Notable Voices – February 13, 2014

15 Ideas to Help You Evaluate Your Church Bulletin — Rich Birch

In his post earlier this week, Chuck Lawless touched on what the content of your bulletin says about who you are as a church. These tips from Rich Birch will help you better define what your bulletin should and should not contain.


7 Lies Pastors Often Believe — Ron Edmondson

I’m so thankful for Ron’s heart for pastors. I’m also thankful for his contributions—like this article—to Pastors Today, our new blog specifically written for pastors.


3 Small Group Myths — Philip Nation

Discipleship groups, regardless of their official label in a local church, are essential to the life of a church. Healthy churches have healthy groups. And healthy groups don’t fall victim to the myths Philip lists.


They Do It Better Than We Do — Tim Brister

Tim shares the overwhelming—and the disheartening—reality found in today’s youth sports culture: coaches often make disciples of sports more effectively than churches make disciples of Christ.


Delegating or Dumping — Eric Geiger

As Eric shows in this post, there is a fine line between delegating work as a leader and dumping your work on others.


7 Ways to Think Differently About Church Social Media Content — Justin Wise

I’ve said it numerous times in the past few months, but churches and pastors who are not on social media are like missionaries who refuse to learn the language of the people to which they are ministering. Justin provides a helpful roadmap for churches looking to better engage their community online.


  1. says

    I was especially fascinated by reading the article by Dr. Lawless earlier this week and then Pastor Birch’s article today. I must admit I never thought to look so closely at church documents (especially bulletins). I now realize they say a lot more about the church than I would have ever imagined!

  2. David Frost says

    I just read “7 Lies Pastors Often Believe.” It is a excellent analysis. We need to be on guard for these in our ministries. I’m most concerned about # 5 on that list. It seems to me that our denomination plays a part in promoting this by the way pastors are introduced at various meetings, conferences, and elections at the various conventions. It is almost as if the church would not have grown if it were not for that pastor. Just my observation.

    • Wes Brockway says

      My disclaimer, I’m serving as a Minister of Music. In keeping with David’s post, it has bothered me slightly that whenever an event is posted in our state paper the pastor’s name is listed even if the event has nothing to do with the pastor. The staff person responsible doesn’t get a mention. If it’s an announcement about the church holding a revival fine, list the pastor. If it’s an announcement regarding some music ministry event or youth ministry event then list the appropriate minister.

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