After-Thanksgiving Specials at LifeWay Christian Stores

When you think of LifeWay as a company, what comes to mind initially? Do you think of LifeWay as a publisher? A curriculum provider? A conference center operator? An event host? A technology developer? A research provider?

While LifeWay is all of those things—and more—many of you probably immediately think of LifeWay as a retail store. With nearly 200 locations throughout the United States, it’s quite likely that you are within an hour or two of one, if not more, of our stores.

And it’s no surprise that today is a big one for our retail stores. As you read this, thousands of employees are assisting customers on the biggest shopping day of the year—Black Friday.

So today on the blog, I wanted to highlight a few of the special deals that might be of interest to my readers in our 2-Day After Thanksgiving Sale. These are only a few of the items available, but you can download a full PDF of the mailer here.

$1.99 Books

Friday Specials – Starting at 7:00 AM while supplies last

Saturday Specials – Starting at 9:00 AM while supplies last

$4.00 CDs

$4.00 DVDs

$4.00 Books

$7.00 Books

Special Deals on Bibles – All $19.99


    • Carlos says

      Hi Randy:
      As an alternate, check out Christian Book Distributors or CBD online for great prices and many times beat the list prices of Lifeway. CBD offers excellent shipping on all orders, too.

  1. jonathon says

    Lifeway Books, as the corporate name of retail chain, still exists?!?!?!

    Between the store closings, name changes, and even wandering into an _independent_ book store named “Lifeway Books and Gifts”, I thought the corporate retail chain had, at a minimum, changed names, (?Family Christian Bookstores?) and, more likely, dissolved.

  2. jonathon says

    I looked at the store locater.

    Where I used to live, there used to be somewhere between 5 and 10 stores, within a 50 mile radius.
    Today, there are 2 stores wtihin a two hundred mile radius.

    FWIW, today was the first time I’ve looked at the Lifeway website, since it purchased WordSearch and QuickVerse.

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