Podcast Episode #041


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Tony Merida, a great friend of LifeWay, was at in town recently, and while he was here, Jonathan and I had a chance to record this episode of Rainer on Leadership with him.

Tony is an accomplished author (Faithful Preaching, Orphanology, Christ-Centered Exposition commentary series), pastor (Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC), professor (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), and speaker (Fuge, Student Life). In this episode, Tony and I discuss the benefits of a teaching team in the local church, how seminary education is beneficial, the church’s call to care for orphans and widows, and the Meridas’ story of adopting their five children.

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  1. James S. says

    Hi Thom, recently someone reminded me that the best way to handle an influential individual person in the church who opposes you (the pastor) is to seek them out one on one. They would be a founding member of the church from the builders-generation and myself from the millennial. Any advice, I have been saturating the situation in prayer and am seeking The Lord to work in our hearts.

    • Thom Rainer says

      James: A one-on-one meeting is certainly your first step toward reconciliation. It is the biblical way as well.


  1. […] I recently had a conversation with Tony Merida, lead pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh. He said one of the greatest challenges he has experienced as a pastor is getting Christians motivated evangelistically. He found that Christians are willing to minister to other members and even those in the community. But getting them to be intentionally evangelistic always seems to be a challenge. […]

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