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Like every area of life, a lot has changed in the past 30 years as it relates to pastoring. In a recent post, I listed seven specific ways:

  1. Thirty years ago, most people in the community held the pastor in high esteem.
  2. Thirty years ago, most people in the congregation held the pastor in high esteem.
  3. Leadership skills are required more today than thirty years ago.
  4. Interpersonal skills are required more today than thirty years ago.
  5. Outreach was accomplished by getting people to come to church services thirty years ago.
  6. Thirty years ago, there were very few “nones.”
  7. The Internet and social media have made pastoring much more challenging than it was thirty years ago.

In this week’s episode, we discuss these seven reasons as well as the need for pastors to be involved in social media, and story of my first funeral. It’s one I’ll never forget.

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