Leading on the Emotional PlateauSam Rainer

Pastoring a church comes with plenty of highs and lows. It also comes with extended periods of time on emotional plateaus. Sam shares three things leaders can do while leading on the plateau.


Three Lessons for Cross-Cultural EvangelismJohn Folmar

In the past, cross-cultural evangelism was mostly a focus of those headed overseas. But as our country has become more and more diverse, it’s something those of us in America need to be more familiar with and better equipped at.


New Pastor AdviceJason Helopoulos

Dozens of blog posts could be written on what one should do as a new pastor. But Jason’s advice is probably the best a new pastor could follow: Start slow.


5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Every WeekMike Mobley

A healthy relationship with your spouse requires good communication. For those of you who are married, weekly—or maybe even daily—conversations like Mike outlines would be beneficial.


18 Obstacles to Personal Devotions in the Digital AgeDavid Murray

Bible reading and prayer have become somewhat difficult to maintain in the digital age. David lists some of the obstacles we face in trying to make prayer and Bible reading a regular part of our lives.


How 6 Faithful, But Not-Famous Pastors Prepare Their SermonsEric McKiddie

Last week, Eric shared how long a few well-known pastors spent in sermon prep. This week, he asks six not-as-famous pastors the same question.

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