Notable Voices – January 30, 2013

The Biggest Leadership DistractionSam Rainer

Sam shares how the biggest leadership distractions aren’t those caused by others, but the ones caused by leaders themselves.


10 Symptoms of an Inwardly-Focused ChurchTony Morgan

I’ve written on the inwardly focused church here at the blog as well. While not identical, Tony’s list of symptoms are a great complement and echo much of my same concern.


A Golden Age in Christian PublishingTim Challies

Tim is one of the most prolific Christian bloggers around and feels that we might be in one of the greatest ages in the history of Christian publishing. As the president and CEO of a Christian publisher, I see the challenges daily, but I also see the tremendous opportunities we have within the scope of modern publishing. I’m also grateful for Tim’s kind words about B&H Publishing. Additionally, it is our joy and privilege to publish the Book on which all of the other books are based.


7 Ways I Deal With Fatigue as a LeaderRon Edmondson

I’m recording a video today about pastoral burnout. It’s a topic I’m seeing more and more about online. I’ve even written about it here on the blog. It’s a growing concern for many pastors and leaders, and in this post Ron provides some helpful ways to deal with fatigue and burnout.


5 Things to Remember When It Comes to Church SizeChad Hall

Our metrics for church health so often turn our attention to nickels and noses. Chad shares how that can lead to a false sense of church health.


Practices for Developing Younger LeadersScott M. Douglas

While it is important to teach and train leaders, leadership is more caught than taught. Scott lists 11 ways you can intentionally invest in the next generation of leaders in your church.


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