack of medicine, I pray that someone find him quickly and return him to where he belongs- either with his family or to the care of a physician. Pls flood his family with your blessings during this time of uncertainty and extreme concern. I ask this in the matchless name of your son Jesus Christ.

  18. Denise Simon says

    The Simon family is praying for Henry to be found this afternoon and for his wife Marilynn and their family. We have been so blessed by Henry and all that we have learned from him. Our love to the Blackaby family. “The Lord is good to all. He has compassion on all He has made.” ~Psalm 145:9

  19. Sonya says

    I pray for the angels of the Lord to encamp around and about Dr. Blackaby in Jesus Name. I cover Dr. Blackaby with the Blood of Jesus. I pray for a safe return, and that no harm, hurt, or danger will come nigh his dwelling. Lord, I pray that you will lead the law enforcement to find Dr. Blackaby unharmed and well in Jesus Name. Lord, I pray that you will comfort the family in this difficult time. I thank you Lord for watching and working over this situation in Jesus Name.

  20. Suzanne says

    Does he have a cell phone, it can be traced if it has battery left, does he have a newer car with Onstar? also could be traced. Hoping for a good update.

  21. Mildred Erum says


  22. Tracy says

    I saw this on Facebook this afternoon and it REALLY Freaked me out! Yesterday afternoon, the LORD brought Dr. Blackaby to my thoughts. For no reason I just thought about him and his ministry in my life with Experiencing God a few years ago! WOW! Praying for him safe return and his wife.

  23. Gina Fleming says

    Sending prayers to the Most Mighty and High – so to protect Dr, Blackaby and for his family to have clear discernment and a peace that surpasses all understanding. I have always so admired Dr. Blackaby, as Experiencing God is my favorite Bible Study…and now to see his son come alongside as a wonderful example of passing the baton of legacy. Please Lord, protect this faithful servant that has so shown he is a man after your own heart. Bring him back to his family unharmed and still able to do as you would have him do. As you know, Lord, he is treasured beyond measure by so many…take good care of him now in this time of need…let him experience his God as never before and live to share your glory once again.

  24. Joann says

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby’s safe return. Our Jesus knows all things and he knows just what Dr. Blackaby is in need of at this very moment. Jesus, we ask that where ever Dr. Blackaby is just now that you meet his needs, protect him and bring him safely home to his family. In the name of Jesus, we ask these things.

  25. Dale Wooten says

    May God bless the family in this trying time. My wife and I lift up our prayers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is able to deliver Dr. Blackaby. He has been an inspiration for me and a blessing for untold multitudes.
    May God hear our cry.

  26. donna kwiatkowski says

    “I will never leave you or forsake you”, Henry. Lord, show the rest of us where Henry is for we know he is in your care somewhere. Praying for assurance, peace and guidance for Henry’s family.

  27. Richard Brady says

    I have just recently read “Experiencing God at Home.” What an inspirational and encouraging book. I am praying for his safe return, restored to his normal self, and for his family at this time. Our Sovereign God is in control, knows where he is, and has a purpose in this.

  28. Becca Leader says

    So sorry to hear of this. Definitely praying for Henry and family. Jesus, you have Henry in Your hands. Please let his family feel Your comfort in this situation. In the name of Jesus, I bind all evil intents from Henry. I ask that you put a hedge of protection around this man and bring him to safety. In Christ’s Holy name—Amen

  29. says

    Dear God, The spiritual battle raging around us is real and fierce. (Eph. 6:12 Thank you, Lord, for our bodies that serve us well and for the strength you give us each day. Help protect our dear brother Dr. Blackaby and bring him back safely home. In Jesus precious name, amen!

  30. Shirley Megason says

    • Shirley Megason says

      Also, pls remember Henry & Marilynn’s daughter Carrie, husband Wendel & grandchildren in Germany. This has to be even harder being away from home.

  31. Dianne Woody says

    Psalms 32:7 – Thou aren’t my hiding place, thou preserve me from trouble, thou compass me with songs of deliverance. Prayers for Mr. Blackaby!

  32. Bill Hays says

    We will be praying for his safe return and for the family as they wait. We have heard him in several conferences and really do appreciate his faithfulness.

  33. Lorna Hall says

    Lord, God, in Heaven, please bring this search to an end quickly. Our hearts are heavy waiting for good news about our dear brother in Christ. Comfort his family and the
    family of faith as we try to patiently wait. We trust in your sovereignty and love. We need your peace. In Jesus’ name.

  34. Dianne Thomas says

    Praying for Dr. Blackaby’s health & safe return. Lord, please be with him & his family & friends awaiting his safe return, in Jesus’ name!

  35. Amy Sharp says

    Prayers for the best outcome: a safe, healthy return to his family, loved ones, friends,and those who appreciate his ministry so much!

  36. says

    Lord, Please protect Henry Blackaby, do not let him suffer Lord. Let him experience the peace of your presence that he so exudes in his own countenance. Lord please give wisdom and eyes to see to those who are searching for him. Lord, please allow this to come to an end that honors You!!

  37. Kim Schwab says

    Prayers for all. Psalm 62:1. My soul waits quietly for The Lord only…. We can wait on The Lord quietly because He is adequate, He is faithful, He is wise, He is sufficient, He is loving, He cares about us and He is trustworthy! He is with Dr. Blackaby and with you, his family. As David said, We can wait quietly for The Lord!! Thanks to The Lord who through Dr Chas Stanley, shared this message today.

  38. Charles says

    Father in Heaven, we lift this godly man up to you in prayer. You are sovereign and in control. Locate out dear brother. Bring glory to your Name. Comfort and strengthen the Blackaby family. Give them your peace. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  39. Joyce (Mrs. Adrian) Rogers says

    My family and I have been praying all day long for the safe return of Dr. Blackaby and for great peace for his wife and family.

  40. Louise says

    We just attended a local church musical of Experiencing God, which featured a video of Dr. Blackaby. Our church did the Bible study a few years ago. We are praying.

  41. Freeda Brewer says

    Oh Lord, please place Your Angels and protect this wonderful man that belongs to you. I have pictures of him holding my grandbaby in 2004. Also other pictures of him and his wife with my son and daughter in law. . I attended a prayer conference he led in New Mexico. Have taught his book Experiencing God several times and still use it. A Mighty Man of God. Protect Him right this minute. In Jesus’s name. Amen

  42. Jessica Taylor says

    Father God,
    You are sovereign and all-powerful, and You hear the cries of Your people. Nothing is too difficult for You. We cast our cares upon You for You care for us. Thank You for the life of Dr. Blackaby and for Your favor and grace that rests upon he and his family. May You intervene on their behalf during this difficult time. May You sustain them and consume them with Your grace, peace, and love. If Dr. Blackaby has not been located, please guide him and those who are looking for him that he may be found and may he receive wise, loving, effective and immediate care. May You grant Dr. Blackaby help in his time of trouble.. May You consume Dr. Blackaby and his family with Your grace, peace, and love. May You be glorified through Christ through this trial, and may You strengthen the Blackaby family and their friends in the Lord with Your compassion, comfort, and abiding peace. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  43. BF and Jan Risinger says

    Our hearts and prayers are with him and your family. We know God is in control, and how precious he is in God’s sight.

  44. Bev says

    Praying for the safe return of Dr Blackaby. May God be with him and all his family. God works in mysterious ways. I have just picked up my Experiencing God book ( we are on the last lesson) and I was just going over it and picked up my IPad to use for bible references when I saw this posting. God be with all those out looking for him.

  45. Jimmie Denley-Rankin says

    I have been blessed through the years with Dr. Blackaby’s studies. I am praying for his protection and that he will be found safe soon. My heart goes out to his family. Not knowing is so very difficult. May God bring them peace in the midst of this raging storm.

  46. Becky Denton says

    Dear Jesus you are God Almighty All Powerful All Present All Knowing – i know you are right with Dr. Blackaby because you promised you would be. Lord God reveal his whereabout’s to those in authority. Lord bring to light what is now in the dark. Lord lead the authorities to the right place. Move your people Lord as your soldiers are searching. Guide them, give them insight, wisdom, discernment. Open up doors that need to be opened. Close the doors that are not if help. God give your aid in every aspect that is needed. We trust you for solutions and resolution. We trust in You and in You Word that says they were at their wits it and you calmed their storm and guided them to their desired haven. Calm the storm Lord by guiding the right ones to Henry in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen

  47. says

    Heavenly Father, please be with Mr. Blackaby and his family. He is such a blessing to everyone. He has taught me a lot about being a Christian. Watch over him and his family. In Jesus Holy name I pray. Amen.

  48. says

    I am so burdened for Dr. Henry Blackaby and his family! It was such a shock to hear this awful news today that he is missing!! My prayer is for God’s special hedge of protection to be around him at this very moment and that his family experience that peace that passeth all understanding especially during this very difficult time! To the Blackaby family my special thoughts and prayers are with you!! Dr. Henry Blackaby “Experiencing God” tranformed my life years ago when our church went through the study. That was in 1998 and i have been growing in my faith ever since. Thank you Dr. Henry Blackaby!!! May the Lord bring you back home safely to your family very soon! Thank you Lord for looking out for this true servant of yours!!!

  49. says

    Father, you are the God who sees! You see Henry Blackabee right now. Shine your light on him, so others can find him and bring him home. Let someone see him who knows him. He is a man who loves you with all of his heart, mind, and soul. Honor him right now and bring him back to those who love him. “The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He shall deliver them.” Psalm 34:7 Thank you for your deliverance and protection. We love you, Lord, and put all our trust in You, for You are worthy. In the mighty name of Jesus.

  50. says

    Henry is one of the most important persons in my growth as a believer and I know as you all know The Heavenly Father knows exactly where Henry is and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the second person
    to fly off into the sunset……..

  51. Judy Houle says

    Father, as night falls, may the light of Your Spirit illuminate the path to this humble servant and child of Yours. Keep him safe in Your care and bring him safely home.


  52. says

    “Oh, Lord, the God who saves me … I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever … I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” Ps88:1, 89:1

    Thank you, Lord, for the safe return of Henry Blackaby!!!

  53. yuri zozulya says

    Thank you, Lord for Brother Henry for his life and that he is now safely home. Bless the Lord oh my soul, bless His holy name. Truly, it is an answer to many prayers from around the world. Brother Henry, you may not remember me (Yuri ) but we live and minister in Lugansk, Ukraine. We met in September of 1993 at Cedars of Lebanon Labor day weekend of serious preaching and teaching there through a pastor Gary Hilliard from Seattle, WA. My wife and I immediately began to pray for you last night here (day in the US) and this morning we rejoice. I have not bee to facebook for a while but when I saw the urgent prayer request to pray for you – we right away began asking the Father to help.
    May you recover fully and continue in His way. God bless you and your family.

    • Becca Leader says

      We praise You, O Lord, for the safe return of our brother in Christ, Henry Blackaby. We thank you, Abba, for all of the prayers that You answered. I praise You for keeping him safe until the time came for him to be found. You alone, are all powerful, and we praise You.

  54. Diane says

    So thankful to GOD for keeping him safe, and preserving his life. Bless the LORD, o my soul! So glad for all of is family and friends, too…..rejoicing with you! Bless the LORD for ALL His goodness!

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