This article did not come easy. Even as I write it, I wonder if my motivations are pure.

I will soon ask you to pray for me as I share the gospel with someone. But I fear that my motive may come across as boastful, as if I am trying to show you how spiritual I am by this act. I’ve known a few “notch-belt” Christians; I hope I am not one.

Frankly, I know myself too well to even hint that I have attained a good measure of spiritual growth. At age 58, I still have a long way to go.

So, please allow me to share the story that led to this pending encounter.

Thirty Years Ago

The year was 1983. I had left the world of banking and business to go to seminary. I took a secular job to support my family. That is where I met “Jim” (not his real name).

I felt an immediate friendship with Jim. He was straightforward, unpretentious and, beneath a gruff exterior, very kind. He was twelve years older than I; and he took me under his wing in the workplace.

Jim, by his own admission, was not a Christian. He had many questions for me. I did my best to answer them. He allowed me to share the gospel with him freely.

But when I left that job in 1986, Jim still was not a Christian. And I am ashamed to admit that I lost track of him.

Then the phone rang 27 years later.

Back to the Future

Jim discovered that we both lived in Nashville, so he contacted me just a few days ago. His words were as straightforward as always. He wanted to pick up on the gospel conversations we had not finished over a quarter of a century earlier.

We had dinner together. It was if we had seen each other yesterday rather than 27 years ago. And Jim still had a lot of questions about the Bible, Jesus, and his own salvation. We both agreed to continue our conversations in the days and weeks ahead.

Then, on Wednesday of this week, I got another phone call.

It was Jim.

The Diagnosis

He told me calmly but with deep concern that he had just received tough news. He had been diagnosed with a disease that would take his life in two to three years without treatment. He might make it ten years with aggressive treatment. At age 70, Jim was leaning toward no treatment.

His next words were not unexpected. If I had time, he wanted to meet with me soon.

I can’t believe he even asked if I had time.

Who Is Jim?

Jim is wealthy. He is very intelligent. He is married with no children. He is my friend.

I really love Jim as a friend. God has given me a big heart of love for him.

And he has honest questions. He does not try to win a debate. He just wants answers. And he told me in our last conversation that his major challenge is having sufficient belief. He says he wants to believe; but he has not been able to believe.

The Meeting Tomorrow

We will get together at my home at 1:00 pm tomorrow (Sunday, November 3, 1:00 pm CST). Jim will have a lot of questions.

My heart is breaking for my friend. As I write this article, tears are falling from my eyes. I so much want him to know Jesus, His love, and His peace. My burden is heavy.

I realize that I cannot save Jim; only Christ can. And I realize that this type of article is not what I am supposed to write on the blog. I am supposed to give to you the readers. But in this article, I am asking.

I am asking for your prayers. For me. Far more though, for Jim.

Believe me, I know the power of prayer. And I know how many great prayer warriors there are who visit this blog.

Forgive me for my self-centeredness in this blog, but would you pray for me? Would you pray for Jim?

Please, would you pray for Jim?

Thank you.


  1. Jonathon Grant says

    My friend and brother in Christ, I am praying for you and “Jim” right now.

    I encourage you to remember that the gospel is sufficient and stands all by itself. Share it freely and completely. God is already doing a work in this man’s heart and he is seeking truth. Lift Jesus up and He will draw Jim to Himself.


  2. says

    Praying for Jim to have ears to hear what the spirit is saying, the drawing of the spirit. And for you to speak with wisdom and compassion, to speak the very words the Lord would have you to speak.

  3. says

    What a moving post. I will be praying for your conversation with Jim. May God prepare his heart & mind so that the words you share fall on fertile ground. May God help his unbelief. This post also convicted me to remember to pray for those that have been in my past that may not yet believe. I am grateful that you shared this need for several reasons. Not self-centered at all in my opinion. Jim is blessed to have a friend that is willing to carry this burden & to ask others to pray. May God move in & through you. May Jim find our Savior Who has been waiting & will sustain him in the days ahead.

  4. Chaplain Ruth says

    Hello, I have been receiving your blog for a little while. I just wanted to encourage you in a couple of things. The Bible tells us to bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. We all need to encourage and build one another up in Christ. I will be praying for you and your friend. I am a prophet, that is my calling so I look at situations a bit differently than say an Evangelist would. I see the demonic kingdoms behind what is keeping people from God. I want to encourage you that God is a big God and he can do the impossible. Spending a little bit of time in warfare against the spirit of pride over this mans life will help your conversations tremendously. I know I am preaching to the choir but I’m just encouraging a brother in Christ. When you pray take back the ground that satan has stolen from your friend. He has to listen to you for you are the man of God.
    In His Service

  5. Allen Reger says

    Brother, you give so much. I, for one, don’t think it at all self-centered for you to ask this. I count it an honor and privilege to pray for you and for Jim. I’ll do that right now.

  6. says

    Dr. Rainer:
    Our Sunday School Class will be praying for you & Jim tomorrow .
    Your description of Jim makes me think he is intelligent,a reader, and thinker. If your friendship suffers from the Mark 6:4 syndrome, consider leaving him a copy of “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis. Prayerfully, Jim may draw the same conclusion as Lewis did.

  7. Scott Cassel says

    Dr Rainer –

    I will pray for you, and for Jim. In fact, how about now?

    I lift Dr. Rainer and his long-time friend to you, Lord. You have blessed both of these men with the other in their lives, and now it seems there is one more act of care and compassion to be done. Give Thom calm and peace, knowing you will be the guide of this encounter. Create a space of holy ground for them to stand, and allow them to experience your Spirit so powerfully that the blessing of salvation is experienced.

    Thank you God, for the gift of friendship and for the gift of helping others to see you through us. It is a privilege to be a part of Kingdom growth, and to you we will always point, giving the honor. Under the banner of Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

  8. says

    I usually read, but rarely comment. However, this post gripped my heart. I will pray for you and for Jim. Jesus wants Jim to be saved even more than you do. I praise Him for that. I know the ache of wanting someone I love to know Jesus. I will pray that Jim could be like a little child and believe with all his heart. I will eagerly anticipate Jim’s acceptance of Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to participate in Jim coming to know Jesus.

  9. says


    I pray that you would use Thom as an instrument of Your love and Your Word. That he would simply be a vessel for your use. You say to ask for wisdom and it would be given if asked in faith and no wavering, so I ask you in Jesus Name to give Thom wisdom and a ear to hear your voice to know what and when to speak. You Word does not come back void, but it accomplishes that which it is sent to do, so I ask that Thom would speak Your Word in Faith and that the conviction of the Holy Spirit would come forth.

    I pray that you give Jim ears to hears what your Spirit is saying and faith to receive the pure Word of God. You say that faith comes from haring and hearing the Word of God, so as Thom shares Your Word I thank you that faith will rise within his heart to receive salvation. In Jesus Name! Amen!

  10. says

    I Absolutely will pray for this encounter. God obviously is using you in a mighty way in Jim’s life, so don’t be hesitant about asking us and having it seem like a “notch in the belt”. (But, I appreciate where you are coming from) Thanks for sharing with us, so that we too may be used by God through prayer to touch Jim’s life with a real and personal relationship with Christ. God alone saves, but isn’t it wonderful that God includes us in the process. :-)

  11. Don McCutcheon says

    Thank you for my friend and his passion for You, the gospel and his friend, Jim. Fill his heart and mind with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit as he shares with Jim. Draw Jim to yourself amd speak so clearly to him that he would confess and believe in Jesus as Lord.
    In the powerful name of Jesus.

  12. Nancy says

    Lord God Almighty, I ask Your blessings upon Thom, but even more so upon Jim. I know that You desire that none are lost and I also know that You do not force anyone to believe, I pray that You will set the stage so perfectly that Jim can see clearly that You are and that he only needs to believe. Bless us all, Lord, that we might welcome Jim as a new brother in the faith. Put the words in Thom’s mouth that Jim really needs to hear. Let Jim feel Your love, mercy, and grace coming through Thom. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

  13. Charles says

    Reading your blog, it struck me how deeply you want your friend, Jim, to love Christ. I am stricken by the realization of how much more our God loves each one of us! Rest and be comforted in knowing what lengths God went to to save us. Speak His love and trust His Word and let His love shine through your spirit. Jim will see Him through you! God promises!

  14. Larry Elrod says

    Thom, Klaudia and I will pray for Jim and for you. Then, as our church meets to pray for the lost by name, we will pray for Jim and for you again at 8:45 AM MST. Please don’t feel selfish and please don’t apologize. If you only blogged prayer requests for a lost person to be saved, it would be pleasing to God. Obviously the Holy Spirit is moving in both of you.

  15. Scott Davis says


    Never hesitate to ask us, your readers, for prayer. We are here because we recognize that in you abides a gentle and sincere heart for God. This is one of the beauties of the internet – it gives us the ability to rally millions of prayer warriors to pray for the soul of one man who Jesus died for. Your story about Jim made me weep as well, because it is a story about all of us who have been graciously forgiven and cured of the “cancer” of sin by a loving God and Savior.

    I appreciate your sincerity and transparency. I have lifted you and your friend Jim up to God.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Rev. Scott Davis

  16. shelly johns says

    Thom, may the Spirit of the living God open Jim’s eyes eyes so that he will see and then accept the gift of salvation waiting for him. May you share boldly and clearly, using all that God has equipped you with for such a divine appointment as this.

  17. Mark says

    If it’s okay, I will read a portion of your post during prayer time in service tomorrow and we will pray as a congregation for you and for Jim.

  18. Dave Highfield says

    I will support you with prayer. It’s encouraging that your friend is able to make his own health care decisions as well as his faith decisions.

  19. simply sue says

    tom, Let God use you. Praying for you!!!!!! Praying for Jim.

    I experienced being in the presence of God working as an 85 year old lady with pancreatic cancer gave her life
    to the Lord this week in a hospital room. I had no idea that I would be there at that moment and would use me. I stand in awe of God’s ways. Luke 15, Ps 103

  20. Barb says

    praying Heb. 11:1…”Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see……” That The Holy spirit would enable”Jim” to become sure…….that He would find hope in Christ…….and that He could be certain of what His intelligent mind can not see…… Believe me , you have “given” on this blog right now….we are all honored to pray…..and you have spurred us on to continue to do what Jesus came here to do… reach out to those who don’t know Him yet.

  21. Darrell says

    Dr. Rainer, the thing I appreciate about your blog even more than your insight is your humility and honesty. You and your friend are definitely in my prayers.

  22. Heartspeak says

    Before I was halfway through your post, my own eyes were welling up. After all the words we read, speak and write, the absolute main desire of our hearts is to have the privilege of sharing Christ with another person who is seeking to know our Saviour. My prayer is not only for you and Jim but for each of us to experience this joy! I have no doubt regarding the outcome!

  23. Ashley says

    As your reader, this is exactly what I want to hear!! The Gospel is real! It changes and transforms lives, eternally!! I’m so thankful that you let us in on this so we can lift you both up in prayer! My heart aches for those who don’t know, especially dear friends of ours that we love. Lifting you all up today and tomorrow! Thanks for sharing :)

  24. says

    Thom, I pray that God will give you the words that Jim needs to hear for God’s truth to penetrate his heart and mind. Speaking from my own conversion experience from atheist to Christian in my early 40s, I can guess that his heart is already ripe based on his desire to know more. I will also venture to say that Jim may already believe and is seeking confirmation and encouragement before confessing with his mouth. Chances are very good that Jim has already spoken to God in prayer, perhaps even asking for signs. Keep speaking with him and, most of all, keep loving him with the love of Christ.

  25. Linda says

    Praying for the Holy Spirit to open your friend’s heart & for God to give you the words & emotional strength that only He can give.

  26. Kevin Rettig says


    There is nothing wrong with asking for prayer when so much is at stake for Jim. This is not a message of boasting, but of concern for the spirit of a friend, and there is no more noble goal than the sincere desire to see a person come to faith in the Lord Jesus. Such a desire can only be fulfilled as we pray and sincerely expect God’s Holy Spirit to draw others to the foot of Jesus’ cross. I am praying for Jim to bend his knees and confess faith tomorrow in Jesus, not just as his Savior, but most importantly, as his Lord.

  27. John Wells says

    Praying for the Holy Spirit to go ahead of you to prepare you and Jim’s heart for salvation. Praying that Jim’s mind will get out of the way and that Jim will open his heart and receive Jesus Christ!

  28. Deborah says

    I don’t think your request was selfish at all – you’re a willing vessel asking fellow believers to pray that God to uses you to bring another one of His children to faith. I’m praying for you to have the right words and for your friend to be receptive and come to Christ.

  29. says

    God’s the only One Who knows the outcome of this, and that’s really enough. And I see a lot more about loving your neighbor and being concerned for others than I do about Spiritual accomplishments, in the Bible, so you’re on pretty solid footing, I’d say, Dr. Rainer.

    Inasmuch as God said He’s the One that draws, and He’s the one that gives the increase, I’d say He’s trustworthy in this case, too.

    Oh .. I think God would say you did well, regardless of the outcome of all this, because it was in your heart.

  30. Steve Richie says

    Thanks for sharing this, Thom. I have prayed and will be praying for you and especially for Jim. May the Lord use you (as he already has) in His bringing Jim to faith. The angels are already gathering for the celebration. God bless you, my brother.

  31. Jo says

    Dear Dr Rainer
    I prayed for my husband to be saved for 18 years. In the last 2 years, things really shifted and he wanted to believe but being a logical thinker and a police detective for many years he found it difficult. A year ago our church ran an Alpha course and he decided to go along. Around week 5 or 6 there was a session about the fact that you don’t have to understand everything before you believe but rather that you can choose to believe and understanding will follow. This was a revelation to my husband so he took the step to believe in Jesus even though he didn’t understand everything about Him (which is really true for all of us!). Once he stepped out and believed, understanding began to flow and a year later he’s flourishing as a Christian. I hope this helps when you meet with Jim. I’m praying for the great Holy Spirit to open the eyes of his understanding as he chooses to believe.

  32. KEWoodruff says

    Dr. Rainer,
    I appreciate your willingness to ask us to lift you and Jim in prayer. Know that you can always come to us, when in need. Blessings my brother!

  33. Bill Smith Jr says

    We will be praying, and no apology necessary as by your request God has stirred my own heart for those who I need to continue the same conversation with (some recent but many over the years).

  34. Kris Theobald says


    I am praying that God would give you the wisdom to answer your friends questions honestly, and in a spirit of love. I am also praying he would be enlightened by the Holy Spirit so that he would see that it’s not the size of his faith that matters, but who it is you are calling him to believe on that matters. Sometimes people get so hung up on the complexity of the deep things of God, that they miss the simple truth of the Gospel. Don’t let Satan leave you running down rabbit trails Thom, answer his questions, but what he truly needs is just the simple truth of the Gospel. God bless!

  35. Leanne says

    I pray that you are able to open yourself, empty yourself and allow God to use you tomorrow. I pray that God will give you ears to hear “Jim’s” questions and that He will give you the words to answer them. I pray this in Jesus precious name. Amen x

  36. Shawn Dobbins says

    I feel it a privilege that God would allow us as humanity to pray in order that someone would be saved. I am grateful for the opportunity to pray for you and with you. My family and I are lifting you up and especially for your friend that God would give him a “heart of flesh” and make him a Child of God.

  37. Gail says

    Thank you for your transparency and for inviting brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for and with you – even though you won’t have met many of us. It is a privilege to carry each other’s burdens to the Lord. Thank you Jesus for what you will do tomorrow for both of these men. Have your way, Lord. Amen.

  38. says

    Father, we ask that You would continue to be with Jim as he is seeking You & with Dr. Rainer as he is being used as Your messenger. He has sown Your seeds in Jim’s life over these 27 years. He has probably even done some watering. Please bind & cast satan & all his demons/angels from this encounter in the power of Jesus’ shed blood & in the authority of Your Word & Your name! Thank You!!!! Please hide Dr. Rainer behind Your cross & speak Your truth through him. Continue to open Jim’s eyes & his heart to You & Your Word. Burden & convict Jim’s heart until the only way he can turn is to You. May this encounter tomorrow be “the day of salvation” for Jim. We also pray for Jim’s health situation. Give Jim guidance & wisdom in doing what You would have him to do. Give wisdom & compassion to medical personnel. Father, please help Jim to grow in You. Use Jim to share You with others in the rest of the time You give him on this earth. May Your divine will be done in everything. Thank You for what You have already done, what You are doing, & what You will do. We love You. In the name of our Savior & Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!!!!!!!

  39. says

    Dr. Rainer,
    I am praying for both you and Jim. Thank you for your transparency and asking for prayer. It truly is the most powerful weapon and hope we have, and it’s also the glue that binds the us together. We are all bound together as warriors, as the body, praying that God’s hands be upon you both.

  40. Bob says

    Thom, you are an extraordinary blogger that shares many fine insights. But sharing this, demonstrates that what you do is not just about the ABCs and 123s of business, communications, management and technology. This posting shows compassion for others and passion for Christ. Well done Brother . . . and yes I am praying for Jim and you during this time together.

  41. Doug Thomas says

    Your story needs no apology here on this web-site or any other. I pray for you and your friend. May the good Lord comfort you both in your time of need.

  42. says

    You and Jim are in my prayers. I count it a privilege to back you up in prayer and I don’t find it self-centered in the least. In fact, I love your example here of tenderness, tenacity and a steadfast heart for a fellow human being whom Christ loves.

  43. Doug Goodwin says

    Thom, thank you for sharing your heart and allowing us to pray with you. As Billy Graham often says, this is a life and death matter, and we know he is not speaking of this earthly existence, but eternal destiny. I have prayed, I will share with our church, and we will pray. May God grant you wisdom and peace to present the eternal choice facing Jim with love and compassion, but most of all may the Holy Spirit prepare Jim’s heart for His life saving invasion. I pray Jim’s soul will be added to the Lamb’s book of life tomorrow and for eternity.

  44. Janet says

    The first thing I thought of is for ministers of the gospel it is very difficult to ask for prayer and yet we all need it as much as anyone else. The second thing I was reminded of was Romans 10:17, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” (NIV) Will be praying for you and for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the message you share so your friend will be compelled to follow the “Light”. God bless you.

  45. Fay Clark says

    As I pray for you and for Jim, the Lord immediately brought to mind two verses, one–the cry of the father to Jesus in Mark 9:24, “I believe; help my unbelief!” and the beautiful words of Paul in Romans 10:17, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” In full confidence I appeal to the Father in the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is moving in Jim’s heart (else he would not be seeking you out with spiritual questions) and you are the preacher who has been sent. I feel as if we have been invited into the delivery room.

    “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!” –Rom. 10:13-15

  46. Lisa says

    My husband and I just prayed for you and your friend. We will continue to pray for his salvation and peace for you.

  47. Byron says

    I pray that you won’t speak; rather, I pray that Christ will speak through you and receive Jim into His loving arms! I thank God for using such flawed vessels as us simple (and sinful) humans to His Glory!
    May God continue to bless you and do a mighty work through you.

  48. Thom Rainer says

    We often bemoan the Internet and negative bloggers. But I see how it can be used for God’s glory. I am amazed, humbled, and encouraged by your prayers expressed on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I can never thank you enough. The community at this blog has become like a family like to me. You are all incredible people.

  49. Greg Priebbenow says

    Perhaps wanting to believe is faith enough. Faith does not save after all, Jesus does. Faith is simply clinging to him and crying “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.” May God bless as you share Christ with your friend, Thom.

  50. says

    Thom, my prayers will be for the Holy Spirit to fill you with His power to speak truth to Jim in a loving way. My wife and I will be praying that Jim’s heart will be open and submissive to the power of God’s Holy Spirit. We pray that Jim not only will receive Christ but God would use him in a mighty way to inspire others to do the same. I pray for these things as well as a miracle that will give Jim time to honor God through a ministry of his own. We have a BIG GOD who will do big things.
    It lifts my heart to know that you are serving GOD. Sometimes good things do come from Union Springs.

  51. Gene says

    It is not self-centered to ask for prayer for Kingdom work. Paul asked for prayer numerous times. Effective leaders also ask for prayer, modeling it for those under their service, as well as demonstrating the interdependence any team needs to succeed.

  52. Patrick says

    Praying for you and Jim, Dr. Rainer. May the Holy Spirit use you in a mighty way tomorrow and may Jim feel the conviction that leads to salvation. Thank you for your humble transparency, it is a model for us all.

  53. says

    Rock of my salvation,
    Please remember Thom as he shares his faith and Your gospel with Jim. May Your kingdom come in Jim’s life. May You bring him new life. May Your will be done in Jim’s life. Please have Your way in the coming conversation. Please expand Your kingdom tomorrow. Amen.

  54. George says

    I happened to see this tonight when somebody shared it via Facebook. 18 years and 1 month ago I was a pretty vocal atheist. If the Holy Spirit can penetrate a heart like mine, He can definitely help Jim.

    You know all things, and none of us is worthy of the privilege of knowing You. We plead for this privilege for Jim; we pray that he would experience the peace and joy that only You bring, and the wonder at discovering that You do in fact walk among us daily. Perhaps the most unbelievable thing is how quickly and how frequently we forget You. Keep us steeped in wonder. Bring glory to Yourself. May we worship Christ together with Jim on a day that You alone know. Amen

  55. Judy Taylor says

    Praying for God to do what only He can, draw this man unto Himself and save him forever. Praying that it happens quickly. I am thankful for an example of “they will know we are Christians by the love we have for one another”.

  56. Sharon Landers says

    I love to see how in God’s big story He has brought both you and your friend along a path of relationship. I pray that this afternoon God’s Spirit will grace your conversation and “Jim” will know without doubt that God is Truth!

  57. W. Roy Fisher says

    Praying for you, that the reality of Christ’s presence will be clearly experienced as you share the Good News with Jim. Praying that Jim will be open to the truth of God’s Word. As Bill Faye states: God does the work. We cannot fail. It is all God’s work. God bless you! Thank you for sharing.

  58. Cindy says

    We will certainly be praying that God will work through you and into Jim’s heart and soul. Our God is a miraculous God who wants all of his children to know him. It’s not all you….it’s God working through you and he will in his time! Prayers to both of you! Praying that through God’s healing touch Jim will come to know the love and salvation of our great God!

  59. John Belder says

    Holy Father,
    You alone are the giver of life and You alone can bring new life to a spiritually dead heart. Please give Thom the clarity of thought and speech he needs to clearly express the blessed hope and life there is only in Jesus. I especially pray for “Jim” that you empty his heart of doubt and fear so he will begin to entrust his soul, his life, to Jesus and so be filled with the inexpressible joy of being adopted into Your family. Thank you, dear Father, for giving us such marvelous opportunities to tell people about who Jesus is, why He came, and what it means to follow Him. To you belong all the glory! AMEN.

  60. Andy Bowersox says

    Today is the day of Salvation. Praying the spirit of our almighty God whispers through your words to Jim’s heart. Even now, during these next few moments, may Jim come to know the peace that passes all understanding. Praying now for you and Jim.

  61. Karen V says

    I opened this just a few minutes after your appointment time, so I am praying as it happens. I also have people like Jim in my life. Let’s all pray for one another. Let’s all pray for Jim. May our hearts always be sensitive to those around us. Thank you for your request. We are all honored to pray. This is the most important thing you could write to us.

  62. says

    I prayed for you and for Jim this afternoon. Prayed that the Holy Spirit would draw Jim and open his eyes to see how much Jesus loves him. Praying this story will be a precious full circle moment for you Thom!

  63. Thom Rainer says

    Dear Readers,

    Jim trusted Christ as His Savior and Lord. That simple news is the best news I have ever said about anyone. My heart is overjoyed. He is still dealing with doubts, and I feel like that will be the prime area where Satan will attack him. Please pray for JIm as he struggles in this area.

    I cannot thank you readers sufficiently. You are incredible. The power of prayer was so obvious this afternoon. I wish I could thank each of your individually on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. God is good.

    • says

      This is great news, Thom. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to Jim. That the scales on his eyes will fall and be replaced with lenses of love, forgiveness and innocence. That his trust in himself will be replaced with total surrender to our Savior. That in his midnight hour, he will call upon the Name above all Names for healing and comfort. Bless you.

    • says

      I was honored to pray for “Jim” and couldn’t wait to come back to your post to find out what happened. I’m rejoicing with you and all the angels in heaven.

    • Lori Wall says

      Praise The Lord! Thank you for sharing and reminding us we all have a role in leading someone to Christ. You obviously planted a seed in Jim’s life. The incredible blessing is seeing it all come full circle. Your post gave me an amazing opportunity to share with my 14 year old daughter. I wept and we prayed for your meeting with Jim, and now I get to share an answer to a prayer. Thank you for sharing! We will continue to pray for Jim as he grows and works through doubts.

  64. Rachael Starke says

    To quote my dear husband (quoting someone else whose name escapes me) – “Salvation is turning from as much as we know of our self and our sin, to as much as we know of Jesus.” What joy, here and in heaven.

  65. Doyle Riggan says

    Thom, that is great news. I wispered many prayers throughout the morning asking God to work through you and to soften Jim’s heart.

  66. jeanifer says

    Praise the name of the Lord! Will continue praying for Jim. Echoing Paul in his letter, … I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in Jim will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. May God continue to bless you and make you a blessing to others.

  67. Kenny says

    My great and mighty God, give my brother the courage, wisdom and power to share Your love with Jim. We are reminded that as one plants and another waters, we can trust that You will give the increase in Jim’s life. It is in Your hands, let Your will be accomplished by the power of Your grace. In Christ name, Amen.

  68. Anthony Munyua says

    Dear Lord, I am praying for all who are going through a fiery trial and who may be filled with pain and uncertainty as to whether you will be there for them. I pray that you will draw them near to you and bring them your peace. Please help them to know that their grief is before you and you are working it all out despite the fact that it seems like it will never end. Comfort them, dear Jesus. Show your love to them in a very real way. Give them hope that can only come from you. Amen.

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