Notable Voices – January 2, 2014

Create a Disciple-Making Plan for 2014Tim Brister

Disciple-making and disciple-making groups will be a frequent theme here on the blog in 2014. However, if you and I are going to succeed in making disciples, we need a plan. Tim shares a few quick questions that will help in formulating your personal disciple-making plan.


How to Read the Whole Bible in 2014Justin Taylor

Chuck Lawless recently shared on the blog a great plan for reading through the Bible while searching for themes. Here are some more plans if you’re still looking for one for 2014.


The One Question Every Church Should Be Asking Right NowJustin Wise

If your church does anything online or in social media you need to know how you determine if you are being successful. Do you know if you’re being successful?


5 Ways to Help Young Leaders SucceedRon Edmondson

Ron is one of the best bloggers out there on leadership, and his passion for creating successful young leaders is obvious. In this post, he lists five ways you can help the young leaders around you succeed.


Four Questions Every Young Leader Should AnswerDan Reiland

Also related to young leaders, this post speaks to asking the right questions at the right time.


5 Ways You Can Bomb a Sermon to Young PeopleAdam Ramsey

The title of this article may point toward a younger audience, but these principles really apply to any age group.


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