I admit that I have been shocked at the growth of my blog and podcast. I am so grateful for Team Rainer: Jonathan Howe, Amy Jordan, and Amy Thompson. Those three do an incredible job of keeping and Rainer on Leadership fresh and relevant.

But on this Thanksgiving Day eve, I want to thank each of you, the readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast, for being the true heroes and heroines of this conversation on leadership and the local church. Allow me to thank you specifically for several reasons.

  • Thank you for taking time to read my posts. The blog will have 2.5 million views or more in 2013, and it shows no sign of slowing down. I am blown away that you are willing to invest your time a few minutes each day to read my posts.
  • Thank you for listening to my podcast, Rainer on Leadership. Though relatively new, the podcast is regularly ranked high on iTunes.
  • Thank you for your comments on the blog posts. There are some incredibly smart men and women who contribute by speaking to these issues. It is not unusual for the comments to be the source of interest more than my post.
  • Thank you for the Christ-like spirit I see in your comments and interaction with each other. With few exceptions, I genuinely believe you add your thoughts for the good of the Kingdom and for the encouragement of one another.
  • Thank you for your suggestions for blog content. I have taken many of your ideas, and they have become some of my most viewed posts.
  • Thank you for your encouragement of me via the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I am ashamed that I have not responded to all of you, for you certainly deserve a response.
  • Thank you for being men and women of prayer. Every time we have asked you to pray, you have done so. I am still overwhelmed by the prayer support I received when I shared the gospel with my friend, a friend who is now a believer.
  • Thank you for embracing and welcoming Chuck Lawless to this blog. His Tuesday posts are incredible, and you have responded with support and enthusiasm.
  • Finally, thank you for being a godly member of the body of Christ. We come from different backgrounds. We have some different doctrinal views on secondary and tertiary matters. But there is a wonderful spirit of unity among the members of this community.

I pray you will have a great Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the food. May you cherish the moments with family. And, above all, may we give thanks to God, in Whom all things are possible. To Him alone be the glory!


  1. Glenn says

    Brother, We can not thank you enough for taking the time that you take. God bless you and your extended family this season of Thanksgiving.
    Pastor Glenn

  2. Ken Jerome says

    Thom – Thank you for the research, and sharing of hard things to us who work out here in the churches. I have been an Intentional Interim for many years, in many different and difficult places. I have found your words to be instructional and inspirational. Encouragement is hard to find these day. But, to learn we are not alone out here in the trenches every day, keeps me going. I am Thankful for you and your stand to help take on the impossible task of helping to turn around at least a few SBC churches.
    Pastor Ken

  3. Ross Wilson says

    Thanks Thom for this blog! As a newly called pastor at a small rural church your blog has been an encouragement and instructional all at the same time. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving.

  4. Prentiss Yeates says

    Thank you for your edifying articles. Requests for prayers and thoughtful commentary. Now how and world can I win a leather bound hcsb study bible and Jeramy Howard’s apologetic commentary of the Gospdls and Acts.

  5. Lee Haley says

    It is us who must thank you. You have brought a fresh and honest perspective. You have caused us to confront the truth and moved us to action. You have brought the elephant in the room to the center of the discussion. Your humility and desire to see the gospel spread is evident. We thank you Thom- and we thank you for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus. Happy Thanksgiving my friend

  6. Pastor Jim Ellis says


    On January 22nd we are starting to study your book “I am a Church Member.” Do you have any videos or study guides? I will be purchasing the books so every student will have one. Blessings, Jim

    • Thom Rainer says

      Jim –

      I will be recording video training sessions for I Am a Church Member on I hope it will be done by the time your training begins.


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