Friday Is for Freebies: HCSB Study Bible

9781586405052_cvr_web.jpgMy giveaway this Friday is the black, genuine leather version of the HCSB Study Bible, a comprehensive, easy to read, and easy to use Bible, with features and formats specifically designed to enhance your Bible study experience. You can also go to and dive right in for a complete digital experience.

This Bible has a retail price of $79.99 and features 15,000 study notes, 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies, 66 highly detailed book introductions, 62 maps, 27 topical articles, 20 charts, and 18 illustrations, all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

To enter the giveaway, tell us your plans for Thanksgiving.

The deadline to enter is noon CST this Saturday. We will draw one winner from the entries on Monday morning.

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  1. says

    Thanksgiving plans will be sleep a little later, lounge around the house, cook, family coming over, playing with the kids in the family, clean dishes from all the family’s visit, and lay down from a satisfying day.

  2. Larry McKeon says

    Spending the holiday with some very close friends who moved here to Tennessee to be closer with us. Its always nice this time of year because were so busy with work and everything that this is the one time we know for certain the two families will get together and share blessings.

  3. Lee Delaigle says

    Having our traditional house full over. Lots of food and fellowship and fun. While we remember all the things we have to be Thankful for.

  4. Kevin Weaver says

    A little deer hunting with my children followed by feasting with family and taking time to reflect on God’s goodness.

  5. Josh Garrett says

    Going home(Kentucky) for the first time in a year and first time since our 4 month old has been home to see all our family. Cooking on thanksgiving day with my mom for the whole family-our yearly tradition continues.

  6. Ben Praytor says

    My family will be going to visit with nearby family and friends. We are constantly on the go and this will be a great time to reconnect with each other.

  7. Dr. Thomas Marshall says

    We are going to spend time with my daughter and her fiancee, my sister and my Mom. Going to try a deep fried turkey for the first time.

  8. says

    Excited to pick up my dad from the rehab center where he is recovering from a near fatal stroke that morning and bring him home for the day. Dad has pastored for 60 years until his stroke in July. So thankful to share Thanksgiving with him this year.

  9. Eric Puff says

    My family will be driving to NY to spend the holiday with my parents. We will spend Thanksgiving trying to figure out when Black Friday actually begins.

  10. says

    A lot of family time! We live in New Mexico 27 hours for our family in Florida. They are loading up the RV and driving this way! We are also expecting our 4th child any day now. So it should be an eventful, crowded, and great time together!

  11. Brodie Smith says

    As we live a good distance from “home”, we’ve been invited by friends to three extravaganzas. Our little tribe will spend the day with friends and their families.

  12. Brian Berns says

    We are staying home, enjoying each other and thanking God for His abundant blessings. If the weather is nice enough, we will cut wood.

  13. Jonathan Smith says

    My wife and I will have Thanksgiving dinner at her mother’s house. Looking forward to the Iron Bowl later that weekend! RTR!

  14. says

    We will be on the North Carolina coast, close to Camp Lejuene, enjoying Thanksgiving with my son and his family, one of our daughters and her family and our daughter-in-law’s parents. We will miss our other daughter and her family (she is a Home Health RN and has only Thanksgiving Day off).

  15. Melissa says

    This Thanksgiving is very special this year because of the arrival of our son. He is just a little over 3 weeks old. My husband and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and rejoicing the gift that our son is. God blesses us every year more than we deserve and Thanksgiving is just another day to reflect on that truth.

  16. Trent Bilbo says

    Spending time with our families, who we do not get to we see as often as we would like. My wife usually goes shopping with her Sister & Mother. We look forward to spending time with family.

  17. says

    Wake up for an early run with the wife and friends; spend time with the Lord that morning; go pick up my mom for our family gathering; then take her to visit my dad at his nursing home; hopefully get to bed early (& catch at least part of a football game). Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. says

    I’ve got my parents coming up for Thanksgiving, having our small group over that week and a church celebration for those who don’t have family on Thanksgiving. Pretty excited about it!

  19. Louie Turner says

    Eating the Thanksgiving meal at my oldest daughter’s house–first time not having Thanksgiving meal at my home since I was married.

  20. Michael Smith says

    We will have plenty of food and football. We will not travel this year but we will still spend time with the family.

  21. Louie Turner says

    Eating the Thanksgiving meal at my oldest daughter’s house–first time not having Thanksgiving meal at my home since I was married 29 years ago.

  22. Tommy Ross Jr says

    I’m looking forward to spending time with family. Both patens have been deathly ill at some point over the past year and I just feel so truly blessed to have them with me for another Thanksgiving.

  23. Daniel Lynn says

    This will be my final Thanksgiving where I need to complete whatever seminary assignments I have due. I get my M.Div. next month but still need a job. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!

  24. Jeffrey Jackson says

    We are staying home this year, but my mother-in-law and brother-in-law will be joining us. He’ll be bringing is dog too! Remembering to be thankful!!!! I’m in charge of the turkey, mom the pies, brother-in-law the rolls and cranberries and my beautiful wife will handle the rest. Looking forward to a great day.

  25. Larry Elrod says

    Wednesday night our church will put on a spread for the neighborhood so that anyone who might not be able to have a Thanksgiving meal with others can do so.

    Our personal tradition each year is to open our home to whoever we learn of that has no one with whom to spend Thanksgiving.

    So, Laurie Honda (see post at 8:01 AM), you are welcomed to spend Thanksgiving with us if we are close enough for you to do so. If you are not, we can still connect on-line and have a virtual Thanksgiving.

    Wednesday night our church will put on a spread for the neighborhood so that anyone who might not be able to have a Thanksgiving meal with others can do so.

  26. says

    My church is a senior adult congregation. Many are far from family or are the last of their family line. My wife and I will have a Thanksgiving meal with 49 of these wonderful people at Western Hills Baptist Church in Kerrville, Texas

  27. says

    I plan to watch a little of the Macy’s parade, enjoy spending time with family, feast a wonderful meal that my wife will prepare, perhaps watch a movie together, and reflect on how blessed and thankful we are.

  28. Steve Howard says

    We will spend time with family. Eat dinner at my wife’s side of the family this year and then go have dessert with my side of the family. I will probably take in a little football as well.

  29. Martie Thomas says

    Delightfully anticipating my children, 5 grandchildren, sister and her family coming in to celebrate the goodness in our lives and thank Him corporately for His sustaining power! In the middle of fighting advanced breast cancer (have chemo Wednesday), His grace , strength, and peace have been plainly evident every minute of every day! One Thanksgiving highlight will be gathering around the table , holding hands, and singing, “Praise God from all creatures flow…”, followed by feasting and sharing (ages 4 weeks to 63) how thankful we are (the 4-week-old will “say” having a wonderful mommy and daddy who are raising him up to know Jesus, milk, and snuggling in Mimi’s arms” 😉 ), we will end the day with a glass of wine in front of a fire talking about The Lord, our lives, and praying together! I love Thanksgiving!!!

    PS: The girls will sit around the table while cooking, listen to Sara Groves’ “To Be With You” and cry together at some point. 😉

  30. Michael Turner says

    Lots of family coming to our house. Plenty of good food and fellowship. This is one of the few times of the year our entire immediate family, mine and my wifes both, are together.

  31. says

    Taking family for a Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA. Great historical place to be reminded of the great principles on which our country was built. Time to focus on family and legacy.

  32. Don Durbin says

    I’m a southern baptist disaster
    Relief volunteer .
    I will be serving the community
    Of Washington Illinois as they
    Have been hit with an F-4 tornado
    On Sunday the 17th .
    What a wonderful way
    To serve The Lord by helping
    Others in there most time of need .
    Hebrews 6 : 10

  33. Mark says

    I pastor a small church in deep west Texas. My wife and I, along with our two young children, will be spending Thanksgiving Day with those in our community that don’t have family near by. We will have several college students (we live in a college town) along with a number of others at our house. We look forward to the opportunity to fellowship and love one another. Who knows what doors the Lord may open!

  34. says

    I always love Thanksgiving because it’s the only holiday that we DON’T make big plans for. It’s usually just me an my close family enjoying dinner together. Always special. :)

  35. Jodi Rule-Rouse says

    Taking a meal to a needy family at South Eastern Baptist Seminary. We yearly do this for 1 or 2 families with children who can not afford Thanksgiving. As for me and my husband, we will watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and have most likely soup and sandwiches. Our family is 2,500 miles away and we will be thinking of them until we see them at Christmas. Praising God for who He is and what He does.

  36. Will says

    We plan on having our big family gathering this Saturday. It’s been great over the past 3-4 years to begin to have so many children. I believe in all we will have 12 children under the age of 8.

  37. says

    My wife and I will be hosting some out of town family at our house. No doubt we’ll be eating at my mom’s on Thanksgiving, but the day after is great – with all of the good leftovers, but you don’t really have to go anywhere!

  38. says

    We are hosting this year. So its up early cooking then just soaking in the blessings of family time and reflecting on the blessings God continues to provide. Finally going to bed spending time in prayer thanking the father for the day.

  39. Kent Hackathorn says

    This Thankksgiving will be spent will with my parents and we will celebrate my dads 77th birthday along with the Thanksgiving turkey. Lots of great memories to be thnakful for as Dad has led our family well, in a God honoting way.

  40. Josh Walley says

    Eating with the family , watching football and Saturday more football especially Coach Saban’s boys . Roll Tide!

  41. Christopher Chong says

    Thanks giving is not only a family reuinion time, it is also a time to reflect on what God has done to us and what is our response to His grace.

  42. says

    Staying home, having Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, watching the parades & football. Thankfully, I will not be one of those crazy people going shopping on Black Friday

  43. Jack Lucas says

    I am very excited to have my dad’s entire side of the family at my house! There are ao many of us now that we have to have the meal at our church. Leftovers and a trip to the local movie theater will round out the day. I can’t wait to see everyone!

  44. stephanie gordon says

    We will be together just me, my husband, and our 14 yr old daughter. We will be working on our relationship with God. Using our down time wisely.

  45. Don Haflich says

    My wife is going to be doing some awesome baking and we are letting our kids have their own pie this year. We will see what happens in the pie free-for-all.

  46. Nick Johnson says

    Our plans this year are to celebrate our daughter’s 7th birthday (on the 27th) and Thanksgiving with both sides of the family together. It’ll be the first time that we’ve celebrated with our families since we left the States two years ago to be missionaries in Mexico.

  47. Tommy Rucker says

    My wife and I will sleep in a little, pack up the car and make the 2 hour trip and spend the afternoon at our daughter’s home, turkey and all the trimmings included. We’ll spend the night, and the girls will get up early and do some Black Friday shopping. Meanwhile, the guys will go out to for a big, country breakfast, where the ladies will likely join us at the restaurant.

  48. Matt Fahringer says

    I am an American student studying theology at a Bible College in New Brunswick, Canada. I am in my fourth year and have not been home (Pennsylvania) for Thanksgiving since I was a senior in High School. I, and my girlfriend, are flying home for the short break to spent Thanksgiving in the woods (pretty much the middle of nowhere) with my parents.

  49. shelton easley says

    Working Monday and Tuesday (@ LifeWay in Humble, TX, does this disqualify me?), then off to my parents’ Wednesday and Thursday with all my family. Finally, back to Humble to spend the day with lots of great customers Friday and Saturday!

  50. Tim Powell says

    Eating lunch with my side of the family and eating supper with my wife’s family. A great day to spend with family and being thankful for the blessings of the Lord.

  51. Chris Walters says

    This is the second Thanksgiving that my family and I will not be spending at the big family gathering. Too many states away after a long move (Florida to Ohio). It will be a wonder “just us” kind of Thanksgiving that we have rarely experienced while participating in the big get-togethers of years gone by. God is good!

  52. Jimmy Long says

    Travel to the in-laws for a big family meal followed by a nap – football combo! The best part is the turkey sandwich in the evening.

  53. Matt Haines says

    Going for our yearly trip to my family’s house in MS for a few days. We have a huge Thanksgiving feast every year at my mom’s house. The twist to our Thanksgiving is that, although my parents have been divorced for 28 years, my mom and her husband invite my dad and his wife to join us each year.

  54. says

    My wife and I will be joining her family for a Thanksgiving eve service at the church that her dad pastors and then enjoying a chill day with family and food. Hopefully we’ll also be bringing three International students from Ghana who have never experienced an American holiday with us to enjoy the time!

  55. says

    About to load up my 4 kids and pregnant wife in a mini-van and head 10 hours to visit her family in Louisville, KY for 2 days. Then head 4 hours south to Knoxville, TN to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. Then drive 12 hours back from Knoxville, through Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock, and land in Fayetteville just in time to worship next Sunday with my church family. I’m bringing some head phones! : )

  56. Michael Roe says

    I’m going to make homemade donuts for my family, help my dad make French bread, spend the day resting and celebrating God’s grace with close family.

  57. Philip says

    My plan is to sit down after a hearty Thanksgiving meal and read my new HCSB study Bible that Thom Rainer is going to give me. :)

  58. Scott Naselroad says

    Youth Convention on Tuesday&Wednesday. Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Thursday. Thanksgiving dinner with my church family on Friday.

  59. Greg Savage says

    It will be our traditional Thanksgiving. Football, a ton of food, great family time and games. God is so very gracious to us. Happy Thanksgiving.

  60. Jessica Lindblad says

    Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday with our family dinner and then traveling to spend time with my brother on Thursday.

  61. Leona Galal says

    Staying home, having all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. My husband and daughter have to work on Thanksgiving, so table will be set the night before in a festive way. Our dinner will be at 1230pm. I will be up at 5am getting the turkey in the oven, so we can eat early, have our tryptophan overload, and enjoy the day before they have to leave.

  62. says

    Well, first we thought of ditching everyone and taking off for a 4 day weekend. But then we remmbered this is our weekend for UnCommonJourney, our ministry to people with cognitive disabilities, their families and those who care for them. We sing and make music, hear and learn God’s word and use the Arts to tell His story. So knowing that we will be enjoying that Saturday, brought us back to our traditional dinner with the family. Guess we’ll find a different weekend to run off.

  63. Derek says

    I’m going to spend the early part of the day cooking the turkey and ham for my beautiful wife, 8 children, mother-n-law, and a couple of people from church who had no other plans. Hopefully enjoy football with my boys that afternoon, and just make memories and mental snapshots of how blessed I am and how good God is.

  64. Vanta Greenwood says

    We plan on having a traditional Thanksgiving meal with family. The final plans are not completed as we are awaiting the arrival of our 4th grandchild any day. Her arriving or not will further determine our plans.

  65. says

    Thursday: not much planned, except relaxing with the family, cleaning house, and (maybe) watching the parade. But the day after: we’re hosting Thanksgiving with lots of friends and family — no shopping for us!

  66. Max Lemp says

    I will get up, make a cup of tea and get in the Word. My family celebrates thanksgiving in my neighbors barn, all of their family comes and the whole neighborhood. My father is smoking five turkeys for the event and we also do some barn music since most of us our musicians.

  67. Tim Feather. says

    My wife and I have not been apart on Thanksgiving since the Thanksgiving before we got married. 27 years ago! Bu this year is very different. She is in Tokyo, Japan visiting some dear Japanese friends whom she was instrumental in coming to Christ. My oldest daughter is in her first year of teaching third grade at an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. My youngest daughter is headed to my in-laws where she’ll celebrate Thanksgiving and her 20th birthday. For me … I’m headed to Florida to spend some time with my step-mother. My dad went home to be with Jesus this past March and this is where I’m supposed to be this Thanksgiving. Thankful that although we’re physically separated, we’re all a part of God’s forever family!

  68. Sandy says

    We are hosting some families from our church who don’t have extended family near. Spending the day with brothers and sisters in Christ.

  69. Steve Richie says

    I actually don’t have any Thanksgiving day plans. I have the day off from work, but my wife doesn’t. She and my son are sort of having an early Thanksgiving visiting with family on Saturday, but I have to work. So… just a day to be thankful on.

  70. says

    Same as every Thanksgiving .. the family will all gather here for dinner. We have 2 sons, and 2 grandchildren, one of whom is married. Everybody, including the Granddaughter’s fiance, will be here, and after dinner, the kids will get the Christmas decorations down from the attic, and rearrange the living room furniture to accommodate the tree.

    That tradition has been going ever since we had children .. over 50 years.

  71. Andrew Watson says

    were packing up my 2 little boys (4 and 2/12) on Wednesday morning and driving to Grandma’s 3 hours away for a large family get together, then heading home Thursday night so we can work on Friday morning.

  72. Aaron Deerey says

    Bring the families together for some good food. Try to convince the grannys’ not to go overboard with Christmas toys for the kid.

  73. Joe Paul says

    We will travel to Kentucky for Thanksgiving with our oldest daughter and my wife’s family. We will enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving meal and will enjoy visiting with family.

  74. LS says

    Since we are missionaries in Suriname, and all our kids are grown up and gone, we don’t “do” Thanksgiving and it is a regular day for us. I’m just going to be doing what I usually do during the week–preparing lessons for the ministries I work in. I will also probably call my kids, to wish them happy Thanksgiving.

  75. says

    Thanksgiving has become more a way of life for me than a week or a special day. Though I enjoy and look forward to the family time, turkey, ham and all the trimmings. Gratitude, thankfulness are qualities of a disciple of Christ. Like the healed leper in Luke 17:16 coming back to to Jesus and thanked him. The Greek word for thank is from eucharisteo. Notice that CHARIS is at the center of this word which is the word for grace. So as God graces us we should be thankful always, Colossians 3:15-17. So this Thanksgiving Thursday I will spend some time as the Christian song says “count your many blessings, name them one by one and see what God has done.”

  76. says

    My sisters family will be out of town. Since I live alone and am disabled, I will most likely go to Cracker Barrel, by myself.

  77. Brian says

    My family is moving to a new house over the thanksgiving break. We close on Tuesday, plan on moving things Wednesday and Thursday, and then take a break on Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving with family that is coming into town. And probably a little shopping as well.

  78. Richard Wallace says

    Thanksgiving is a time for our family to try and get together, but this year it isn’t going to happen. One son and daughter in law are expecting our second granddauter any day. Even if the turkey is in the oven, when we get the call we head to their home for the “turkey in her oven” trying to get out. We have much to be thankful for this year, a new granddaughter now and a grandson and granddaughter in Feburary. God s good all te time!

  79. Bill says

    Thanksgiving is a day we set aside for extended family to gather to visit, to eat, and to play touch football including all ages (and let the little ones score). We usually take a group photo and send prints home each year.

  80. Walt says

    I am unfortunately will be at the plant I work at on Thanksgiving day. People need their fertilizer to be made year round. It is also my daughters 7th birthday this year, so once I get off work at 6:30 I am headed home to have dinner with my wife and kids then we will have cake and ice cream for my daughter. My sister and her family, my mom, and my father in law are coming over Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Then on Sunday my moms extended family will be gathering at a local park to have a Thanksgiving reunion. Although I am working the day of I am truly thankful for all that God has blessed me with.

  81. Tim Baker says

    I am going over to my Parents with my Wife and 2 kids. I am trying to be a big part of helping for Preparing the meal since my mom rarely asks for help. My Dad is smoking a turkey which makes so much sense!

  82. Jared Hozey says

    All 5 generations will come together and celebrate at our church like we do every year. Then our second tradition is everyone goes to the Circus.

  83. Jonathan Cano says

    Our ministry today has us from both sides of our families. My wife and I alternate thanksgiving and Christmas with our families – one is in Murfreesboro and the other is in Missouri. We see our families about 3 times each year so spending time with family isn’t cliche to us. Plus my wife is 7 months pregnant with our first child. Everyone wants to see how big she is getting (don’t tell her I said that.) :) So we really try to soak up as much time being together with families is what our thanksgiving is to us.

  84. Sharon Sosebee says

    I am thankful for family so my thanksgiving centers around family. I will come together with my church family this Sunday along with our community churches to eat together and worship together. On Thursday I will travel to my parents home and of course we will enjoy a meal together but we will have fun playing games and laughing. Saturday I will spend the day with my in-laws in the country enjoying the outdoors. I am blessed with a wonderful family.

  85. Andy Irwin says

    My wife, my daughter, my sister, and I will be traveling from Chattanooga, TN to Dickson, TN to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and grandfather. It will consist of lots of delicious food and football.

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