They go by a plethora of names. Some are youth or student ministers or children’s ministers. Some are administrators or executive pastors. Others are education ministers or small group pastors. Still others are music pastors or worship ministers. You get the picture. They are the men and women who serve vocationally in the local church. They are almost any position other than the lead pastor or senior pastor.

I love these leaders. I love their commitment to the local church. I love their willingness to serve without much recognition. I love so much about them. Allow me to share six reasons why I do.

  1. They respond with joy to multiple “bosses.” Some of these leaders report to pastors. Most of them have areas of oversight with several informal bosses. All of them have to please the entire congregation.
  2. They work without the limelight. These staff persons don’t always get the spotlight for their work. They persist anyway. Theirs is not a ministry for the sake of recognition, but for the work of God.
  3. They do the work that others often don’t want to do. Many times these staff persons receive their tasks from others. Some may have the ability to delegate; others only receive what has been delegated to them.
  4. They are passionate about their ministries. Talk to children’s ministers. Listen to them talk about their love for and devotion toward children. They are remarkable. They are my heroes and heroines. So are all the other church staff persons for their respective areas.
  5. They work on their own initiative.  Many staff persons do not have a neat “rulebook.” They have to create their own world of work and ministry. Others depend on them to provide the structure and guidelines for their areas of ministry.
  6. They are willing to support a vision that may not be their own. The vision of the church usually does not originate with a staff person. It more often comes from the lead pastor. But the staff minister works with that vision that is larger than himself or herself. These ministers learn to adapt and do what is best for the church.

I love church staff. I don’t express my appreciation often enough to these men and women who give and sacrifice so much. Thank you men and women. Thank you for all you do for your churches, and for all of us who serve Christ through our churches.


  1. Matthew Rausenberg says

    I think that is also important to note many of them are also under paid or unpaid. We are all part of the team that makes the church move.

  2. Charlotte Skadal says

    This completely covers the staff and VOLUNTEERS at Second Baptist in Houston! Such an incredibly close church family working together to reflect the Lord’s glory. Thanks for this Christmas blessing. Merry Christmas, Thom.

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