Friday for Freebies: Illustrated Bible Survey

This week’s giveaway includes a pair of ministry resources. First is the Illustrated Bible Survey. This volume introduces all the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Based on more than thirty years of scholarly research and classroom teaching, editors Ed Hindson, Elmer Towns, and other scholars provide a visually engaging, practical, readable, and insightful overview of God’s Word and its eternal message.

Ideally suited for undergraduate students, laymen, and pastors, this volume features:

  • More than 200 full-color photographs, maps, charts, and illustrations
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible, including background, date, author, outline, and message
  • Introductory chapters on the themes of the Bible, how we got our Bible, and the people and places of the Bible
  • Sidebars on the unique features, beneficial insights, and practical applications of biblical truths
  • Study questions and recommended further reading

ECPA Gold Medallion award winners Hindson and Towns draw from a lifetime of teaching more than 100,000 students. They represent quality evangelical scholarship, along with a passion to make the Scriptures come to life as they open windows of insight into the biblical text. This exciting survey highlights the key elements of the literature, history, archaeology, and wisdom of the biblical text with an eye on the practical application of its timeless truths, moral principles, and theological insights so desperately needed in today’s world.

Also included is a black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Minister’s Bible. This newly designed edition is ideal for pulpit use with its large type, wide margins, and extensive ancillary notes from many of today’s top preachers and church leadership voices.

Some features of the Bible include:

  • Where to Turn When . . .
  • Plan of Salvation
  • Four-color presentation page
  • Various wedding and funeral outlines by Jim Henry
  • “8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders” by Thom S. Rainer
  • “21 Essentials of Authentic Ministry” by James T. Draper
  • “Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching” by Ed Stetzer
  • “30 Keys to Giving an Invitation” by O. S. Hawkins
  • “Leading a Child to Christ” by Bill Emeott
  • “Reaching Students with the Gospel” by Lynn H. Pryor
  • “The Importance of Baptism and Communion” by Rick White
  • Commitment Counseling
  • The Christian Year and Church Calendar
  • The Apostles and Their History

To be eligible to win, answer the following question:

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

The deadline to enter is Noon CST this Saturday. We will randomly draw one winner Monday morning.

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  1. says

    My very favorite Thanksgiving Tradition is the day after Thanksgiving. We have a family time, finger foods – and let the kids put up their ornaments on the tree. I do the lights and then watch as they decorate – but more importantly as they remember Christmas Past – looking at each ornament they’ve received and remember how old they were. they are currently 22 and 19 and this will likely be my last friday after thanksgiving with them and “their” ornaments as they are moving on their own and we’ll pack them up after Christmas and send the ornaments with them on their new journey. I’m thankful we started this with their first Christmas, now they have years of memories for their very own trees.

    I also think the illustrated Bible Survey would be a great book. :)

    thanks for this opportunity to share. i hope others will as well.


    • Lynn McIntosh says

      My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is everybody comes to my house. I take care of our elderly parents here, and its so gratifying when you see how happy Mom and Dad become. My favorite time is when we all hold hands and pray before dinner. If I won I would give the pastors bible to my nephew, who is interested in ministry (and politics!) Thank you!

    • James Oaks says

      My favorite tradition is no longer celebrated by my family. It was when we all lived by eachother, now all of us have moved away. We would go around the table and we would pray together, my uncle praying over us because he was a deacon at our local church. It was special to me because it was one of the few times that we got together with our extended family, but when we did get together it was worshipping God through prayer.

  2. Chip Wright says

    My favorite tradition is the annual football game with all the men (and a few ladies) in the family. It’s a great time after the big feast and even a few of the kids come out and play.

  3. Brian Berns says

    My favorite tradition is butcher paper on the table. Everyone writes/draws pictures about what they are thankful for. During the meal, we read them out loud to each other.

  4. Bill Collum says

    My personal favorite tradition is sleeping in, helping my wife prepare our meal, and enjoying a full day with our family.

  5. Will F says

    We literally go over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house. It’s a long, but beautiful drive through Bankhead Forest and my wife’s whole paternal family gets together for lunch and football.

  6. says

    After my mother and niece passed away it was difficult to carry on with traditions without grief taking the place of thankfulness. So when my dad remarried to a woman who had lost her husband, we viewed it as a new beginning for this new combined family. Our new tradition is to each say 2 things we are thankful for; 1 from before our loved ones passed and 1 from now. That way we become closer as the family God put together and appreciate what we have now without losing sight of the wonderful memories we have from before.

  7. Eric says

    Our family tradition is watching NLF games as we prepare for the big meal. We all pick a team to root for and the losing team has to do dishes.

  8. Robin says

    My little boy and I love to make Thanksgiving crafts. But I also love visiting my family, though that doesn’t happen every year.

  9. Dan Wuthrich says

    The day before Thanksgiving, my wife and her sisters occupy the kitchen and bake everyone’s favorite pies. Great smells!

  10. Terry Ryan says

    Beginning on Wednesday, Our Family gathers together at the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg FL (an awesome place). Both our sons (with wives) and their in laws, sisters, aunts etc. It is a huge deal, and a wonderful time. On Thanksgiving day, Just before the meal I share what I am most thankful for that year, and others take turns doing the same. We stand up, hold hands and pray together as a Family. Then we eat! THe next day we do something with the Grandchildren. Each year since our oldest Granddaughters birth, we have taken her to a local mall and had pictures taken with this gentelmen who dresses as Santa. He does such a great job, He sings to her an old Irish folk song. It is the only “Santa” pictures and the only Santa she has ever known. Then on Sunday we all go to church together. It is five of the best days of the year!

  11. Jeffrey Jackson says

    My dad was always in charge of making the stuffing, so Thanksgiving morning he & I would watch the Macy’s parade while “picking bread” into small bites for the stuffing. I did it every year, and still look forward to it now that I’m in charge of the stuffing.

  12. Ken Reed says

    My favorite thing to do for Thanksgiving has changed since I became a member of Northeast Houston Baptist Church. we are the parent church of Farrington Mission which is in a low income area and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my wife and I volunteer along with many others from the church to go there and serve food to the many people who come and to welcome them and share the gospel with who we can. It’s is such a nice thing to be able to help others who normally wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving meal and to see the smiles on their faces.

  13. Garry Medford says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to church for the Sunrise Service, then enjoying breakfast cooked by the men of our home church. Afterwards, it is on to my in-laws for a wonderful day of togetherness where pretty much the whole family (parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grand child) will come to give thanks for the goodness of God throughout the past year. Everyone brings a few dishes so that my mother-in-law does not have to prepare everything, and then we gather around the table. We also usually watch some football, and then a “new” movie that has been recently purchased. It is a great time to see all the younger children playing, and being able to catch up with those we have not seen on a while.

  14. Daniel says

    My favorite tradition is playing football in the yard with my brother and dad right after we eat. Running routes while feeling sick is a tough game!

  15. Don Durbin says

    Reminds me of the only thing
    I won a ” turkey ” at an
    Auction haha .
    Would be families gathering
    At a feast sharing stories of
    What The Lord has done in their
    Lives . And preparing for Jesus’s
    Birthday … Wow

  16. Nick Horton says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was dinner at my Grandparents’ house. I loved the family and food and laughter. Now, with both Grandma and Grandpa gone, and my Uncle gone, we don’t get together anymore. I miss those Thanksgiving holidays.

  17. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is when my family sits down at the table, and my dad leads us in a prayerful/worshipful reflection of the incredible blessings that God has given us over the past year. Of course, the meal and my mom’s apple pie follows and makes the day even better!!!

  18. Gregory Lawhorn says

    For 20+ years now, on the first day of November we make a “Thankful Tree” out of paper and tape it to the dining room wall. After supper each night each person at the table takes a paper leaf and writes down one thing they are thankful for. The leaves are then placed on the tree. It isn’t too hard for the first 10 days or so, but it requires more and more thinking as the month rolls by. On Thanksgiving Day, after our meal, we read through the leaves. This way thanksgiving is a month-long celebration about really giving thanks, and not simply food and football.

  19. Rob Lee says

    Writing a letter to someone that I have seen really grow in the Lord during the year to share how thankful I am of their spiritual growth.

  20. Dave says

    Thanksgiving – Thanks – giving expressing thanks for the benefits of God’s grace,

    Giving – ministering to others – we are hosting a Thanksgiving breakfast for all that desire to come. We have invited church folks, folks from our Food Pantry, Homeless – fully cooked breakfast – followed by time of the gospel preaching.

  21. Allen Baker says

    We have our largest family gathering of the year on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone brings a part of the meal, and we all eat more than we should. After lunch, the shoppers in the group plan their Black Friday strategy based on the flyers in that day’s newspaper.

  22. says

    One of our traditions is to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it mainly while watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. Of course we always enjoy the time together with whatever family can come including grandkids. However, this year we’re in transition, so we’re not sure what it will be like.

  23. Greg Sutton says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to get together with my wife’s family and play our “Turkey Bowl” family football game!

  24. says

    We enjoy family and friends and now that we’re empty nesters, we love to leisurely work together preparing the meal, smoking the turkey, enjoying one another’s company and seek God’s face for His love is magnificent!

  25. says

    My favorite tradition has passed – growing up in Florida my family would exchange the traditional Thanksgiving meal for fresh seafood. We will boil the shrimp and grill the fish. Then we would capitalize on turkey at Christmas.

  26. John Box says

    I enjoy deer hunting with family the day of Thanksgiving and the day after. Our wives, on the other hand, enjoy Black Friday. Why, I do not know, however, everyone has a blessed time in The Lord.

  27. says

    Traditions are few and far between in my family. For years the tradition was for the guys to head out after dinner to do some rabbit hunting. However as we all have gotten older some have just become unable and others of us (myself included) would rather just sitting around and chat with family members that we don’t see at any other time during the year. It’s simple…but it’s the simplicity of the family time that makes it special.

  28. Dave says

    My favorite tradition is being with my family. I know that sounds simple, but my parents divorced with I was 12. Over the last 25 years I have been able to see God redeem that aweful situation. For the last few years my mother, father, stepmother and my siblings families have gathered as one family. I praise God for that.

  29. Ben says

    When our children were younger, we used to enjoy our annual Thanksgiving Day travel on what we called “The Golden Triangle”. The city in which we lived was about an hour southwest of my parents/grandparents and about an hour west of my wife’s parents/grandparents. So, in order to keep all of the parents/grandparents happy, we would load up the minivan and head to one of the homes for lunch, then pack everybody back in the minivan and travel to the other side of the family for ANOTHER Thanksgiving meal for supper, THEN pack back up and head for home, thereby making “The Golden Triangle” trip complete! Once home, the tryptophan from the turkey(s) would kick in and we would all sleep until late on Friday morning. Nothing like being with family!

  30. Corliss McBride says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition actually happens the day after Thanksgiving. Members of my church family get up and go to an inner city local church at 5:30 a.m. to prepare breakfast for the homeless and the hungry. We also serve them as well as fellowship and worship God with them. It’s a very humbling experience. The great thing is that our church is a small membership church and is always constantly struggling financially, we always manage to find the funds to purchase the food to prepare a traditional southern country breakfast for 100 plus individuals and have some leftovers to take to salvation army. The other thing that warms my heart is that we have been doing this for over 15 years and my son, who was 12 years old at the time, has been so impacted by the ministry (although he is married, lives in another city, and is a member of another church) makes it a point to return to help us annually and has not missed a year. His wife has become a part of this ministry to the homeless and hungry and looks forward to it each year. This is a family tradition for us.

  31. Turner Miles says

    I love the 3 F’s : Family, Food, Football. The good thing is that my family feels the same way! A close second is pumpkin pie.

  32. Gail Dunbar says

    Some years ago I came across a Bible tract had the full account of the first Thanksgiving in a nutshell its very very good . first we read that someone reads that and then we go around the table and each person

  33. says

    The best Thanksgiving memories are just being with family during the day on Thanksgiving Day.. But, some of my most favorite times have been preparing for the day. When I was a child and into my teen years, we would always go to my grandparents’ house on Thanksgiving Day. Now that they are gone, I have hosted mine and my husbands’ families in recent years. And, one of my favorite things is that I now have many of the dishes and serving pieces that my grandmother used, even some of her silver. So I love getting all those things ready, polishing the silver, etc. because it reminds me of her and my grandfather, and as I remember those special tomes with them, I also am reminded what having a loving family through the years really means. What a blessing it is to have been loved so well, snd I want to make sure I pass on that best of blessings.

  34. Greg Savage says

    I love the simple aspect of the holiday. I love getting together with my family. I love eating lunch with the family and playing games afterward. It is a ton of fun to play our family football game as well.

  35. Bill Hand says

    My favorite tradition is gathering as much of our extended family as possible at our house for a day of visiting together and playing touch football with all ages included. This includes having the little children get to run and play with the big folks

  36. Michael Collins says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the cold leftover turkey sandwiches at halftime of the football game!

    And on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, our Christmas tree goes up, with our kids putting their ornaments on (they get a new one each Christmas, and when they start their own home/family, they can take their ornaments with them).

  37. says

    My parents have changed to where they come to our home for Thanksgiving now, and I love having that chance to host them in our home. But I do love that our church does a Thanksgiving Day meal for whoever in the community would like to be a part of it (focused on people who don’t have family around and such). I have gone the last 2 years and it’s been a great new tradition, :)

  38. Jason Heath says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is family. Eating together, laughing together, watching football together and sharing thanks together. It’s always a great day!

  39. Matt Haines says

    We go to my mom’s every year for Thanksgiving for a great feast. This year, we will renew another great tradition of going to the Egg Bowl of Mississippi State and TSUN (Ole Miss). #HailState

  40. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to have the children and their families come home for Thanksgiving Lunch with us, their parents. We all sit around the table and share our food, and talk, talk, talk,

  41. Corey Watson says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is my family gathered around a table with steamed oysters and hush puppies; and the conversation that accompanies the eating of the oysters!

  42. David Siere says

    My favorite tradition is waiting for the family to come in at about 5 pm and visit with my children and grand children while the meal is being finished; and then eating while we watch the football games.

  43. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the day after Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving day is more formal, the day after is very relaxed. My mom always makes “Turkey Stew”, and the whole day is centered around family. Awesome day.

  44. Dan O. says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is having family over for the Thanksgiving dinner and spending hours in conversation.

  45. Prentiss Yeates says

    Truly my favorite part of thanksgiving is the food, fellowship and prayer. My favorite memory is putting up our Christmas tree after our meal has settled. Preparing our minds and hearts for the celebration of the birth of Christ our savior is indeed a thankful occasion . Also worth remembering how thankful we need to be for our wives and moms who so graciously give of themselves during the year.

  46. Jonathan Winnegrad says

    After a day of driving around to visit both sides of family for food, family and fellowship….getting the kids to bed and relaxing with my wife at our house.

  47. says

    We love to sleep late, get up and decorate the house with Christmas decorations, and then eat a Thanksgiving dinner together. It’s all about God and family for us:)

  48. Tamara says

    I love that we have everyone (young and old) write what they are thankful for on large construction paper turkey feathers and tape them to the wall around a cardboard turkey body. We then use our turkey wall to say our thanksgiving prayer before the meal.

  49. Scott Silby says

    My favorite tradition is going around the table, each person talking about what they’re thankful for from the last year.

  50. says

    My favorite holiday tradition is a Thanksgiving Tradition we have had for the past 7 years. Rather than having Thanksgiving at home, we turn the Fellowship Hall at our church into our living/dining room. All of my family members come and we extend an invitation to those in our congregation who will be alone for Thanksgiving to come. We have a wonderful time of fellowship and intimacy with people we are truly thankful for.

    Everyone keeps telling us what a sacrificial thing it is to do (they are so grateful); but, honestly, it is probably one of the most “selfish” things I do all year. My family spends the night at church getting everything ready, which adds to the excitement and novelty. Then we get to eat and laugh and be thankful (my wife is thankful to have so much help washing dishes. haha). It is the highlight of the holiday season for me.

  51. says

    Or family really enjoys going on a hike and taking a simple meal with us. It frees us from the burden of meal prep and cleanup. It also allows us to enjoy three beauty of the Creator.

  52. says

    Race to the Couch! ——– Mamaw’s couch is the best ever for naps. If you didn’t get the couch, you were in the chairs (not recliners) when the football game is at the point of being a blowout or the movie you’ve seen a thousand times begins.

  53. booknut says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was just being together all day with the entire family. We often saw one part of the family or another, but on Thanksgiving, we were ALL together. Now I’m over 60, and that is my favorite memory.
    Of course, the menu was the same every time! that was good too.

  54. Tracy Atcheson says

    Thanksgiving day with family: parents and grandparents all of whom are now with The Lord.
    Thankful for their investment in me and for their spiritual legacies.

  55. Jim Jacobs says

    My dad is in the advanced stages of Alzheimers (sp?). I remember the times we spent Thanksgiving together. We took turns, rotating from my sister’s house In North Carolina, to my brother’s house in Illinois and my place in Indiana. These are my favorite Thanksgiving memories.

  56. Sandra R says

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is when my mother used to make stuffing from scratch and would buy summer savory that came on long stalks. I had to take the spice off this long twig and the smell of it will always remind me of Thanksgiving and my Mom, bless her heart. She developed dementia/alzheimer’s in her later years.

  57. Spence McConnell says

    I look forward every year to Grandma’s famous ham with her fabulous ham gravy. There is always a game of spades being played in Grandpa’s office and no shortage of family members to catch up with and stories to share. Turkey is had for the sequel meal.

  58. George Philips says

    My favorite tradition is the prayer time we spend together before dinner.
    Despite all of life’s calamities it is so amazing how much we can be thankful for.

  59. says

    My favorite tradition is being able to gather with my family around a lot of great food. The best Thanksgiving dinners were at my in-laws with my wife’s extended family. Unfortunately both her parents are gone now and Thanksgiving doesn’t feel quite the same.

  60. Jessica Lindblad says

    My favorite tradition is all of my family gathering together for Thanksgiving dinner and then all of the kids going outside to have an acorn fight & play touch football.

  61. Jake Magee says

    Scouring through a stack of Christmas ads right after Thanksgiving dinner and strategizing with our extended family how to come out victorious during black friday. It involves elaborate plans with various “cell groups” of our family. Usually, you can’t see the carpet because the ads are strewn every where. These dispatched units will be all over the city at the same time securing much coveted merchandise when the stores open up. Don’t judge me!

  62. Les Cordonnier says

    The biggest tradition of Thanksgiving is the priority of fellowship. I have a small extended family and it is the one day of the year that being together is a priority for everyone in it.

    We also share our what we are grateful for at the beginning of the meal.

  63. Glenn Forman says

    Some of my best Thanksgiving memories are from my own childhood. In my parents’ household, it was sort of a Thanksgiving tradition to host struggling young pastors, ministerial students who attended college with my older brother at Samford University. So often, these students from far-away locations did not have the financial resources to afford travel expenses (back to their respective homes). Even though my dear parents were certainly not wealthy, they welcomed so many young men to our table and to the feast Mother had prepared for this national holiday. What a treat for the impressionable child that I was, to be able to sit and listen to them share with us about their families of origin and about their journey with the Lord.

  64. John Klink, Jr. says

    Thanksgiving is the day we’re thankful we can finally decorate for Christmas. We also normally have the movie “White Christmas” playing in the background non-stop too. This helps the little ones have something to do when they need to take a ‘break’.

  65. says

    I don’t have any definitive plans for thanksgiving. I usually spend it in prayer and bible study. My family, what is left of it are all too far away. I try always to be very thankful knowing that no matter what happens God is still in charge, all good things come from God and he makes it rain on the evil as well as on the good! Philippians 4:8-9
    King James Version (KJV)
    8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you. This scripture is always relevant and worth meditating on in good times and in bad. Recently I had my bible stolen and like I tell them at church I just hope they read it and read it and read it and in time get right with God. Being disabled now money is too tight to do much but my eyes are looking towards the world to come and thanksgiving is just another day to give thanks to a wonderful God who has nothing but the very best in mind for us all who know him. Contrary to some false teachers this is not our world and God doesn’t promise a perfect life here or great riches in this world for where are treasures are there our heart is also. So lets give God praise in all things and follow after him and not put out trust in this world or the things in it. God bless everyone and may you all have a very wonderful thanksgiving holiday and remember why we really celebrate it and please remember that God is worthy of all our praise!

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