Location: Mascot, Tennessee

Pastor: Vacant

Worship Time: 10:45 AM Eastern Time

Fast Facts: Located just outside of Knoxville, TN, this church is in a transitional period after the retirement of its former pastor following 38 years of faithful ministry. Please pray for the church and its various ministries as they prepare for the Christmas season as well as their upcoming prayer walk—a time in which they will walk the entire church campus and pray for every aspect of ministry in the church. Finally, please pray for the pastor search committee as they seek the next pastor for Roseberry Baptist.

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  1. Lemuel Billingsley says

    Indeed will I be in prayer for this church. I understand after having the same pastor for many years and now having to be w/out and be in search for another shepherd is some what foreign to this congregation. My home church in Washington, Ga is going through the exact same thing after having our pastor for thirty-eight years. The ministries during the tenure of the former pastor though still in tact will go on for a moment and then probably be re-evaluated once the tenure of a new pastor begins. This can be very unsettling for some in the church while becoming a breath of fresh air for others.
    My prayer is that the elders of this church will call others of the congregation to come together for prayer for wisdom in their journey and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit for guidance, for peace, and the love of God to be shed a board in their heart.

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